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ers S E T U N I M EWING With over 500 Million users investing over 700 billion minutes of their collective time a month, Facebook has become an immensely powerful marketing machine. • Get your message out there. • Get it shared! How could you be using it?

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! T A O B R E G D A BIG Dropping a hook and hoping for a bite isn’t the best way to catch a fish! Just like having a page, and people liking it, isn’t the same as having a marketing strategy. Make the ‘net’ work! With ‘yourbook’ you’re gonna need a bigger boat!

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E M I T T S R I F R OUR Don’t fear the Facebookers! It can be an unnerving thing, having an open conversation about your brand on something as public as Facebook... ...however, with a strong strategy in place, even negative comments can be made to make you look good! Find out how with ‘yourbook’

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ike’ and D N A R B R OVE YOU Connect and research.... ‘yourbook’ collects friends information and page interaction data. You can use it later to find out what’s ‘liked’ and why... ...helping you become even more focused in not just your marketing but also your product or service refinement. Go beyond ‘like’.... You’ll form relationships in new ways. They’ll tell their friends, and they’ll tell their’s, and they’ll tell theirs, and you’ll... ...become a brand people love! guide to


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EAM ! Y Z Z A N S GET Photos, video, digital magazines, brochures, slide shows, competitions, promotions, Twitter, Flickr, forms, list growers, places...

It’s all in ‘yourbook’!

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! T S O H D E A GOO Look the best you can in an environment people trust. With up to 75% of users close links that take them outside Facebook, it’s important to be a good host.

‘yourbook’ don’t just create beautiful design, we value function and usability too!

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! A T A D T COLLEC Targeted Marketing You’ve got the Facebook conversation flowing nicely, you’ve been collecting the data, now... Send some inspiration with the ‘yourmail’ targeted marketing system. It’s the little things that make people feel loved.

It’s all part of how ‘yourbook’ works!

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! G N I T E K OUR MAR Connect beyond Facebook... Integrate social networking into your website, email, your print advertising, your breakfast, lunch and dinner... well, maybe not that much, but the more chances you give people to share your content, the more they’ll share. Once you’ve done the leg work... ...that’s FREE advertising! Furthermore, it’s coming from the most trusted of people... friends! guide to

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! E R U T U F L MEDIA Your social media strategy is an on going thing. How much time do you have to put into it? And what would you expect social media to do for you? You’ll need a goal to stay focused. You could use it to become a voice to your public, a cheap customer relations tool or help centre, push for sales, improve brand recognition and loyalty, or something else entirely. Dare to dream! Consider your audience... Are you using public feedback positively? And the bottom line... How do you know if it’s working? If you’d like answers to any of these questions, or have questions of your own, contact us ‘yourbook’ we’ll help you find your answers. guide to

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