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handcrafted american furniture

40 years of handcrafted american furniture

Spring 2012

Heirloom quality guaranteed to last a lifetime.

resting elegance...introducing the

ellipse bedroom collection

Glenn D., thos. moser cabinetmaker for 23 years.

Our Ellipse collection, like all collections we’ve developed over the years, was designed to achieve lasting permanence in both its construction and its aesthetic relevance. The inspiration for Ellipse is found in the simple, functional elegance of mid-century modern design. This movement evolved during the years following World War II, when Europeans were eager to rebuild their homes and resume their lives. As then, today’s consumers have become more discerning. With this new collection, we’ve created furniture that economically demonstrates superior durability and restraint in the use of raw materials. Ellipse represents a simpler interpretation of the Moser tradition. The bed’s head and footboard are carefully crafted for maximum strength. The dressers and side tables demonstrate the elegance of fine joinery. The gentle ellipse form is evident throughout the collection in subtly tapered table legs and integrated curved drawer pulls. The Ellipse Bedroom collection is a study in elegant simplicity, and our standards remain unchanged. When you choose Moser, you’ve earned our commitment. And we’ll stand by it for a lifetime. On the cover: Brenda S., Thos. Moser cabinetmaker for the past 24 years. 02 | 800 862 1973

ellipse Vertical Dresser With six grain-matched dovetailed drawers, the precision of this dresser exhibits the skill of our craftsmen to achieve fastidious tolerances—using nothing more than an experienced eye and steady hands. With gently tapered legs that extend through the structure, this dresser combines function with grace. six Drawer Vertical Dresser (right) $5,475 Also shown: Bed, queen (left) $3,800 side table (above) $975 side table w/drawer (above) $1,275 800 862 1973 |


Heirloom quality guaranteed to last a lifetime.

savings by the

set See page 20 for details.

ellipse BeDroom From its unadorned, graceful headboard to the structural simplicity of its footboard, the beauty of the Ellipse Bed lies not in what it is—but what it isn’t. It isn’t unnecessarily ornate. It isn’t ostentatious. It is a study in the relevance of wood, of fine craftsmanship, and of joinery techniques that have served craftsmen for centuries. See page 21 for bed sizing information. Bed, queen (right) $3,800 side table w/drawer (right) $1,275 horizontal Dresser (above and right) $5,475 Visit us online at to view our latest collection, Ellipse, in its entirety.

04 | 800 862 1973

800 862 1973 |


Heirloom quality guaranteed to last a lifetime.

“We started collecting our pieces when we married. Rather than buying each other “stuff” for birthdays or christmas, we decided that it would be much more fun and meaningful to buy a new Moser piece that we could share together. So, we have a nice little collection going that we plan on keeping in the family.” — Ann R. & Mike C., Ardmore, PA

Ken c., thos. moser cabinetmaker for 13 years.

ellipse liVinG collection The hallmarks of simplicity, superior durability and careful restraint in the use of raw materials are evident in the details of our Ellipse line. Arms float on carefully joined through-tenons. End grains are exposed and polished. Profiles are clean and spaceefficient. Throughout the line, the gentle, organic curve of the ellipse is evident in the tabletops, seat backs, and gently sweeping chair arms. Built in cherry or walnut, the design and construction of the Ellipse Living collection will serve for generations. lounge chair (left and above) $2,475 | ottoman $675 | two place sofa $3,950 three place sofa (left) $5,700 | end table (left) $750 60" coffee table (left) $1,000 | 48" coffee table (above) $900 Also shown: ellipse Dining table (left) $2,800 | ellipse Dining arm chair (left) $1,050 ellipse Dining side chair (left) $850 | ellipse sideboard w/doors (left) $5,000


thosmoser.cOM | 800 862 1973

800 862 1973 |


Heirloom quality guaranteed to last a lifetime.


When you spend as much time thinking


about and making something as we do,

piece, we enter into a lifetime of service

you tend to get emotionally invested in

based on trust and commitment. If

the end result. We want our furniture to

you are not wholly satisfied with any

exceed the needs of the person who

standard Thos. Moser product, we will

purchases it—our goal is to craft a piece

refund or replace it within 30 days of

that will engender the same pride of

purchase. And once you have

ownership that we feel in making it. To

purchased a piece of our furniture

this end, our concern for quality goes

from us, we will guarantee our

far beyond our workshop walls.

workmanship for your lifetime.


When you purchase a Thos. Moser

savings by the

set Jim B., Thos. Moser cabinetmaker for 18 years

See page 20 for details.

harpswell DininG chairs The back crest of the Harpswell chair is carved from a single piece of cherry to reveal the growth rings that add nature’s fingerprint to the piece. Well-padded seats and optional backrests can be upholstered in mohair, leather, and a wide variety of fabric options. arm chair (left) $1,300 arm chair w/back (far left) $1,525 side chair (left) $1,175

GeorGetown DininG taBle The grain-matched legs of the georgetown tables are individually shaped to create facets that capture light and shadow. Each leg is reinforced with triangular wooden splines that are wedged into the mitered joints. The result is a distinguished table of uncommon strength and stability. The double Pedestal table expands to seat 10 comfortably. single pedestal table (right) $4,775 Double pedestal table (left) $6,125


thosmoser.cOM | 800 862 1973

Also shown: thos. moser continuous arm chairtm (right) $1,325

800 862 1973 |


Heirloom quality guaranteed to last a lifetime.

“We wanted to create a warm, inviting,


and comfortable space for our great

by the

room. The Edo chair and dining table,


with the New Harbor lounge chairs and

See page 20 for details.

Round Vault table, were absolutely worth the wait! A rare combination of stunning beauty and amazing comfort.” — Mark & Bhadra G., Haverford, PA

eDo DininG A distinct nod to the East, the Edo dining collection hints of primitive form. Open lines and simple shapes belie the deliberateness of the furniture’s design. The collection is both modern and ageless, effectively creating a harmonious flow between nature and craft. Dining chair (left) $1,725 | studio chair (above) $1,575 trestle table (left) $4,300 | round Dining table (above) $4,775 Visit us online at to view our entire collection of dining tables, chairs and cases.

10 | 800 862 1973

800 862 1973 |


Heirloom quality guaranteed to last a lifetime.

savings by the

set See page 20 for details.

“There is nothing more beautiful than the functional artwork of Thos Moser furniture. We look forward to our next piece.” — Donald T., Ellicott City, MD (customer in residence alumnus)

aria DininG The curved staves that form the back of our Aria chair are grain-matched, carved from solid cherry, and attached to their mates through concealed alignment pins, resulting in an exceedingly comfortable back. From any vantage point, this collection is an ode to the subtle and delicate refinement that can be coaxed from a block of wood. arm chair (above) $1,950 | side chair (above) $1,750 Dining table (above) $5,900 | sideboard (above) $8,175

pasaDena DininG The Pasadena dining Table encompasses the best of high-craft and newtech skills: simple to look at, yet extremely complex to make. A sculptural “poured” edge draws the eye and the hand over the sides of the table. The Pasadena dining collection enhances the space it inhabits, without overpowering it. side chair w/back (left) $2,100 | square Dining table (left) $5,875 Visit us online at to view our entire Pasadena Dining collection. 12 | 800 862 1973

american bungalow dining the combination of arts & crafts detailing and richly grained cherry results in a dining set that is sure to be the centerpiece of any home. the box frame design of the dining table provides unobstructed seating so guests are equally comfortable at a cozy family dinner or a formal party. the dining table comes with one extension leaf to allow for additional seating. arm chair $1,875 | side chair (shown) $1,450 | square extension table $4,775 800 862 1973 | thosmoser.cOM


Heirloom quality guaranteed to last a lifetime.

eastwarD chairs & Boat top taBle The Boat Top Table is constructed using four aprons to support the legs and top. The two aprons that give the table the “boat� look are created using bent laminations, with the outermost layer matching the surrounding wood in both color and grain. The Eastward Side chair is one of the most comfortable dining chairs you will find. The back crest and flexible ash spindles arch backward at the perfect angle for the human spine while curved cherry knees firmly support the legs without hindering the sitter. pat & tina p., thos. moser cabinetmakers for 11 & 15 years.

arm chair $1,175 | side chair $1,075 Boat top table. large (shown in walnut) cherry $4,900; walnut $5,625 | Four Door side chest w/drawers $7,850

savings by the

set See page 20 for details.

catena chairs & harVest taBle delicate in appearance, the catena chair is sturdy enough for everyday use. Its handshaped crest is wedged at the corners and held in place with flexed ash spindles. Knee braces eliminate the clutter of stretchers between the legs. The flexible drop leaf Harvest Table provides a welcoming dining surface for family and guests. Handsome rule joints provide a smooth, trim finish. With the leaves down it can easily tuck against a wall to maximize space and act as a serving or display table. arm chair (above) $1,450 | side chair (above) $1,250 harvest table (above) $4,200 Visit us online at to view our entire collection of dining tables, chairs and cases.

14 | 800 862 1973

800 862 1973 |


Heirloom quality guaranteed to last a lifetime.

matt V., thos. moser cabinetmakers for 12 years.

“My husband surprised me with a Moser stool for my studio. I love my Moser stool and it’s my perch of joy. It feels good, looks good and fits my body like a glove.” —Kathleen O., West Palm Beach, FL

Function in Form: stools Handcrafted stools are a staple here at Thos. Moser, and we offer a selection of timeless stool designs. All of our stools are offered in three standard stool seat heights to accomodate most counters and bars. In addition, we offer two stools, the Bowback and High Stool, in an 18" seat height for use as occasional seating or to comfortably pair with tables, desks, and bath or bedroom vanities. Please visit a showroom near you or call us for guidance in choosing the best stool design and height for your home or office. Forty years is a long time to practice, and the result is a family of versatile, heirloom-quality stools guaranteed to please. (shown opposite, listed left to right) edo stool $1,675 | ellipse stool $800 high stool $975 | Bowback stool $1,075 aria stool (above) $1,850 | harpswell stool (right) $1,575 Visit us online at to view our entire selection of stools.

16 | 800 862 1973

800 862 1973 |


style guide

Heirloom quality guaranteed to last a lifetime.

If you don’t see it, call or click.

winDwarD living — See pg 30

It is impossible to fit every piece of furniture we offer into each catalog. If you don’t see what you are looking for in this

rockers — See pgs 22-23

catalog, please visit our website and click on Furniture by room/Type to view our entire collection. If you’d prefer to speak

new gloucester 39H 23W 37d ngr $1,825

lounge chair 28H 28W 30d WWS

to someone in person, call any of our showrooms or our customer care center and we will gladly provide assistance.

edo 35H 24W 37d Ac-crc $2,825

two place sofa 28H 52W 30d WWSII

pasadena 42H 25W 40d Prc $3,200

three place sofa 28H 76W 30d WWSIII

shown with Vita Coffee Table & Table Minimus Square $3,300 $5,250 $7,625

table minimus square 23H 15W 15d OT-S $525

ellipse living — See pgs 6-7

pasaDena Dining — See pg 12

lounge chair 37h 27w 33d E-Lc $2,475 ottoman 14h 21w 17d E-O $675 2-place sofa 37H 47W 33d E-Lc2 $3,950 3-place sofa 37H 68W 33d E-Lc3 $5,700 media case 26H 61W 20d E-Mc $5,000 end table 22H 22W 18d E-ET $750

dining table 30H 44W 74L PdT72 $6,200

wing living collection — See pgs 24-25

square dining table 30H 44W 44L PdT42 $5,875

shown with Chaise and Oval Ring Coffee Table

arm chair 39H 25W 25d PAc $2,500

chair 39H 28W 35d dM-1PS $3,700

side chair 37H 21W 24d PSc $1,900

footrest 17H 21W 15d dM-O $1,000

side chair w/back 37H 21W 24d PScB $2,100

club chair 36H 30W 34d dM-cc $4,125

coffee table, 48" 17H 50W 24d E-cT48 $900

club ottoman 16H 23W 23d dM-cO $1,225

coffee table, 60" 17H 62W 24d E-cT60 $1,000

two place settee 34H 54W 34d dM-2PS $5,000

american bungalow Dining — See pg 13 ellipse Dining — See pgs 6-7 and back cover

dining table 30H 42W 84L Ac-dT $4,100

dining table

square extension table 30H 54W 54-76L Ac-PTS $4,775

30H 42W 81L

square dining table


30H 42W 42L


arm chair

31H 23W 22d

side chair

30H 20W 22d




34H 61W 20d



sideboard w/doors



dbl square extension table 30H 52W 78-122L Ac-2PTS $5,675


34H 61W 20d



shown with Vita Credenza lounge chair 38H 28W 36d nHL $3,400 ottoman 15H 20W 23d nHO $1,100 vita credenza 27H 55W 18d Vcr $6,575

three place sofa 36H 79W 34d dM-3PS $7,250 oval ring coffee table 17H 48W 28d cT-O $1,400

winDwarD bookcase — See pg 31 shown with Newport Swivel Chair

tables minimus — See pg 25

book 36H 36W 13d WWBc $1,650

side chair 41H 21W 21d Ac-Sc $1,450

round 23H 15diameter OT-r $575

newport swivel chair 31H 22W 24d WccS $1,625

sideboard 32H 68W 23d Ac-SB $8,525

oval 23H 21W 15d OT-O $625

open sideboard 32H 68W 23d Ac-Bc $6,575

square 23H 15W 15d OT-S $525

arm chair 41H 21W 21d Ac-Ac $1,875


new harbor lounge — See pg 31

rectangular 23H 15W 21d OT-rEc $525

vita living — See pgs 32-33 harpswell Dining chairs & georgetown Dining table shown with Crescent Sideboard & TMC — See pgs 8-9 arm chair 35h 23w 22d HAc $1,300; w/back HAcB $1,525 side chair 35h 19w 22d HSc $1,175; w/back HScB $1,375 double pedestal extension table 30H 48W 72-116L PT72 $6,125 single pedestal extension table 30H 48W 48-70L PT48 $4,775 single pedestal solid top table 30H 48 diam. PT48-ST


arm chair 40H 24W 26d WrA $1,450 side chair 39H 21W 25d WrS $1,250 harvest table 30H 27-45W 48L HT6-48 $4,200

chair 40H 29W 36-44d (5-position back) EZc $2,975

harvest table 30H 27-45W 60L HT6-60 $4,300

ottoman 16H 24W 18d EZO $975

harvest table 30H 27-45W 72L HT6-6 $4,400

lolling side table 19H 29W 19d EZT $1,000 lolling coffee table 18H 50W 22d EZcT $1,500

eastwarD Dining chairs & boat top table shown with Four Door Side Chest — See pgs 14-15

eDo Dining — See pgs 10-11

arm chair 43H 24W 24d EAc $1,175 Ac-TrT $4,300

round dining table 30H 48diameter Ac-dTr dining chair 36H 20W 23d Ac-TKc studio chair 27H 19W 20d Ac-Kc

$1,725 $1,575

side chair 39H 21W 21d ESc $1,075 $4,775

boat top table, small 30H 40W 72L BTS $3,850

28H 25W 33d


lolling — See pg 26

thos. moser continuous arm chairtm 41H 24W 24d TMc $1,325

trestle table 30H 38W 83L


catena Dining chairs & harvest table — See pg 14

two place sofa

coffee table cube side table

16H 51W 19d 12H 39W 20d 16H 18W 16d










shown with Regent Swivel Chair

chaise — See pg 27 lounge 41H 26W 55d (reclined 67d) cHZ $3,775

boat top table, large 30H 44W 90L BTL $4,900

four leg, all wood*

30H 64W 30d

four leg, leather top*


30H 64W 30d

eight leg, all wood*

30H 64W 30d

eight leg, leather top*

four drawer chest w/drawers 32H 60W 20d FScd $7,850


30H 64W 30d







* keyboard tray available

stools — See pgs 16-17 edo 32-38H 19W 18d Ac-BS25 $1,675

shown with Dr. White’s Chest and Edo Rocker

ellipse 25-31H 18-19W 16d ES25 $800

club chair 32H 27W 33d Ac-cc $2,975

dining table 30H 49W 73-117L cBXT $5,900

high 18, 25-31H 22W 20d HS18 $875; HS25 $975

lounge chair 41H 28W 40d Ac-1PS $3,200

arm chair 36H 22W 24d BAc $1,950

bowback 31-37H 22W 20d BBS18 $1,000; BBS25 $1,075

two place sofa 33H 49W 33d Ac-2PS $5,675

side chair 36H 19W 24d BSc $1,750

aria 39-45H 17W 21d BSS25 $1,850

three place sofa 34H 72W 34d Ac-3PS $7,475

sideboard 33H 62W 23d cBS $8,175

harpswell 37-43H 17W 21d HSS25 $1,575

coffee table 17H 48W 24d Ac-cT $1,550 hall table 28H 54W 18d Ac-HT $1,750 sofa end table 20H 18W 27d Ac-ST $1,250 | 800 862 1973


28H 69W 33d

regent swivel chair



28H 47W 33d

three place sofa museum Bench

$3,675 VO

writing Desk — See pg 39

american bungalow living — See pgs 28-29

aria Dining — See pg 12


14H 22W 22d

dr. white’s chest 71H 42W 21d drW $10,825

31H 25W 25d



Bedroom collections are shown on page 20.

visit us online at to view our entire collection. All prices are shown in cherry wood pricing. 800 862 1973 |


Heirloom quality guaranteed to last a lifetime.

style guide

savings by the set

ellipse beDroom — See cover and pages 2-5


bed, queen 43H 65W 85L E-BQ-PF10 $3,800

by the

bed, king 43H 81W 85L E-BK-PF10 $4,300


six drawer horizontal dresser 31H 61W 20d E-Hd6 $5,475

See page 20 for details.

six drawer vertical dresser 52H 33W 20d E-Vd6 $5,475 side table 27H 23W 20d E-ST $975

ordering made easier let us help you... We want to make your experience purchasing Thos. moser furniture as pleasant and convenient as possible. We will gladly answer any questions you have. We encourage you to call us here in maine with any questions about our furniture or the order process.

side table w/shelf 27H 23W 20d E-STd $1,275 side table w/shelf and drawer 27H 23W 20d E-STdS $1,475

sleigh beD — See pg 34 shown with Crescent Six Drawer Bureau bed, queen (curved footboard) 48H 64W 94L SLBd-cFQ $5,050 bed, king (curved footboard) 48H 80W 94L SLBd-cFK $6,850

For phone orders or general inquiries: We are pleased to introduce savings on purchases of dining and bedroom sets. Purchase a dining or bedroom set that includes the pieces as outlined below, and we’ll pass along the savings to you.

bed, queen (flat footboard) 48H 64W 89L SLBd-FFQ $4,625 crescent six drawer bureau 47H 40W 22d cSdB $8,875 crescent end table w/drawer 26H 19W 20d cET $1,650

saVe 5%

saVe 7%

saVe 10%

When you buy a Table + 4 chairs

When you buy a Table + 6 chairs

When you buy a Table, chairs (min. 4) + Sideboard

— bedroom —

vita beDroom — See pg 35 bed, queen 37H 68W 94L VBQ $5,450 bed, king 37H 84W 94L VBK $5,925 six drawer dresser 30H 54W 20d Vd6 $6,400 nine drawer dresser 30H 81W 20d Vd9 $7,950

saVe 5%

saVe 7%

When you buy a When you buy a Bed + 2 Side Tables Bed + dresser

saVe 10% When you buy a Bed, 2 Side Tables + dresser

cube side table 16H 18W 16d VST $1,500

For more information or to place an order, please visit any Thos. Moser Showroom or simply call us at 800 862 1973. pencil post beD — See pg 36

Savings by the Set applies only to the furniture combination sets as outlined above. Savings by the Set pricing cannot be combined with any other special offer or program, and is valid on new orders only. Savings by the Set pricing is subject to change at any time and is available at any Thos. Moser Showroom and by calling our Customer Care Center.

bed, queen 83H 65W 85L PPBQ $5,050 bed, king 83H 81W 85L PPBK $5,900 captain’s chest 16H 39W 17d ccH $2,150

bed sizes attached to the side rails. King size beds have center slat tension braces to


maintain and becomes more beautiful as the wood’s natural patina emerges.

800 708 9703 or 207 784 3332 mon-fri 8:30 am-5 pm est 24-hour fax 207 782 8780 | email:

our lifetime guarantee If within the first 30 days after receiving any standard Thos. moser product you do not remain completely satisfied with your purchase, we will provide you with a refund or rebuild your piece. Proper care will ensure a lifetime of satisfied use from your Thos. moser furniture. Should our furniture fail at any time during the life of the original owner because of workmanship customer requested wood species, fabric selections and modifications are excluded. Please contact us or visit our website for care instructions.

regularly work with responsibly harvested ash, maple and walnut.

custom orders We can modify many of our designs to suit your unique needs. Email or call us with your ideas and we will create drawings for your approval. We require a $200 design deposit which will be credited to your order.

join our online community Live chat: online and have a question? Simply click on the “chat now” banner in the top right corner of our website and our skilled customer care center is available to answer all your questions online. We look forward to assisting you.

showroom events in your area—in a paperless fashion.

spent building and sanding your furniture, we want it to arrive at your

recommended for our platform beds. To learn more about bed modifications

home without a scratch. That’s why we’ve partnered with an award-winning

seven drawer dresser 54H 38W 23d Ac-d7 $8,175

such as low footboards and platform styles, please call 800-862-1973.

executive moving company, clark & Reid, to deliver most of our furniture.

six drawer horizontal dresser 32H 68W 23d Ac-Hd $8,875

Bungalow bed bolt covers are copper with black finish. Ellipse bed bolt

Their drivers are trained to handle our specific requirements and they

nightstand 26H 21W 21d Ac-nS $2,100

covers are polished nickel silver. For other beds you can choose between

take great pride in satisfying our customers. When each piece is ready

brass, nickel silver or wood bed bolt covers (brass bed bolt covers come

to leave our shop, it is carefully blanket wrapped and expertly packed

standard unless otherwise specified).

While we avoid exotic wood species due to environmental concerns, we

Sign up for Email: Registering for our email newsletter allows us to give

accommodate 16"-18" mattress/ boxspring combinations. A 10" mattress is | 800 862 1973

our furniture is principally built from premium-grade American black cherry.


bed, queen 50H 68W 86L Ac-BQ $4,300

nightstand w/3 drawers 26H 21W 20d Ac-nS3 $4,400

convenient sample review service. You can also choose to supply a fabric

naturally color the wood. our linseed oil and wax finishes are easy to

our work doesn’t stop at the loading dock. After the many hours we’ve

nightstand w/shelf 26H 21W 20d Ac-nS1 $3,650

assist you with fabric and leather recommendations, and we offer a

We prefer to use an oil-and-wax finish, which allows air and sunlight to

meet mattress support requirements. our standard beds are designed to

six drawer dresser w/doors 54H 38W 23d Ac-d6 $8,275

We offer a wide selection of the finest quality fabrics and leathers. We’ll

24-hour fax 207 865 2879 | email:

american bungalow beDroom — See pg 37 bed, king 50H 84W 86L Ac-BK $5,675

upholstery, wood species & finishes

mon-fri 9am-9pm est, sat 10am-6pm est, sun 11am-5pm est

most of our beds can be ordered in a range of sizes: california King, King, Queen, Full and Twin. Slat support systems for mattresses rest on lip rails

assemble your bed.

or leather of your own. Please call for pricing.

or a failure of the wood materials, we will either repair or replace it. Some

shown with Captain’s Chest

unwrapped by the driver and positioned in any room you choose. They’ll

800 862 1973 | 800 708 9045

For customer service help with an existing order:

— dining —

bed, king (flat footboard) 48H 80W 89L SLBd-FFK $6,250

onto a delivery truck. When your furniture arrives at your home it will be

you advance notice of new design introductions, special offers, and

Blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube: We have embraced these growing social networking outlets as a way to stay connected with our customers. We regularly update these sites with photos, videos, and other content that you won’t always find on our website. Visit for details and links. 800 862 1973 |


Heirloom quality guaranteed to last a lifetime.


years of

handcrafted american furniture forty years have passed and our commitment to the craft remains.

Tom circa 1977 in our original workshop at the old Grange Hall in New Gloucester, ME. “It is significant to me that we are celebrating this milestone anniversary,” says founder Tom Moser. “We started the business as a labor of love and as we grew knew that we were making a difference. We have come a long way since those lean early years, and for that we are grateful to our loyal customers and to the all the men and women who have been part of our shop family.” Throughout the evolution of the company and its wide variety of product introductions, the Moser aesthetic has remained a constant: “It is through simplicity of form and attention to detail and proportion that we achieve a well-designed piece, and a piece from which nothing can be taken and to which nothing can be added. Forty years have passed and our commitment to the craft and to our customers remains the same.” Visit us online at and on our social networks (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) throughout the year as we roll out events in celebration of our 40th anniversary. 22 | 800 862 1973

linda F., thos. moser cabinetmaker for 3 years.

rocKers A Thos. Moser rocker creates the perfect perch in an entry, living space, kitchen or bedroom. Our rockers coordinate with any style of décor and provide hours of lasting relaxation. Each one is handcrafted of exquisite design, uncompromising comfort and the promise to last a lifetime. new Gloucester rocker (left) $1,825 edo rocker (above) $2,825 pasadena rocker (shown right in walnut) cherry, $3,200; walnut $3,500 800 862 1973 |


Heirloom quality guaranteed to last a lifetime.

“My husband and I bought our first piece of Moser furniture in 1981. Our children are now building their own collections of Moser furniture and occasionally persuade us to give them one of our pieces. We all like the ease with which the furniture has fit into our homes and blended with our decors. We cherish our Moser pieces because they are timeless and so easy to care for.” — Chantal & Michael J., Alexandria, VA

Bob F., thos. moser cabinetmaker for 9 years.

winG liVinG collection As designer david Moser is fond of saying, “every furniture design informs those that follow.” The Wing collection is a prime example that highlights this across centuries. Its lineage can be traced back to the 18th century’s iconic Queen Anne chair, whose sophisticated silhouette made it the most prized seat in an English sitting room. Our Wing chair brings fresh relevance to an old form. cradling the spine, thick cushions envelop the sitter, while carved and polished solid cherry armrests gently support at just the right height. Each piece is designed to be viewed from all angles, whether arranged to stand in the middle of a room or flush against the wall. Alone or grouped, the Wing pieces make a graceful contribution to both modern and traditional settings, and can be upholstered in leather as well as fabric. See page 21 for fabric information. chair (left) $3,700 | three place sofa (left) $7,250 Also shown: chaise (left) $3,775; oval ring coffee table (left) $1,400; table minimus oval (left and above) $625 Shown above from left to right: tables minimus: oval $625; square $525; round $575; rectangular $525 24 | 800 862 1973

800 862 1973 |


Heirloom quality guaranteed to last a lifetime.

“Like a welcoming friend after a long, stressful day; cradling me,


In the beginning, we only made custom one-of-a-kind furniture. Today many of those custom pieces are now standard designs in our catalog. We still continue to offer custom pieces upon request. We can modify the length, width, and height of our pieces—or customize drawers and shelving to meet your precise requirements. case pieces can be customized to create media storage that won’t overwhelm the rest of your room. Beds can be

and lulling me to rest while great music plays in the background!”

made for platform mattresses or lower footboards. If you require a unique design, we’ll work with you to draw the piece and engineer it for strength and longevity.

— Pedro C., Irvington, NY

If you prefer another species of wood, we can substitute almost any native hardwood of your choice. With everything we do, custom or standard, we intend to provide you with a treasured heirloom.

Jon m., thos. moser cabinetmaker for 4 years.

lollinG chair & ottoman

Jill B., thos. moser cabinetmakers 8 years.

Shaped to support the curvature of your back, the tufted leather-covered padding of the Lolling chair strikes just the right balance between firm support and cushioning. A simple shift of the five-position back transforms the angle from upright to reclined. The removable headrest is adjustable. chair (left) $2,975 ottoman (left) $975

chaise Our chaise is a celebration of both the art of design and relaxation. designed in a collaboration between Tom and david Moser, our 2–position chaise takes its inspiration from designs created by European architects in the 1920s and 1930s. Handcrafted from cherry and upholstered with premium full–grain leather. chaise (right) $3,775 Also shown: Vita cube side table $1,500 26 | 800 862 1973

800 862 1973 |


Heirloom quality guaranteed to last a lifetime.

showroom locations Please visit our website for the most up-to-date showroom locations and hours. Freeport — Flagship Location 149 Main Street, Freeport, Maine 04032 207 865 4519 | mon-sat 10-6 sun 11-5 Boston 19 Arlington Street, Boston, MA 02116 617 224 1245 | mon-sat 10-6 sun 11-5 Greenwich 55 East Putnam Avenue, greenwich, cT 06870 203 661 7278 | mon-sat 10-6 sun 11-5 new yorK city 699 Madison Avenue, new York, nY 10065 212 753 7005 | mon-sat 10-6 sun 1-6 PhiladelPhia 625 West Lancaster Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087 610 995 9500 | mon-sat 10-6 sun 11-5 washinGton, Dc 3300 M Street nW, Washington, dc 20007 202 338 4292 | mon-sat 10-6 sun 11-5 san Francisco 3395 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, cA 94118 415 931 8131 | mon-sat 10-6 sun 11-4 28 | 800 862 1973

american bungalow living collection Also shown: Dr. white’s chest $10,825; edo rocker $2,825 edo rocking ottoman $950; edo cantilever side table $1,100 washington square chair $1,800; Four Drawer side chest w/drawers $7,850

in interpreting arts and crafts-period seating, we strove to achieve a less bulky appearance through modern upholstery techniques and asian influence of reverse-tapered legs. available in our wide variety of standard fabrics or fine leather upholstery. three place sofa $7,475


lounge chair $3,200


coffee table $1,550 800 862 1973 | thosmoser.cOM


Heirloom quality guaranteed to last a lifetime.

warren s., thos. moser cabinetmaker for 19 years.

“We thank you for the outstanding products and customer service from Thos. Moser. No other company comes close to you!” —Meg W., Philadelphia, PA

new harBor lounGe The long, graceful sweeps of the new Harbor lounge and ottoman seem to defy gravity. david Moser’s work is a statement of form and exceptional comfort. To recline in the new Harbor Lounge chair is to experience harmony of art and function in its purest form. lounge (above) $3,400 | ottoman (above) $1,100

winDwarD BooKcase Long, narrow verticals create a sense of lightness in the Windward Bookcase. designed to fit in a variety of spaces, they can be stacked, set side by side or separated to flank a doorway or hearth. The two shelves are adjustable. Bookcase (right) $1,650 windward lounge chair $3,300 windward three place sofa $7,625


thosmoser.cOM | 800 862 1973

Also shown: Vita coffee table $1,950; table minimus square $525

Shown with: newport swivel chair $1,625 Visit us online at to view all of our living collections in their entirety. 800 862 1973 |


Heirloom quality guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Vita liVinG The Vita Living collection merges the sentiments of modernism with the substance and grace of solid cherry and leather. This design harnesses the natural strength of wood to achieve suspension and cantilever with minimal form. Hand-stitched cushions ensure a sleek, tailored surface that is most comfortable.

Create your own Heirloom What began as a special request from a customer to come to our shop and participate in the creation of a desk has become a full-fledged program that has attracted participants from around the country. Our Customer in Residence program gives our customers the opportunity to come and spend a week building their own heirloom piece under the guidance of a mentoring cabinetmaker.

chair $3,675 maddy r., thos. moser cabinetmaker for 6 years.


ottoman $1,100


three place sofa $7,625

cube side table (shown in walnut) cherry, $1,500; walnut, $1,725


museum Bench $3,200


coffee table $1,950

Also shown: 18" Bowback stool $1,000

The customer in residence program is a week-long intensive internship for our customers who want to experience the process and satisfaction of building Moser furniture for themselves. Each participant works side-by-side with a master cabinetmaker in our shop, who will assist in the selection of raw materials and the crafting of a hallmark Moser piece. Learn about the intricacies of joinery, the shaping and molding of solid cherry and even how to bring out the natural luster of wood with the right amount of wax and elbow grease. Share your workshop experiences on a daily basis and enjoy two special group dinners with fellow attendees. In short, our program is designed to provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for woodworkers of all abilities to polish their craft. Participants stay at the historic Harraseeket Inn in Freeport with ample free time to explore Freeport and surrounding areas. Each customer in residence session ends with a special ceremony during which participants and their Thos. Moser partner sign the piece they have built. Stay tuned as we gear up to launch our new customer in residence Weekend Workshops this fall in celebration of our 40th anniversary. For details, please contact us at or call 800 708 9041 and ask for Steve Wyman. Visit us online at for complete information on our Customer in Residence program. 32 | 800 862 1973

800 862 1973 |


Heirloom quality guaranteed to last a lifetime.

savings by the

set See page 20 for details.

Kevin c., thos. moser cabinetmaker for 6 years.

“We can’t imagine any bed other than our Vita fitting so well into both our space and style. It is perfect. Paired with a good rocking chair it makes for a restful retreat.” — Matt S., Arlington, VA

sleiGh BeD There is a stature and allure to the Sleigh Bed, with its cherry frame and curving headboard and footboard. curl up with a good book and nestle against its support. Shown here in Queen size with a matching arched footboard, the Sleigh Bed is also available with a flat rail footboard which can be viewed on our website. Bed, queen (above) $5,050 crescent end table w/drawer (above) $1,650

crescent Bureau To create the bow shaped drawers of the crescent series, we have laminated 1/8" flitches of solid cherry. Their gentle curve is echoed in the lines of the top and in the serpentine carved base. six Drawer Bureau (left) $8,875 pasadena side chair (left) $1,900 Visit us online at for our complete selection of beds, bureaus and nightstands. 34

thosmoser.cOM | 800 862 1973

vita bed the Vita Bed’s simplicity and curved footboard harken back to the modernist era and the sleeping platforms common in Japan. the curved, laminated feet suspend the mattress snugly in a solid base. Bed, queen $5,450 | six Drawer Dresser $6,400 | Vita cube side table $1,500 800 862 1973 |


Heirloom quality guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Our cOMMITMEnT TO SuSTAInABILITY lisa h., thos. moser cabinetmaker for 22 years.

pencil post BeD A venerable design pared to its simple essence. The posts are octagonally faceted and rise to an agreeable taper. Matching wood grain preserves nature’s handiwork in the solid cherry headboard. Mortise-and-tenon joints are precisely fitted for permanent strength. comes with removable finials and a slatted canopy frame, as well as a cast-bronze wrench for easy reassembly. Bed, queen (left in walnut) cherry, $5,050; walnut $5,800

Thos. Moser furniture is principally built from premium-grade American black cherry. Sustainably harvested by family-owned mills in the Allegheny forest of Pennsylvania, our cherry is distinguished by its rich grain figures and a lustrous surface patina that deepens in color over time. While we avoid exotic wood species due to environmental concerns, we also work with responsibly harvested ash, maple and walnut. When polished and oiled,

walnut assumes a deep chocolate brown color, then lightens over the years to a honey brown. Maple, on the other hand, begins the color of pale ivory and over time darkens to an amber hue. Building furniture with these native hardwoods from sustainably managed resources is a fitting embodiment of the Shaker belief in living a principled life, encompassing sustainability, land stewardship, innovation and quality in work.

savings by the

set See page 20 for details.

ramsey u., thos. moser cabinetmaker for 4 years.

captain’s chest (left in walnut) cherry, $2,150; walnut $2,475

american BunGalow BeD In Asian traditions meaning is revealed in the tension created by opposites. We have realized our vision of this idea in the American Bungalow Bed by juxtaposing gently curved half-moon caps against a floating headboard. The effect brings to mind Kanji calligraphy and the Torii gates found at Japanese shrines. Bed, queen (right) $4,300 nightstand w/3 drawers (right) $4,400 seven Drawer Dresser (far right) $8,175 36 | 800 862 1973

800 862 1973 |


Heirloom quality guaranteed to last a lifetime.

libraries to law offices With our unique combination of skilled craftsmanship, unlimited customization abilities and complex project management capabilities, we welcome the opportunity to partner with you for any project—no matter how great or small. While many of our customers know us exclusively through our handcrafted residential designs, we have also earned a growing reputation for our exceptional contract work. Libraries, offices, public spaces and hospitality settings are natural homes for our work, where rigorous use and functional beauty necessarily go hand-inhand. Like all of our work, Moser contract furniture is designed to transcend fleeting trends, and to withstand generations of use. In commercial and public environments, true economy comes not through short-term savings— but through longevity. Each item we make for our contract clients satisfy the need for traditional elegance and a true sense of permanence.

For more information... or to schedule a consultation about your commercial project, contact moser contract at: 800-708-9710 |

At Thos. Moser, we find enormous fullfilment in crafting furniture that provides both visceral satisfaction and the potential for generations of regular use—whether in residential, commercial or public environments. With our unique combination of skilled craftsmanship, unlimited customization abilities and complex project management, we welcome the opportunity to partner with you for any project—no matter how great or small.

Brenda s., thos. moser cabinetmaker for 24 years.

Four leG writinG DesK Our Writing desk, available in both a FourLeg and Eight-Leg version, is beautiful from any angle. These classic designs are constructed with pinned mortise-and-tenon joints throughout. The standard Eight-Leg configuration has solid wood panels on all sides along with two drawers on the left and a file drawer on the right. Please specify with or without keyboard tray when ordering. Four leg writing Desk (right) wood top $4,400; leather top $5,775 eight leg writing Desk wood top $6,575; leather top $7,750 regent swivel chair (right) $1,700

38 | 800 708 9710

800 862 1973 |


Holliston, MA Permit 20

Holliston, MA Permit 20

149 Main Street | Freeport, ME | 207 865 4519 19 Arlington Street | Boston, MA | 617 224 1245 55 East Putnam Avenue | Greenwich, CT | 203 661 7278 699 Madison Ave | New York, NY | 212 753 7005 Holliston, MA Permit 20

625 West Lancaster Ave | Wayne, PA | 610 995 9500 Holliston, MA Permit 20 3300

M Street NW | Washington, DC | 202 338 4292

3395 Sacramento Street | San Francisco, CA | 415 931 8131 Customer Care Center | 800 708 9045

Prices effective as of April 15, 2012 and are subject to change without notice. Vol. X1I, No. 193

ELLIPSEDINING When we craed the Ellipse Dining collection, we were particularly mindful of the need to do more with less. The result? Gently tapered legs, tabletops with beveled, subtly-curved edges, seats with gently curving lines, and unadorned upholstery built for comfort.

savings by the

set See page 20 for details.


GREENWICH We are pleased to announce the opening of our new Greenwich showroom. Join us throughout the year as we celebrate our 40 years of handcraed American furniture. Visit us at for a listing of events and new product introductions. Heirloom quality guaranteed to last a lifetime.

MODERN DESIGN. MODERN PRICE. Ellipse Square Dining Collection shown in walnut: Square Dining Table cherry, $2,525; walnut, $2,900 | Dining Arm Chair cherry, $1,050; walnut, $1,200 Dining Side Chair cherry, $850; walnut, $975


Thos. Moser Spring 2012 Catalog  

Introducing Ellipse Bedroom: the latest collection from Thos. Moser.

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