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INSURANCE INDUSTRY SUPPORT Multidisciplinary professionals provide investigation and analysis services to insurance industry clients in a wide variety of market sectors on cases large and small, around the globe. Our work spans the spectrum of pre- and post-loss risks, damage and claims arising from natural or man-made perils.


ALWAYS INNOVATING We work closely with our CORE studio to develop new technology that gives us better ways to serve our clients, such as simulation tools, forensic information modeling (FIM) and TT SmartMaps (an app that compiles project and GIS data from multiple sources into an interactive map that can be viewed on a phone, tablet or PC). We also develop flexible data-acquisition systems to collect, process and deliver in-situ, real-time information. Collaboration across the firm’s 10 practices enables us to draw on an unparalleled array of expertise, skills and tools to solve problems for a wide variety of industries.

WHAT WE DO Our staff encompasses many disciplines: architects; structural, civil, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers; scientists; and acoustics and sustainability professionals. This breadth of expertise enables us to fully investigate damage to structures of all types and sizes to promote accurate and appropriate claim resolution and speedy recovery. PRE-LOSS SERVICES Analyzing and anticipating risks to buildings and other structures are central to pre-loss services. Based on our experience with post-loss events, we are uniquely qualified to assess, analyze and forecast the nature of risks that may affect the performance of buildings and other structures. Pre-loss studies enable building owners to better prepare for both natural and man-made events. • Multi-Hazard Risk Assessments • Probable Maximum Loss (PML) Studies • Resiliency Solutions

POST-LOSS SERVICES In the aftermath of a property loss – one caused by a natural or man-made catastrophe, or by other events that reduce function or value – our experts help clients evaluate damaged structures and plan remediation. Deploying multidisciplinary expertise, we analyze, document and report on the condition of diverse types of structures in the built environment. Whether the damage is minimal or extensive, we provide technically informed solutions to post-loss claims. • Building Code Evaluation • Cause & Origin Evaluation • Damage Investigation • Complex Claim Investigation

Thornton Tomasetti

Project Engineer Kyle Mayfield and Senior Project Engineer Brenden Adams evaluate earthquake damage to a warehouse roof in Christchurch, New Zealand.


Senior Associate Steve Yamashita and Engineer Intern Sayna Rajabzadeh evaluate wind and water damage at a historic church in Montebello, California.

We have decades of experience assisting insurance industry clients around the world with claims of every type and size.

INSURANCE INDUSTRY SECTORS • Aviation • Construction Services • Entertainment & Sports • Errors & Omissions • Global Insurance Programs • Marine • Onshore Energy & Mining • Ports & Terminals • Power & Utilities • Property & Casualty • Property & Liability • Public Sector


Chris Kahanek / Thornton Tomasetti

• Claims Provider Services • Captive & Insurance Management • Catastrophe Response Planning


• Cause & Origin Reporting • Emergency Response Solutions

ANYWHERE, ANYTIME Our international reach allows us to speedily dispatch experts to any location at any time, set up operations and remain on-site until the assignment is complete.

• Flood Resilience Consulting • Litigation Support • Professional Indemnity • Property Risk Control • Scope of Damage Determination • Subrogation • Sustainability Claims Consulting • Technical Services

WE SEE BOTH FORESTS AND TREES Our professionals come from a wide variety of backgrounds. We actively seek diversity in all our teams to enhance our multidisciplinary approach. This enables us to ask the right questions that ultimately produce well-informed analyses. WE DELIVER We develop engineering-based solutions that enable our clients to confidently make informed decisions. We stand by our work as well as our conclusions.

• Terrorism Risk & Political Violence Risk Control

Thornton Tomasetti

Forensic information model displaying the severity of soot and heat damage caused by an explosion at a power plant in the Western Pacific.

THORNTON TOMASETTI OPTIMIZES THE DESIGN AND PERFORMANCE OF STRUCTURES, MATERIALS AND SYSTEMS FOR PROJECTS OF EVERY SIZE AND LEVEL OF COMPLEXITY. An employee-owned organization of engineers, scientists, architects and other professionals collaborating from offices worldwide, we support clients by drawing on the diverse expertise of our integrated practices. We are committed to being a sustainable and enduring organization and the global driver of innovation in our industry. INNOVATION AT OUR CORE

CORE is our innovation incubator, a vehicle for collaborating with project teams, academic institutions and other partners – in the AEC industry and beyond – to develop and market new technologies. CORE lab identifies and nurtures R&D projects – ranging from incremental to transformational – to create new capabilities, methods or products.


CORE studio provides technology-focused expertise to all our practices, enhancing collaboration and responsiveness through a wide range of creative initiatives.

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Insurance Industry Support  

Multidisciplinary professionals provide investigation and analysis services to insurance industry clients in a wide variety of market sector...

Insurance Industry Support  

Multidisciplinary professionals provide investigation and analysis services to insurance industry clients in a wide variety of market sector...