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1920   Canadian   Scrap  Book     Taylor  Trottier  


Soldiers returning  from  war   When  soldiers  returned  from  Europe  they  could  not  find  jobs,   health  care  was  limited  and  pensions  were  often  unpaid.   Unemployment  rates  were  between  50-­‐60%.  almost  all  the   workers  in  Winnipeg  went  on  strike  against  there  employers   and  Unions  were  born.   This  picture   shows  how   the  soldiers   were   welcomed   when  they   returned   home.  

      The  picture  on   the  bottom   shows  soldiers   returning  to   Canadian  soil  for   the  first  time   since  they  left  for   war.  


Roaring twenties   Economy  improves  and  people  begin  to  take  part  in  leisure   activities.  Planes  and  automobiles  begin  to  be  reliable  modes  of   transportation.  Phones  movies  and  radios  are  now  available  to   the  public.  



Culture fashion   People  began  to  relax  and  participate  in  sports  and  activities   like  art  and  music.  Women’s  Clothing  also  became  less  formal. They  were  not  expected  to  where  a  dress  everywhere.  


This picture   shows  people   using  their   leisure  time   playing   sports.  

    This  picture  shows  how   clothing  became  less  formal.  

            This  picture  shows  an  example   of  Canadian  art.  

New entertainment   Radios,  art,  silent  movies,  sports  and  music  became  more   common  and  easily  accessible.  But  only  the  middle  class  and   the  rich  could  experience  these  new  developments.  


An upper   class  family   using  their   new  radio.  

                        These  are  pictures  of  1920s   Canadian  art.  

Arts/Sports/Jazz Art  became  more  positive  and  colorful,  baseball,  football   basketball  and  hockey  grew  in  popularity  and  ordinary  people   began  to  play.  Jazz  music  was  growing  and  more  people  could   enjoy  it  thanks  to  the  new  radios.    


1920s Canadian  art.  


    1920s  jazz  band  

Canadian football  game  

Role of  women-­‐persons  case   During  the  war  women  proved  they  were  more  than  capable  of   being  helpful  citizens  of  the  community.  When  the  men   returned  they  wanted  there  jobs  back  and  hoped  everything   would  return  to  “normal”.  After  many  years  the  women  got  to   the  Privy  Council  in  London  and  passed  the  case,  women  were   now  officially  people  by  law  and  gained  many  more  rights   thanks  to  the  famous  five,  Henrietta  Muir  Edwards,  Nellie   McClung,  Louise  McKinney,  Emily  Murphy,  and  Irene  Parlby.  

        Monument  of   famous  five   located  in   Alberta.  


Inventions Inventions  included  automobile,  traffic  lights,  q-­‐tips,  hair  dryer,   Band-­‐Aid,  lie  detector,  bulldozers  and  practice,  safe  planes.    


Minorities Canadian  minorities  during  the  1920s  included  Chinese,   African  American,  Indian,  immigrants,  and  First  Nations.   Anyone  who  was  an  enemy  during  the  war  was  also  considered   a  minority,  Canada  was  very  racist  until  about  the  seventies.  

This picture  shows  an   Asian  family  in   Canada  during  the   twenties.  


A good  example  of     Canada’s  racism  during     that  time  was  the   komogata  maru     incident;  Canada  said     that  if  you  could  sail     from  your  home  port  to     Canada  without     stopping  than  you   would  be  let  in  to     Canada.    When     hundreds  of  Indians     accomplished  what     seemed  like  the   impossible  they  were     denied  access  to     Canada  and  sent  home.    

Canada’s national  identity         Because  of  Canada’s  brave  and  relentless  war  efforts,  they   were  recognized  for  there  quality  solders  and  pilots.  They  did   not  have  a  big  army  but  they  made  up  for  it  with  their  bravery   and  effort.  The  battle  of  vimmy  ridge  was  Canada’s  claim  to   fame  during  ww1.    



These pictures  show   Canadian  soldiers  in   different  situations.  


Politically   Unions  

Unions were  created  to  increase  pay  and  working  conditions,   many  workers  were  not  getting  payed  enough  to  compete  with   inflation.  

This photo  shows  some   minorities  along  with   Canadians,  employers   toke  advantage  of   minorities  because  they   had  trouble  finding  work   so  they  were  payed  less.  


This photo  shows   workers  on  strike.    


Some women  worked  during   the  strike,  they  could  not   afford  to  lose  their  newly   acquired  jobs.    

Citizens committee  of  1000   The  people  went  on  strike  because  they  were  not  treated  right   as  workers  and  wanted  more  rights.  The  citizens  committee   was  about  anti-­‐union  and  anti-­‐strike  they  did  not  want   anything  to  change.  

These are  pictures  of   the  Winnipeg  general   strike.  


Bloody Saturday   The  strike  ended  on  June  21st    with  the  RCMP  killing  two   people,  injuring  thirty  and  arresting  many  others.    Many  people   lost  there  jobs  and  some  had  to  promise  not  to  join  the  union.  



These are  all  pictures  of  the  riots  on   bloody  Saturday.  


NDP/CCF Regionalism   The  political  parties  were  split  in  to  different  regions. Each  political  party  has  its  own  set  of  beliefs  and  goals  like  the   political  parties  of  today.  Some  parties  wanted  everyone  to  be   equal  and  others  want  to  have  the  rich  people  of  society  rule   the  country.  


These are  political   posters  from  the  1920’s.  

Maritime rights  movement   All  cargo  ships  passing  through  countries  waters  had  to  report   to  the  country  and  could  be  inspected,  but  they  were  not   allowed  to  be  stopped  unless  they  threatened  the  country.   They  had  to  make  these  rules  because  no  one  trusted  Germany.  



Progressive party   sir  Robert  Borden  was  the  prime  minister  of  Canada  during   ww1.  He  was  part  of  the  progressive  party  and  the  eighth   prime  minister  of  Canada.    One  of  the  problems  he  faced  was  legalizing  conscription.  


  Robert  Borden  is   on  the  one   hundred  dollar   bill.  


William Lyons  Mackenzie  king   William  Lyon  Mackenzie  was  the  most  dominant  politician   from  the  1920s  to  the  1940s.  He  was  part  of  the  liberal  party.  



William Lyon  Mackenzie  is  on   the  fifty-­‐dollar  bill.  

Arthur meighan   Arthur  Meighan  was  Canada’s  ninth  prim  minister  and  he  was   also  a  lawyer.  Arthur  Meighan  was  the  ninth  prime  minister   serving  two  terms  as  the  conservative  leader.  



Canada’s independence   Canada  was  an  underdog  going  in  to  the  war,  rather  than   referring  to  them  as  British  allies  they  were  THE  CANADIANS   And  after  the  war  Robert  Borden  requested  a  seat  in  the  peace   treaty  and  Canada  became  a  little  more  independent.  


    Canadian  troops  and  there   Ross  rifles.  


Shorts s-­‐38  

King Byng  crisis     lord Byng wanted to dissolve parliament and hold an election, William Lyon Mackenzie refused the request and there was a disagreement between the Canadian and British government.        


King Byng    British  government  


William Lyon  Mackenzie    Canadian  prime  minister  

Balfour report  and  Statute  of  Westminster   The representatives of the King who acted as the crown, should no longer also serve automatically as the representative of the British government in diplomatic relations between the countries.  

Halibut treaty   The  halibut  treaty  was  an  agreement  between  America  and   Canada  stating  that  they  could  only  fish  during  selected   months  and  they  could  not  exceed  their  quota.  It  was  the  first   big  decision  Canada  made  without  getting  Britain’s  approval.  


    These  are  pictures  of   Canadian  fishing   boats  during  the   1920’s.  


Imperial conference   Imperial  conferences  were  meetings  between  Canada  and   Britain  discussing  their  problems,  but  Canada  did  not  need   Britain’s  help  anymore.  


  Pictures  of  people  from  the   imperial  conference.  



Chanak crisis   Chanak  crisis  was  Mackenzie  kings  first  test  under  the  new   foreign  policy  laws.  Turkish  troops  threatened  to  attack  British   and  French  troops  stationed  in  the  neutral  zone,  when  Britain   wanted  Canada’s  help  they  were  reminded  of  the  stature  of   Westminster.  The  crisis  was  resolved  relatively  quickly  by  the   French  and  British.  




National resources   During  the  1920s  Canada  was  a  big  exporter  of  lumber,  farmed   goods  they  also  made  newspapers  for  other  countries,   especially  the  United  States.  They  made  about  ninety  percent   of  there  newspapers.  


U.S. investment     Canada  invested  some  of  its  national  income  in  to  the  United   States,  not  all  money  but  they  also  made  90%  of  their   newspapers,  the  idea  was  to  be  friends  with  America  since  they   were  clearly  more  powerful.  


Branch plants   Canada  builds  factories  in  other  countries  like  America  and   Britain  to  increase  productivity  and  profits.  It  reduces  costs   since  there  is  no  taxes  or  shipping  fees.  



Probation &  Bootlegging   Between  1920  and  1933  America  banned  alcohol  because  they   thought  it  was  the  reason  people  committed  crimes.  Canada   then  saw  an  opportunity,  they  opened  new  breweries  and   began  to  make  as  much  alcohol  as  they  could  then  they   smuggled  it  illegally  across  the  border  (bootlegging)  and  made   huge  profits.  Some  tried  to  make  there  own  alcohol  but  it  was   so  bad  it  often  resulted  in  blindness.  




Stock market  crash     In  1918  after  the  war  the  economy  was  booming  and   continued  to  increase  until  1929  when  The  market  crashed   because  everyone  bought  stocks  then  there  was  a  mini  crash,   everyone  panicked  and  sold  their  stocks.  Then  the  market  had   no  value  and  it  plummeted.  The  market  collapsed  and  the  start   of  the  depression  began.         There  you  can  see   the  mini  crash.   Before  things  got   worse.            


FUN FACT-­‐  I  spent  three  blocks  and  a  lunch  hour  (4  HOURS)   on  the  organizers  and  I  completed  it.  As  I  typed  the  last  word   the  person  sitting  across  from  me  kicked  the  desk  and  my   computer  turned  off  and  I  lost  everything,  so  I  have  done  the   P.E.E.  organizers  twice  now.    J  

Topic   Challenges   solders  faced   when   returning   home.    


Point When  soldiers   returned  from   was  they  had   trouble   finding  jobs     Injured   soldiers  had  to   adapt  to  their   new  life  style.  

The Spanish   flu  was   brought  ta   Canada  with   the  returning   soldiers.  

Example Many  soldiers   also  did  not   got  the   medical  care   and  pensions   they  needed   Returning   soldiers  often   had  hearing,   vision   problems  or   prosthetics.     The  flu  killed   approximately   the  same   number  of   people  that   died  in  the   war.  


Women had   taken  many  of   the  men’s  jobs.  

Canada was  not   used  to   accommodating   these  types  of   injuries.   It  was   extremely  hard   for  soldiers   because  they   just  saw  their   friends  die  in   the  war,  now   there  families.  

Topic   How  did  the   Persons  case   further   women’s   rights  in   Canada?  

Point Women   wanted  more   rights  and   they  wanted   to  be   recognized  as   people.  

If their   husband  died   for  any  reason   the  land   would  then  go   to  a  brother   or  father.   Women  were   Before  women   Now  they   now  legally   were   could  go  to   considered   considered   court.  (and   people.   property  by   eventually   the  law.   vote.)  


Example They  had   proven  during   the  war  that   they  were   capable  of   basically   sustaining   Canada.   Women  were   Before  women   now  allowed   could  not  own   to  own  land   land,  it   belonged  to   their  husband.  

Explanation Five  women   eventually  got   to  court  and   succeeded  in   the  person’s   case.  


Topic Canada’s   national   identity.  

Point Canada  was   During  and  after  the   always  seen   war  Canada  grew   as  a  British   more  independent.   colony   before  the   war.  

Canada was   known  for   its  grate   soldiers,   they  are   determined   and  willing   to  capture   anything.  

Canada becomes   known  for   their   exports.  


Explanation After  the  war   Canada  was   known  for   there  pilots   and  growing   business   opportunities   (logging,   stocks,  etc.  )   Canadian  troops  are   Canadian   taken  advantage  of   troops   because  everyone   captured   knows  they  are   vimmy  ridge,   willing  to  try   it  was  there   anything.  (they   claim  to   were  sent  to   fame.   slaughter  in  the   battle  of  Somme   and  Dieppe).   Canada  exports   Canada  made   coal,  lumbar,  cars,   90%  of   alcohol  during  the   America’s   American   newspapers.   prohibition  and   It  was   newspapers.   cheaper   because  the   lumber  and   paper  mills   were  already   in  Canada.  

Topic Labor  unions   and   Winnipeg’s   general   strike.    


Point Unions  had  not   been   introduced  to   Canada  yet.  

Example Unions  were   supposed  to   help  workers.  

Explanation       Unions   improved   wages  and   working   conditions.   Government   If  unions  toke   They  would   and  Employers   effect  they   cut  down  on   did  now  want   would  have  to   employer’s   unions.   pay  workers   profits.   more  and  give   them  holidays.   Workers   Workers   They  felt  they   wanted  unions.   eventually   were  not  paid   went  on  strike   enough  (with   until  they   rising  food   could   prices)  and   unionize.   they  had  to   work  six  days   a  risk  loosing   there  job.  

Topic Regionalism   in  the   development   of  Canada’s   political   parties.  

Point Canada  was   gaining   political   parties  during   the  late   1800s.  

Example The  two  main   parties  were   still  the   conservatives   and  the   liberals.  

Canada was   still   developing  its   government   at  that  time  

The Canadian   political   system  was   not  grate.  


Explanation     The  conservative   party  was  the  most   dominant  party  at   that  time.  

Canada had  just   become   independent  from   Britain  so  they   were  still  learning   how  to  run  politics   smoothly.   Canada  did   The  parties   Canada  had  some   not  have   were   good  prime   many  political   unorganized   ministers  during   parties  during   but  the   that  time  like,   the  twenties.   leaders  were   William  Lyon   grate.   Mackenzie  King,   Arthur  Meighen,   Sir  Robert  Borden,   and  Sir  Wilfred   Laurier.    

Topic William  Lyon   Mackenzie  in   Canada’s   independence.  


Point William   wanted   Canada  to   become   independent   from  Britain.  

Example He  started   making   decisions   without   involving   Britain.  

Explanation       Stature  of   Westminster   takes  effect;   British   Parliament  can   no  longer  make   laws  for  Canada.   Canada   Countries   If  Canada  did   needed  to   that  don’t   not  become   become   become   independent   independent.   independent   we  would  still   aren’t  taken   be  drinking  tea   seriously  by   and  living   other   under  British   countries.     laws.   Some  parts  of   Vancouver   They  say  being   Canada  have   island  is   independent   taken  this  to   currently   would  be   seriously.   trying  to   better  for  both   become  its   the  island  and   own   B.C,  but  B.C.   province.   will  be  a  shame   if  we  lost  one  of   the  worlds   largest  islands.  

Topic Canadian  and   American   stock  market   crash.  


Point Economy  was   good  so   everyone   bought  stocks.  

Some were   able  to  make   it  through  the   depression   without   suffering.  

Example Stock  market   had  a  mini   crash  and   everyone   panicked  

Some people   made  money   off  of  the   depression   because  they   could  afford   to  buy  stocks   when   everyone  else   sold  there’s   When  the   It  was  mainly   economy   due  to  buying   crashed  some   stock  with  the   people  killed   banks  money   themselves   and  not  being   able  to  pay  it   back.  


Explanation       When  people   panicked  they   also  sold  there   stocks  and  the   market  could   not  recover   and  the               depression   started.   Then  many   years  later   when  the   economy   recovered   they  were   filthy  rich  

Buying on  a   margin-­‐   buying  stocks   with   borrowed   money,  it  is   not  a  good   idea.  

1920's Scrap Book  
1920's Scrap Book  

Taylor Trottier's new and improved scrap book