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A Ghostly Informant Virginia Coalson

Nestled in the cul-de-sac of Bluewater Lane were six two bedroom cottages. The rear of all the properties bordered the back waters of Lake Windsor. The lake was huge and the main tourist attraction in the small town of Lovejoy. The town was always busy as many came to the lake for vacations, weekend get-a-ways, or to retire in the warmth of Lovejoy; like the residents of Bluewater Lane. Those visiting the lake enjoyed wellkept nature and hiking trails and almost two miles of manmade white sandy beach. The tourist could enjoy the sun, build sand castles, and splash in the lake. Lovejoy also was the home of a small nudist resort, One with Nature, which had its own beach, camp grounds, and rental cottages. Those who came to enjoy the water and other activities didn’t bother the residents of Bluewater Lane and mostly stayed to themselves… or did they? The last month had brought an uneasiness to the neighborhood. Several of the homes had been broken-in and ransacked. The thieves didn’t get a lot as the residents were all retired and lived a simple life. What valuables they did have were locked in a safe or in a bank safety deposit box. A normal haul for the robbers was a flat screen, some silver flatware and maybe a laptop. All of the break-ins so far had occurred when no one was home. That didn’t matter to those on Bluewater Lane. They all were on edge worrying what would happen if the crooks returned when they were at home. Someone may be harmed or worse - killed in the process. Harriet Turner, a widow and her fur baby, a pug named Bonkers, lived at 13 Bluewater Lane, the first home before the cul-de-sac began its circle. Harriet had yet to be robbed and was thankful for that. Tony a detective for the Lovejoy police department and her son, made sure his mom had the latest tech

gadgets. He had installed video cameras so his mom could see who was at the door without going to it. He also had an alarm system with a mobile panic button that would notify the authorities. Harriet Turner at 13 Bluewater Lane was at home yet the home was almost dark as the sun began going down. The only sign of light was a dim glow of the dark green pulled curtains of the living room. Behind the door of 13 Bluewater Lane the room was cold and the flickering flames of the candles that were surrounding the Ouija board were the only source of light. Harriett and Bonkers were holding their weekly séance. Harriett was finishing up her conversation with her late husband Isaac as Bonkers rolled over to her back, legs up in front of what Harriett referred to as Isaac’s chair. Once Harriett ended her conversation with the other side, Bonkers got to her feet. Harriett was placing the board back in the box as she said “Bonkers you know Tony doesn’t approve of this, so let’s keep it to ourselves.” Bonkers barked as Harriett was placing the triangle on top of the board. She was placing the top on the box as she added “We enjoy our visits with Isaac and it’s imperative that we continue. Isaac and I always discussed the budget and sought advice from one another. Just because he has passed doesn’t mean that has to stop.” Bonkers barked once as Harriet was pushing the Ouija box under the beige floral print sofa. With the box tucked out of sight, Harriett got to her feet and turned the lamp on that was on the table next to the sofa. Harriet was leaning over blowing the candles out one by one as Bonkers began barking and charging the front door. With the last candle out, Harriett eased down on the couch and was looking at the monitor on the table next to the lamp. The dark screen came to life as the motion sensor triggered and shed light on the front porch. Harriett was watching two men ap-

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