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Visual Writing Prompt Contest

The Forbidden Steps - Eddy Clyburn, Phoenix City, Alabama Honorable mentions go to Beth Watson of Salem, Massachusetts; Larry Drake of Clearwater, Florida; Barry Simpson of Waco, Texas; Cynthia Thompson of Weiser Idaho; and Lori Davidson of Carlsbad, New Mexico.

Photograph Courtesy of Nealtography

The Forbidden Steps Eddy Clyburn

Dora and Leon were at the foot of the forbidden steps. Dora turned on the flashlight and ran her hand across a step. “Look at this, Phoebe must have taken the same path up and down the steps. They are made of brick yet these grooves are deep.” Leon nodded as Dora began taking the steps one by one examining each. With the flashlight shining on the steps Leon began to follow. As a cold wind blew down the steps Dora appeared to start floating up the steps. Leon broke out in a run to catch her. He slowed as he scanned the light at the top of the steps. The beam found Dora sitting on a bench made of rocks and a slab of concrete outside the cave opening. “Come on Leon, I’m sure this is

where Phoebe rested after climbing the steps.” “I can understand why, I don’t know how a child wearing braces made it up these steep steps.” “Are you close enough to take my picture sitting on the bench with the camera you brought?” Dora asked as she flashed a smile. “I am. I will use a night setting since you are in the damn dark.” Leon said. “Great, plus that will give you time to rest.” Dora said as Leon began removing his back pack to retrieve the camera. With the camera focused on Dora the stutter clicked. As he lowered the camera Leon began seeing three of Dora then four. Her body was going through a trans-

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