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Thorsten Jankowski has been an artist all his life. He studied Industrial Design in Braunschweig, Germany and became fascinated with photographic portraiture in the early 1990’s. Back then he was still using traditional film and natural sunlight as his primary source of lighting. It wasn’t until 2004 that he decided to expand his photography career, moved to digital equipment, and purchased his first studio lighting rig. From that point on, Thorsten’s photography career has been on a whirlwind of successes that show no signs of slowing down. Less then two years later, Thorsten Jankowski found his vision. Focusing his eye on what he likes to call “sculptural nudes” and “sculptural bodies” he looks to the classic sculptor Auguste Rodin as his inspiration. Erotic impact looses its importance instead focusing on the human body itself and its endless variety. By Andrew Kaiser (NewNude Magazine)

, 2007


Thorsten’s images are engaging and mysterious. He carefully uses light to create a mood of softness that is carefully balanced with models who appear posed as perfectly crafted sculptures. As a former graphic designer, his images appeal to me as graphic works as well, there is a simplicity in his work that brings the viewer into the image on a direct but intimate level, as if every detail was considered and designed to grab your immediate attention. Looking through Thor’s work, I found myself wishing that I had taken these photos, I was very jealous in fact. This was my introduction to Thorsten Jankowski’s photography. As a photographer, it is always difficult to write or talk about another photographer’s work. In Thor’s case, this is not a problem. Thor’s work immediately stands out, not only because he has such a distinctive style from image to image, but also because you find yourself drawn into his world. You get to see things from his point of view, and in this way, you get a sense of who Thorsten Jankowski really is as an artist. You see that he is deliberate, that he considers no detail too small, that he is a perfectionist on every level, and that he makes the very most of the very least. I have had the pleasure of watching Thor’s work develop over the past year and what I see is some of his best work yet. Here you have all the necessary elements of fine art nude photography: exquisite models, sensitive lighting, terrific form and perfect composition. Bryon Paul McCartney | Winterthur, Switzerland | 2007

„Thorsten Jankowski setzt seine Models wie ein Bildhauer in Szene“ urteilt „GQ“. Und es stimmt: Man merkt diesen mit architektonischer Akribie komponierten Fotos an, dass ihr Erschaffer Design studiert hat. Menschen werden in seinen Bildern zu Skulpturen. Der Blick auf sie ist überraschend. Die Perspektiven sind neu. Das akkurat und intelligent gesetzte Licht verleiht dem Setting etwas Erhabenes, fast schon Heiliges. Als Models wählt Jankowski gerne Menschen, die sich in ihrer Schönheit den üblichen Klischees entziehen. Seine Models haben Ausdruck und polarisieren, ihr Blick bleibt haften – und dies ist durchaus gewollt.

Thorsten Jankowski 0170-8677549