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American ginseng has long been in high demand by the Chinese and other Asian peoples for its medicinal and mystical properties, and as the population of the far east continues to rise so does the demand and prices paid for those "roots of gold". While the health benefits of ginseng are only now becoming well-known here in the west, the Chinese have been using it to aid in warding off and healing a number of ailments for thousands of years. North Americans have been harvesting wild ginseng roots and shipping them to Asia for centuries now, but today the plant is becoming ever more rare in its native woodland habitat. That's where ginseng farmers come in... Ginseng is an extremely profitable crop with dried roots selling for upwards of $1,000 per pound at times depending on their age and quality. The precious "wild" ginseng roots dug straight out of the woods command the highest prices of course, but "farmed" ginseng is in high demand as well and many people are making a good living or earning a very lucrative second income from its production. Ginseng isn't a difficult crop to grow, and if you have access to a plot of hardwood forest woodland the actual work involved can be very minimal. But even if you can't grow your 'seng in the woods, you can still produce a crop of cultivated ginseng under artificial shade which will bring in a hefty paycheck at harvest time. Growing ginseng isn't a route to overnight riches because it takes at least three years for a crop to mature enough to harvest and sell, but it does pay handsomely in the end when it comes time to sell your roots of gold.

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American Ginseng - Roots of Gold  

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