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Susie inquired. “I am Susie. Till we meet again on the other side, I leave you with my love.” Dino said. Before Susie could reply the face vanished from the mirror. A white mist flowed from the mirror and encircled Susie. The twirling mist that now engulfed Susie brought a peace to her she had not felt since her uncles passing. The mist cloud released Susie and disappeared through the closed front door.

“Authors note: The above story is based on a true account of my encounter with a spirit that I believe was my favorite uncle. I believe he returned to me because of the pact we made a year before his death. The pact was that whoever passed first would visit the other if it was possible. Uncle Dino has not appeared to me since the above encounter. As always the names have been changed.” - Joan Clay –Director of Contests

Zombie Willow – Location: Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. Camera: Sony Hypershot 20.2 Mega Pixel Photograph Courtesy of Nealtography

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