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Old motors without oil filters that were not dismantled and cleaned, should not be operated with alloy synthetic or multigrade oil,orlando upholstery. Instead of high-alloy multigrade or synthetic oils should modern unalloyed single area oil of viscosity SAE 40 are used. It is oils which are equipped not with additives and mainly intended for compressors. They are available under the names of compressors, compressor, or circulating oils only in petroleum wholesale and not at the gas station. In contrast to motor oils, the viscosity is not expressed by SAE value, but by the ISO VG class. This correspond to ISO VG class 68, 100, 150, 220 in about the SAE values of 20, 30, 40, 50. The unalloyed a multi- grade oil Wiolan inserted into my NSU machines CA 150 Wintershall correspond to ISO VG class 150, what is to be equated with SAE value of 40. More similar types include: Aral Motanol GM 150, Castrol classic engine oil SAE 40, AVIA AVIALUB special HD 40 or Shell Vetrea. These oils are not available from the petrol station, but are available through the petroleum wholesale. There, it is functionally identical to acquire 20 litre containers, especially since one liter of a multigrade oil is only about 2 euros. Insert the drain plugs with magnet. (Magnet screw on or using UHU plus glue) More frequent oil changes (especially after an overhaul) Transmission lubrication: "Grease lubrication is a special case of oil lubrication, where the oil is held in place by a spongy Seifengr端st. It is there for your application, where a camp for some reason can not be sealed." Quote from a brochure of the German Amerkanischen petroleum company (standard) in 1935. Very soft or fast- flowing lubricants of low penetration (NLGI grade 000, 00 and 0) are referred

to as floating fat. NLGl classes: The plastic deformability (consistency) of grease is characterized by the penetration number. The "consistency classification of lubricants" according to the NLGl classes (national lubricating grease Institute). NLGl classes 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. The larger the number, the lower is deformability. Operating temperature range: Grease NLGI class 000 or 00 from-25 ° C up to + 80 ° C, NLGI class 0 temperature range is limited-10 ° C to + 80 ° C, for vintage watch probably rather uncritically.

Gearbox flow grease, formerly also known as the brand name shell as "Ambroleum", is suitable due to its viscosity for vintage gear. The old gear boxes are sealed long ago not as good as today's gear, because at that time there were still no radial shaft seals and O-rings. The sealing was at that time low column, Labyrinthgeometrien, as well as adventurous felt and leather seals. Due to the high viscosity, the fat is not so large tendency to creep like oils. Should the gearbox with grease until just under the leading outward transmission shafts filled are to prevent unnecessary leakage. Usually it is but in a way that automatically too much filled a gearbox flow grease is transported outward. This is evident in his grease-smudged wheel. Gear flow grease are very soft and rapid specialty products o n lithium SOAP base (water insoluble) with good adhesion, high temperature range from - 50 ° C up to + 90 ° C, the dropping point is approximately + 170 ° C. Due to the viscosity, so-called requested many times in the operating instructions on mixing with unalloyed oils can be omitted. I use baking soda NLGI Wintershall 00 in 1 kg tube for my NSU gear grease. The operating temperature is rather critical for the choice of the grease consistency, because we anyway do not drive our Oldtimer in winter. Other applications: central lubrication systems of commercial vehicles particularly for very narrow and long pipe runs, agricultural machinery The gearbox flow grease is available in tubes of 1 kg and 5 kg containers, tubes for filling of the gearbox by additional screws on a sharp spout (such as silicone cartridge) are the best.

Seat Springs easily synthesize: Everyone probably knows the problem, that a motorcycle saddle or seat some or all springs are missing or are languishes. Now is to find the vexing problem on new matching springs. For this, I have a simple tip that is also still very reasonably priced. There are tractor springs at any hardware store in the piece. To do this, you can buy a simple drain cleaning cable for the drain. They are available in diameters of 6 to 8 mm and in lengths of approx. 3 meters. The price is 5 euro. The manufacture of the seat springs from the current meter is quite simple. To determine the required length of the spring and cuts off with a side cutter.For more information: orlando upholstery.

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