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spirits exited from the grave, the loud boom of thunder and the return of the spirit. The time of Ralph’s accident correlated with the rumbling they heard.” Bob and Nancy looked at TJ. “Hey, I didn’t see this mass that she claims she did.” TJ paused as he took Susie hands with one of his while rubbing her across the shoulders with the other trying to keep her calm as he added. “After we all heard what we thought was thunder I asked her what time it was. So I know the time frame she laid out is right and the way she explains it makes the story plausible.” “Damn, the car exploding in the distance was what we heard.” Bob said as he jumped up and began to pace. The tears were streaming from his eyes as he was wringing his hands. He turned facing Susie and Nancy while sniffling and shaking his head. “What is it Bob?” Nancy inquired as she got up and started walking to him. Every one jumped as Robert raised his hands in the air as he shouted “Uncle Dino kept his promise. Ralph never got to drive the car a day before it was totaled in the fire.” “Bob, you can’t believe all this. Yes it all makes sense, but C’mon. I think maybe your grief for Dino and anger of not getting the car, well… it’s allowing your imagination to get the best of you.” Nancy said with her hands on her hips. “Can you explain why a classic Thunderbird that was maintained as well as a new one exploded? No you can’t.” Bob snapped with tears flowing. “I can’t believe that three grown people believe that Uncle Dino’s spirit left the grave, blew up a car and returned to the grave. I got to have some coffee, anybody else need anything?” Nancy asked. “Hang on Nan I’ll come with you and heat up the left overs and grab a Pepsi. I feel better now that I got that off my chest.” Susie said as she was walking toward Nancy. Before the two made it from the living room a rumble shook the house. The winds began howling and the lights flickering. TJ sprang from the sofa and was rushing to Susie and Nancy as they began screaming while Bob got to his feet and dashed to the end table by the couch. The four began to shiver as the room began getting cold. “What the hell is going on?” Nancy shouted as she eased down on the couch, followed by Susie. Bob was removing a flashlight from the drawer of the table as he answered. “I’m guessing a popup thunderstorm is over the house. Any other time we wouldn’t pay it any attention but all the talk of Dino’s spirit has got us paranoid and a little edgy.” “That makes sense Bob, but doesn’t explain why the house has plummeted from a nice 70 degrees to around 40.” Susie shouted as TJ handed her and Nancy a throw from the back of the couch. “Go check the thermostat Bob, maybe the power going on and off has messed it up.” Nancy said as she was covering up.

The lights were still flickering and the winds howling through the attic vents as Bob was striding toward the hall. He stopped as the wind died down and the flickering lights remained on. The four jumped as footsteps echoed through the room followed by a tap – tap tap. Bob was spinning trying to pin point where the sounds were coming from. The lights without warning went out. The house became dark and once again filled with screams. Bobs shaking hands were wrestling with the push button of the flashlight. With a faint click a beam of light protruded from the lens to the carpeted floor. Bob raised the light, shining it at the couch as he said. “Calm down, the footsteps and tapping may have something to do with us losing power. We can’t tell where it is coming from with y’all two shouting at the top of your lungs.” “Who could be visiting in this weather,” Susie whispered. TJ placed his finger over Susie’s lips. The room was silent as they continued listening. The footsteps couldn’t be heard anymore but the distinctive tap – tap – tap with a distinctive ping was piercing the front door, louder now than before. “TJ you got your sidearm close by?” Bob whispered. TJ was shaking his head as Nancy was removing the blanket. “I bet its Ralph, it would be like him to show up during a storm. He needs to stop hitting the storm door glass before he cracks it.” Nancy said as she was rummaging through her purse. “Ah-Ha” she said as she was removing the twenty five caliber semi-automatic pistol from the depths of the bag. Once on her feet she headed to the door while giving Bob instructions. “I’ll snatch the front door open, you hit it with the light, and I will aim. That will scare Ralph shitless and teach him a lesson.” Nancy eased to the door then slowly turned the knob. Once the bolt was clear from the doorjamb she slung it open as Bob lit up the area with the flashlight. Nancy screamed as she began falling back. The back of her left hand went to her forehead as she discharged the weapon with her right. Between the barrel flash and Nancy’s limp body falling against him Bob didn’t see what had made her fire and faint. A thud echoed through the dark room as Nancy and Bob crashed to the floor. With the flashlight rolling from Bob’s hand Susie began screaming as TJ hurried from the couch. He slammed the front door shut then tracked down the light. With it in his hand TJ found the pistol in the floor and retrieved it as Susie whimpering was checking on Bob and Susie. With the help of Susie, Bob rolled Nancy off him. Together they got Nancy from the floor and were moving her to the couch as TJ was dashing to the door. With his hand on the knob TJ checked to make sure everyone was clear from the doorway. With everyone clear he positioned the light on his shoulder next to his neck and tilted his head over to hold it place. With light and pistol aimed at the door he flung the door open then went down to one knee, ready to fire if the situation

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