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The Dance Of Life Everybody has a chance to be a star Everybody who dances, forgets who they are Everybody leaves their body on the dance floor And for just a moment, troubles are no more A moment of glory on the dance floor And for an instant our problems are no more We ride, on wings of fire, to another place Beyond troubles and cares, beyond time and space It's alright to shake the aches away If it eases the pain for only one moment, it's okay The music runs all the way through you Making you feel alive, and oh, so new Everybody has their turn on the dance floor To sport the fashions that they wore Everyone has his moment on the stage A chance to write his name on the Book of Life's pages If we could only feel this magic all of the time This music that's part of our bodies and minds These rhythms that give us a moment of bliss Why can't we feel always, just like this? Now, if by chance, we find romance, it's alright But the plan is to dance away the blues tonight We've got five days of frustration to lose So, hey baby, I hope that you wore your dancing shoes

Because everybody here is a star Everybody dances, to forget who they are Everybody leaves their body on the dance floor And everybody leaves their troubles at the front door It's a ritual as old as Black folks' souls Designed to dissolve all life's troubles and woes You just groove with the rhythm and move with the beat Let those vibes soak through, from your head to your feet It's one way to survive in this place called hell A way to stay alive in this space in which we dwell It's hard to remain sane, always on the serious side Sometimes you've got to run away and hide But there's a place for everybody on the dance floor To escape the pain and drudgery they bore Everyone can make his fantasy come true Everyone is here to have his soul renewed

The Dance Of Life