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CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING We help developers, contractors, designers, fabricators and erectors efficiently and effectively move projects from initial concept to final completion through early involvement in the design process.

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ALWAYS INNOVATING We are leading a fundamental change in how the AEC community approaches project delivery.

WHAT WE DO With backgrounds in structural design, construction management, procurement and construction engineering, our specialists have the expertise to fully integrate design and construction teams to maximize constructability. We perform these services on Thornton Tomasetti-designed structures, and assist in the delivery of projects designed by others.

Our trademarked Advanced Project Delivery (APD) service brings construction engineering and detailing into the early phases of design. This early integration of structural design and detailing gives contractors more-detailed information months sooner than with conventional delivery.

ADVANCED PROJECT DELIVERY™ While construction modeling and detailing have typically been part of the construction budget, our integrated modeling services begin during design phase. Increased attention to detailing and erection items earlier in the project life cycle helps shorten the overall schedule. These enhanced design deliverables improve constructability and reduce owner and contractor risk for delays.

A central aspect of our process is developing tools for TEKLA and BIM automation that enable more efficient team collaboration.

CRANE, HEAVY-LIFT AND ERECTION PLANNING We work closely with contractors and erectors to provide safe stabilization and erection solutions for a wide range of project sizes and types. STRUCTURAL STEEL CONNECTION DESIGN We provide full connection design services to fabricators, construction managers, general contractors and owners. Our specialized team uses design, fabrication and erection experience to develop and deliver structurally efficient connections. Well versed in Tekla modeling, we use this software for particularly difficult or complex connections to ensure that they can be fabricated and easily erected in the field.

Vice President Mike Delashmit and Senior Project Engineer Haider Alhimiary (front) discuss construction processes with a worker at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Bess Adler / Thornton Tomasetti

• Steel Modeling & Detailing –– Material Models –– Connected Models –– Drawings Models • Cast-in-Place & Pre-Cast Concrete Modeling

• Crane Planning • Heavy Lift Planning • Temporary Stability Engineering Analysis • Erection Engineering Planning, Analysis & Procedures



WE DELIVER THE MODEL Our Advanced Project Delivery™ service delivers a structural model that is coordinated with the overall design. This model becomes the structural steel deliverable to both the contractor and fabricator and is used throughout the project for trade coordination, to produce shop drawings and to fabricate the structural steel. Developing the model earlier in the process fosters greater understanding of project requirements, provides a well-coordinated model, boosts bid certainty, reduces change orders and improves project schedule. What you see on the model is what will be on the fabricator’s delivery trucks – right down to the bolt holes. WE ARE SOFTWARE AGNOSTIC Tekla Structures is our preferred design tool, but in-house interoperability systems developed by our CORE studio enable us to work in, or translate from and to, any design package. THERE IS NO COOKIE CUTTER Every project presents a unique combination of priorities and constraints, from sequence of construction to budget and schedule. We create customized project delivery strategies, match our expertise to the project needs, and choose which of our construction engineering services are best suited to meet the specific needs of each project and client.

We provided erection engineering for the roof of Epic Systems Corporation’s Deep Space auditorium in Verona, Wisconsin. The 6-acre roof was built on the ground, then jacked up into position. Vakaris Renetskis / Thornton Tomasetti

Breaking down barriers between engineers, fabricators and erectors leads to cost-effective innovation and implementation. Integrating erection planning, analysis and procedures into our design can minimize, and often eliminate, the need for shoring or additional reinforcing. This process allows construction of long-span elements, cantilevers, and self-supporting roofs to overlap with superstructure construction to shorten the schedule.

Tekla model of 30 Hudson Yards in New York City.

OUR DESIGN EXPERIENCE INFORMS OUR CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING SERVICES Every one of our projects benefits from Thornton Tomasetti’s wideranging, international experience in the design of some of the world’s tallest and longest-span structures, and from our understanding of load paths, design constraints, and alternatives, enabling us to focus on efficient and constructible design.

Creative methods of steel delivery – providing a well-coordinated structural steel model that can be used throughout fabrication and erection – can substantially reduce a contractor’s detailing schedule and expedite the overall construction schedule. Early involvement of the fabricator in the process facilitates the development of the most costeffective solution for each specific project and locale.

Simulation of a penetrator munition traveling through a layered concrete target, developed using NLFlex, our computational structural dynamics software.

THORNTON TOMASETTI OPTIMIZES THE DESIGN AND PERFORMANCE OF STRUCTURES, MATERIALS AND SYSTEMS FOR PROJECTS OF EVERY SIZE AND LEVEL OF COMPLEXITY. An employee-owned organization of engineers, scientists, architects and other professionals collaborating from offices worldwide, we support clients by drawing on the diverse expertise of our integrated practices. We are committed to being a sustainable and enduring organization and the global driver of innovation in our industry. INNOVATION AT OUR CORE

CORE is our innovation incubator, a vehicle for collaborating with project teams, academic institutions and other partners – in the AEC industry and beyond – to develop and market new technologies. CORE lab identifies and nurtures R&D projects – ranging from incremental to transformational – to create new capabilities, methods or products.


CORE studio provides technology-focused expertise to all our practices, enhancing collaboration and responsiveness through a wide range of creative initiatives.

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Thornton Tomasetti Construction Engineering  

We help developers, contractors, designers, fabricators and erectors efficiently and effectively move projects from initial concept to final...

Thornton Tomasetti Construction Engineering  

We help developers, contractors, designers, fabricators and erectors efficiently and effectively move projects from initial concept to final...