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This is going to create a big bang and a great controversy for what I am about to claim. And, for the first time ever acclaimed since the emerald tablets was found years ago. There is a conclusive evidence based upon historical and theological references that Thoth the Atlantean is actually a well known figure throughout human history who managed to live through tales and mythology in almost every culture. It is a common knowledge to Muslims and Christians alike in the Mid East that St. George is none else but al Khodor (the green man). Historical references of Thoth portrait him as the Serpent slayer. St. George is portrait as the dragon slayer. Serpent and Dragon are symbols for Satan or the Devil, EVIL... Emerald Tablets speaks of Thoth while wearing a purple and gold robe with a silver crown on his head, saved from Arulu a lady fairer than the daughters of men. 'Tablet Ten, Used I the drum of the serpent, wore I the robe of the purple and gold, placed on my head, I, the crown of silver". St. George portrait was to have managed to save a beautiful princess and married her. The name George derives from Gregarious which actually means Green. The sign of circle and cross of Thoth also found its way to medieval Christianity and managed to become a church icon. Crossed circles scratched on stones have been recovered from Paleolithic cave sites in the Pyrenees. At the Callanish Stones in the Outer Hebrides, the most famous megalithic site in Scotland, crossing avenues of standing stones extend from a circle. Scratched into stone or painted on pottery, as on that of the Samara culture, the crossed-circle symbol appears in such diverse areas as the Pyrenees, Anatolia, Mesopotamia, the Iranian plateau, and the cities of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa in the Indus River valley (Wikipedia). It's said that Thoth was Hermes, and was one of the sons of Adam. According to Islamic historical and theological references it is also said; Al Khodor "who by the way also means Green in Arabic language", was actually one of the children of Kane son of Adam, and before he died he told his children of the flood and Noah's Arch and requested his corpse to be taken with them and be buried where the Arch docks. Adam prayed to God that whoever buries his body to be granted an eternal life. Al Khodor was chosen from amongst Noah's children to carry on this mission. Emerald Tablets, Emerald is Green. Thoth relayed a similar story of a space ship they used to flee out of Atlantis after being hit by

gigantic tsunamis.... Islamic references speak of Al Khodor playing a major role in opposing the antichrist at the end of days. And that he will challenge the antichrist to kill him and the antichrist kills him for the first time and then revives him to prove his might, Al Khodor re challenges the antichrist to kill him yet again, when the antichrist attempt to do so for the second time, he fails, that would be the sign of his ends approaching. After that, the antichrist will be vanquished by the real Jesus at lions well, (Beir Sabei) at LLidd in Palestine. Thoth speaks of coming back and yet he speaks of confronting the evil that will come from beneath at end of days, when man learns to fly on wings like that of birds and learns to harness the lightening " Emerald Tablets ". Al Khodor is a prophet, that is for certain. And Thoth Emerald Tablets have many of its quotes with matching similarities in meaning to Holy Books. According to Muslim belief, Al Khodor visits Mecca in Hajj season every year and he stands in Arafat on the appointed day of Wukouf, (read Kassass Al Anbya, stories of the prophets ). Long live Thoth, or Al Khodor, or St. George. CHEKITAT, ARLICH, VOLMALITES as he requested to be named in the Emerald Tablets. Adam El Masri

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==== ==== Browse my blog and find awesome natural healing remedies ==== ====

The True Identity of Thoth is Revealed