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How could our head adminis trator or school board ask for a better, fairer and lilore impar­ tial educritional opportunity than the one we had set up? Now I would also like to ask why if this inferior ri>1icy is to be followed so' rigor­ ously, haa the en tire sophomore class been ' forced to listen to Jostens, year in and year out 1 Does this fit even the broadest curricula of any single cl~ss in the building? :

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. In my . opinio~; the school board's policy and Mr. Koenig's enforcement of that policy i~ simply wrong. Both sides were to be presented teachers would have had the option of letting ~r not letting students attend, the issues to be pr~sented are extremely important, and the speakers all had outstanding credentials. In short, you couldn't ask for a better oppor­ tunity to better your education. Why then,do we have such a speaker policy and such a rigid interpretation of it when it robs you and me of an even better education than the one we,~et now? Why,' if this warped policy is to be so staunchly followed, is Jostens allowed to even

,_/ sftlp foot in 'our building?




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: This is wrong: If our school board and

heaa administrator are so concerned about a

'i fai)-l' Ilnd good education for you me. the stu­

b,:--gents, then why the backwards policy and bla­ .~ " ~. contradictions in following it?

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"'hat would Matthew Stark think of this?

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by Hike Bartos',~d CniTRAL AMERICA

Recently our student body had the option available of being able to ] isten to outstanding· speakers representing both sides of current and controversial issues. Various topics were to be covered uuch 'as tUcuragua,and tile nuclear arms' race. 'rtlis was Lo take place during National Pea~e and ,Justice Week (October 20-21.). The plans were totally set with the help of rJ,r. ~;lwglund Vi~en I got word in Mr. Koenig's office tlw t the dlstrict' a speaker policy pro­ hi b~ ted such speakers from appearinp.; in 'the audl toriulli. The Dlain reason ci ted was that "the topics of the guest speaker must be related to the subject area<s) and curricula of the elass( es) to be adllressed." 'l'he plan was vetoAd sin c 0 mos t studen ts presen t would be from clas,.. sos not dealing with directly related i~sues at the particular time. This is a complete contra­ diction to that same policy's "ulUrnate eoal ", which "is to enrich the students' exposure to ideas and issues in a fair and impa~'tial fashion."


-ax. §tldent,s -. for §tUd.~•• , The pa1.---.i

to_,rat••~a..~~~Cis of


"Central America is the most important place in the world for the United states tod81 , " said Jean Kirkpatrick. former U.N. Ambassador. We have dominated this region since the 1890'8, and today we are facing wide-spread unrest and revo­ lution in the area. The following is an attempt to clarify, in an extreme lack of space, a. to w~.



Our spvernment i8 not jU8tit1ed in .tating that ,Cuba and the Soviets are the root of all strife and revolution in our "backyard." 'l'hat i . only a smoke screen to help gain popular 8upport for our inhumane policies. As U.S. Ambassador to Panama phrased the preble.. in 1980, "What we see in central,~merica today would not be much dif­ ferent if 'Fidel Castro IlDd tha SO.viet Union did not exist. 11 So then, what!.! the root of. the Wide-spread revolution in Central Americ,s? The answer is how our spvernment feers rev­ olution arid prizes stability. Our government has consistently fought radical change in Central America hecause the U.S. is thO status-quo power in todey's world. We seek s ability at all costs because we feel we must protect our economic and poli tical ideologies. Ironically, however, our policies have ac­ celeratedrevolution in Central America. The real crime in these policies is the fact that our governmen~ has consistently supported and propped up brutal mili tary oligarchies. Through our sup­ port of repressive right-wing dictatorships, we have only pushed Central Americans toward social­ ismj and we continue to do so today. The dicta­ torships we support and U.S. corporations have manipulated the economies to benefit the very few, while, the vast majori ty is left in r8lapant

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wo~ld~ isallQ5. - .. - ~- "\ --- - tOD't. Me~ .P-.e r out 1 Does this fit even the broadest curricula \ controversial issues. Various topics...

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