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NEWS ‘N’ VIEWS Term 1 February - April 2011

CALLING OF LEVI STUDENTS HAVE THEIR SAY “They did well as a band” Josh Pendred, Year 11 “Megastars” Reece McLaren, Year 11 “Love their sick head banging” Felicity Smith, Year 11

"We were  very  fortunate   to   have  The  Calling  of  Levi,   an  up-­‐and-­‐coming  local   band,  perform  for   us  during   recess  >me.   The   purpose  of  their   visit  was  mainly  to  promote  one   of  the  biggest  drug  and  alcohol  free  youth  events  held  south  of  the  river,  Slingshot.  The  Calling  of  Levi  were   one  of  the  head-­‐line  acts  at  the  event  usually  aAended  by  over  2000  local  youths." Mr  Khaira,  Chaplain

COMMENCEMENT SERVICE "The College's  annual  Commencement  Service  was  held   on  February  20  this  year  at  Thornlie   Church  of  Christ.   It   was  a   great   evening  which  saw   our   College   come  together  and  commit   the   year   ahead   to   God.   Representa>ves   from   the   Primary   School   right   through   to   the   College   Board  were   there,   dedica>ng  their   respec>ve   areas   of  service   and   contribu>ng   to   the  strong  sense   of  community  that  was  evident  on  the   night.  It  was  a  great  way  to  formally   commence  the  year  as  a  College  Community  and  set  the  tone  for  an  exci>ng  year  ahead."   Mr  Khaira,  Chaplain

THE PREFECTS OF 2011 Introducing your Head Boy and Head Girl...

Joshua Klenner Publications Committee

Nathania Widjanarko Publications Committee

Publications Committee Staff Liason Miss Z Fensom

Mar>n Jacobsz

Aaron Rebeiro

Ariana Yardley


Michele Riley

Entertainment Josh Tucker

Fundraising CommiAee  Staff  Liasons

Entertainment CommiAee  Staff  Liason

Mr M  Heske,  Mrs  K  Stryder  &  Mrs  A  Ossevoort

Mrs H  Balding

Sports Jonathan Narayanan

Edwina Leung

Lukas Frank

Kezia Wojcik

Sports CommiAee  Staff  Liason Mrs  C  Katwishi-­‐Ng’andwe

Social Concerns


Social Concerns  CommiAee  Staff  Liasons

Worship CommiAee  Staff  Liason

Mrs H  David  &  Mr  A  Soo

Mrs M  Underwood


“On the  morning  of  the  16th  of  March  2011,  the   sun,  burning  brightly  with  her  usual  fiery  


intensity heralding   a   great   day   ahead   for   team   Judah.   By   the   end   of  the   day,  Judah  had   been  declared  Champion  house   in  the  2011  Swimming   Carnival.  We   are   very   grateful   for   being   bestowed   this  >tle.   However,   we   must   also   make   men>on   of   the   other   smaller   victories   that   contributed   to   this  

“I thought the day was awesome! It went really well and everyone was cheering on for their team.” Clarissa Widjanarko 7E “The carnival was awesome!!!” wooo hooo!! Caitlyn Smith 7E “The swimming carnival was great and Judah won again but that is not the point. The point is that we all had fun. I got a fourth ribbon in a team game relay but the whole day was great. We all had fun because we had all of our friends around us.” Nyssa McCarrol 7F

success. To  the   students  who  were   not   comfortable   in   the   water   but   s>ll   par>cipated   in   the   water   run,  


we thank  you.  To   the  students  who   were   told   to   wash   off   paints   from   their  hair  so  that  they   can  par>cipate,   you   made  a   difference.   To  those   who   were   willing   to   make   swops   with   peers   and   filled   in   for   others   at   the   last  minute   and  for   those   who  gave   it   their   all   and   achieved   their   personal   best,  we   thank  you.  As  we  prepare  for   the   Track   and   Field   and   Cross-­‐ Country,   lets   con>nue   to   strive   towards  our  MoAo,  ALL  FOR  ONE,  ONE  FOR  ALL...” Mr  Soo

T A E R T E R T C E F PRE “The prefect   retreat   was   one   of   the   most   fun   days   I   have   ever   had,   it   really   gave   us   all   >me   to   bond.   The   games   we   played   were   really   helpful   in  the  team  building  workshop  and  we   also   had   a   lot   of   fun.   Mr   Lance,   the   guest  visitor,   was  really  nice   and  easy   to  get  along   with.     Some   of  the  games   we   played  also  helped  to  build  on  our   own  personali>es.  Going  to  the   beach   and   out   for   dinner   was   a   lot   of   fun   and   having   the   teachers,   Mr   Innes,   Mrs   Balding   and   Mrs   Ghani   there   helped   us  relate   and  realise   they   are   not   just   there   to  be   our   teachers  but   also  our  friends.”   Kezia  Wojcik

“It was  great,  just  great!  Without  a  doubt  it  was   one   of   the   greatest   days  of   the   year!   Are   YOU   thinking   about   becoming   a   prefect   in   the   near   future   but  don’t  know   if  it   will  be   fun?   Well  stop   thinking   about   and   just   do   it   cause   this   retreat   was   A-­‐class   AWESOME,   filled   with   fun   and   happiness  and  even  a   few  rainbows.  A  retreat  NOT   to  be  missed.......especially  if  you’re  a  prefect.”   Lukas  Frank “The  prefect  retreat  was  the   best  way   to   start  off  our  year   as  leaders.   We   got  to  bond   with  everyone  and  it  was  so   much  fun.   Although  I   take   being  a  prefect  seriously,  it  did  break  the  ice  as  to  how  we  would  approach  2011  together  as  a  team.” Edwina  Leung “The  prefect  retreat  went  really  well  and  everyone  learnt  so  much  as  well  as  had  lots  of  fun!  We   were  able  to  work  well  as  a  team  and  it  helped   each  one  of  us  to  set  our   goals  for   this  year.  I  was  glad  that  everyone   got  along  and  we  led  feeling   more   posi>ve   and  confident   about  our  roles   as  prefects.” Nathania  Widjanarko The   day  commenced  with   Breakfast  at   the   Dome  followed  by  a  day  of  Leadership  Training,   planning   for  the   coming  year  with  the  guidance   of   Staff   Liasons,   fun  and   fellowship  at   the   beach  and   Kailis’s   for  tea.  It’s  always  great  to   see   the   students  and  share   >me   with  them   in  a   social   situa>on.  With  these  fired-­‐up  leaders  2011  is  going  to  be  a  great  one. Mrs  Balding


“The Leadership  conference  was  a  great   success!   All   of   the   prefects   just   expected   "another   ye   olde   leadership   conference".   But   when   we   got   there   that   was   not   the   case.   We   all   learnt  

“The advice   the   people   gave   on   public  

extremely useful   leadership   skills   and  

speaking and   planning   really   helped   me  

we learnt   it   in   an   easy-­‐to-­‐understand  

think about   what   I   can   do   as   a   prefect   for  

and fun  manner.   There   was   not  a  point  

the up  coming   year.  Having  the   experience  

in the   day  when  we  did  not  have  a  smile  

of going  out  and  mee>ng  strangers   was  fun  

on our  face.  Not  only  that,  but  we   came   away   with  the   knowledge   of   how   to  be   great  leaders.” Josh  Klenner

“The Leadership   Conference   this   year   was   simply   amazing!   We   were   able   to   meet   prefects   from   other   schools   and   share  our   ideas  and  visions  with  them.   The   conference   focused   on   our   strengths   and   weaknesses   and   taught   us   many   ways   to   become   an   effec>ve   leadership   team.   By   the   end   of   the   day,  we   were   all   mo>vated   and   eager   to   start   planning   this   years   events.   The   conference   was   a   great  

also because   it  would  boost  our  confidence.   All  in  all  the  day  was  great.”   Kezia  Wojcik “I   think   the   leadership   Conference   presented  us  with  a   few   new   ideas  on  what   we   can   do   in   the   College   and  also  showed   that   we   are   a   great   team   who   is   already   achieving  quite  well  as  leaders.”   Aaron  Rebeiro

experience for   us   as   a   prefect   team   as   we   l e a r n t   w h a t   w e   needed   to   make   this   year  count.”   Michele  Riley


The TCC   Drama  produc>on  of  'Is  There  a   Doctor  in  The   House'   is   a   modern  adap>on  of  the   comical   'doctor   plays'  of  17   century   French  playwright  Moliere.    Rehearsals  have  already   begun  with   a   huge   bang  with   over  40   students   involved   in   the   produc>on.   Everyone  is  showing   so   much  enthusiasm  and  excitement,   even   at   this   early   stage,   we   are   all  confident  that  the   final  result   will   be  an  entertaining  show  for  all  audiences  and  ages.   The  play   will   be  performed  at  Don  Russell   Performing  Arts  Centre   12-­‐13  May.   Tickets  on  sale  from  Parent  Services  (Sindy  Coules)  9455  1607 Mr  Willesee


The Interschool  Swimming   Carnival  was  held  this  year  in  week   9  of  Term   1  on  the  30th  of  


March. About  70  TCC  students  headed  off  to  Challenge   Stadium  to  compete  against  8  other   Chris>an  Schools  in   WA.   As  the   sun  grew  higher,  the   arms  started  thrashing  faster  and  legs   started  kicking  harder  as  it  became   clear  Swan  were  pulling  a  long  way   ahead.   From  there  it   became  a   race   for   second   place   amongst   the   rest  of   the   schools,   with  Thornlie   eventually   finishing   3rd   ader   some   great   relay   racing.   Congratula>ons   to   all   swimmers   who   represented   the   school   with   pride;   especially   Nico   Kelder   (Year   10)   who   was  runner-­‐up   champion  boy.  Now   that   the   swimming   is  done,   we   look   forward   to  the  cross  country   and   athle>cs  season  star>ng  term  2. Mr  Eikelboom

“Interschool Swimming carnival was very good, I saw every one try their hardest, no one gave up in their events, and I think we did well in all the events.” Josh Tucker, Sports Captain

WHAT ELSE HAS BEEN HAPPENING? “The first   awakening   went   beAer   than   I   thought,   I   was   really  


nervous that  it   wouldn't   work   because   no   one   would  come   but  it   was  great  to  see  so  many  people   there,   I  think  there  was  around  54   people  in  total.  The  music   and  lollies  really  got  the  kids   excited  and   the   games   were   a   lot   of   fun,   next   >me   if   we   are   even   more   organized   it  would  work  even  beAer  but  all  in  all  the   first  one   went   off  with  a  bang  and  was  a  lot  of  fun  to  run.” Kezia  Wojcik,  Chairperson  of  Worship “We   did  it!  and  it  was  brilliant!   Many   people   said   we   could   never   revive   awakening.   Many   said  that   we   could   never  bring   the   school   together   united.   Many   said   that   we   could   never   successfully   run   such   a   controversial   event....   well   I   have   three   words   for   those   people....NEVER  SAY  NEVER!”   Lukas  Frank,  Chairperson  of  Worship

MUSIC CAMP “I really enjoyed being on camp. I got a chance to meet new people and work on singing, while having heaps of fun at the same time.” Rebekah O'Hearn Year 10 “The camp was really exciting. We had an easter egg hunt at night on the beach and I found about 40 eggs. Then we made a conga line and a few of us tripped and fell over and crushed my eggs and glasses. So i had to wear broken glasses at the talent show.” “The best part Heloise Williams

was the Talent Show and I won!” Sarah Smith Year 7

“We learnt a lot about music and about the song “Jo le Canto” and how to project our voices. We also played fun games and had competitions which were a real laugh. There was a lot of practice but because of it we are almost nailing it. We also got to do devotions on the beach which was fun. We sung camp songs on the beach and had a real blast” Brittany Prosser Year 7


“Last year's  Clean  Up  involved  more   than  470,000  students  across  2,100  schools   Australia   wide.   Inspiring   children  to   care   for   the   environment   is   a   vital   part  of   Clean  Up  Australia.  Since  1992  Schools  Clean  Up  Day   has  allowed  school  students   to  par>cipate   in  Clean  Up  Australia   as   part   of  their  school  community.   Last  year,   the   Social   Concerns  CommiAee   of  TCC   successfully   launched   the   an>-­‐liAer   campaign   where   form   classes,   adopted  an   area  to  keep  it  free  of  liAer.  This  year,  we  made   use  of  the   4th  March  Schools  Clean  Up   day  to  con>nue  with  our  an>-­‐ liAer   campaign  with   the   emphasis   now   on  ownership.   In   doing   our  part  to   keep   our   adopted   areas  clean,   we  are   in   fact,   doing   our   bit   to   keep   TCC/our   community/Australia   clean.” Mr  Soo

MIDDLE SCHOOL PUPPET SHOW “The Middle   school  students  have   the   opportunity   to   watch   a   performance   by   a   master   shadow   puppeteer   from   Indonesia,     Sumardi   who   was   on   a   na>onal  tour   this  year  and  performing   in   various   schools   in   Western   Australia.   His   performance   was   organised   by   Cultural   Infusion   an   educa>onal   organisa>on   based   in   Melbourne   and   responsible   for   injec>ng   cross   curricular   themes   through   mul>cultural   performances.   The   students  enjoyed   the   show   asked   ques>ons   and   were   curious   about   Sumardi’s   skill   and   the   “dalang’s”   costume,   par>cularly   the   kris   he   was   wearing   on   his   back.   Some   lingered   and   asked   ques>ons  about   the   finely   craded   puppets   made   from   buffalo   skin   and   the   skill   he   had   shown   in   manipula>ng   them   and  speaking   in   so   many  different  voices.” Mrs  Ghani

“The shadow   puppet  was  awesome  because   Sumardi  controlled  a  lot  of  characters.   He   also   could  perform  for  up  to  8  hours!   I   really   enjoyed  it!  It   was  really  worth  $5.  WouldIi  go  again?  Of  course  I  would!  Sumardi  used  awesome  props  and  characters.  The  story  line  was  really  good.”   Josh  Bandi,  Year  7 The   shadow   puppet   was   a   very   cool   and   different   experience.   The   music   was  very   tradi>onal   and   Sumardi   was  very   talented  in  using   the   toe-­‐ cymbals  and  using  the  puppets.  We  got  to  see  the  back  of  it  and  got  to  see   how  he  used  the   puppets.  It  was  really  good  and  unique   and  I  really  liked   it.  I  liked  the  different  puppets  and  Sumardi  was  very  talented  in  the  use  of  puppets.  It  was  funny  and  strange  but  I  found  it  really  interes>ng.”   Elisa  Lian,Year  7 “The  shadow  puppet  show  was  cool.  It  was  really  funny  and  intriguing.  I  really  enjoyed  it.  The  puppeteer  was  amazing  as  well.” Kirah  Jones



“Study Cafe   is  an  ini>a>ve   which  strives  to   let  students  study  in  a   controlled,   quiet,   and   supervised   environment.   Study   Cafe   is   op>onal   and   runs   on   Monday   and   Friday   lunch>mes,  and  Wednesdays  ader   school.  Students  may  find  it  difficult  to  study  at  home   efficiently   due   to   the   mul>ple   distrac>ons  around  them   (T.V,   Facebook).   There   are   no   T.Vs   in   Study   Cafe   nor   would   students   dare   go   on   Facebook   because   of   the   lurking   teachers.   These   factors   make   Study   Cafe   an  ideal  place   to  catch  up  on  study/homework   as  students  have  nothing  to  do  BUT  study.” Michele  Riley

STUDENTS OF THE MONTH The student  of   the   Month  is   chosen  from  the   student   in  Year   7,8,9  with  the   most  number   of   Merits  for  that   month.    Taken  into  considera>on  is  also  the  behaviour  of  the   student,    with  the   deduc>on   of  one   merit  for   each   Blue   Slip   incurred   over  the   month.     Students  on   a   Step   are   automa>cally  withdrawn  from  being  eligible  for  the  award. Mrs  Balding

“TCC has a Study Cafe, Which means nearly everyday, We work, talk and learn, For good grades to earn. Once you try it, You’ll want to commit.” Michele Riley, Year 12

Elisa Lian

Janine Jacobsz

Jasmine Bradshaw

Year 8

Year 7

Year 9


“The PD  day  was  a  great  idea  because  it  gave   us  a  rest  from  school  and  it  allowed  us  to   think  about  team-­‐building   and  I  think  that  we  all  learned  something  from   it.  One  of  the  best  ac>vi>es  was  the  tug  of  war   because  it  showed  all   the  other  houses  that  Reuben  was  the  domina>ng  team  and  even   “It was good and I think everyone enjoyed it.” Claude Bratschi

when Mr  Innes  helped  the  other  team,   Reuben  s>ll   won.   It   was   an  awesome  day  and  I  hope  we  can  all  do  it  again.” Benjamin  Wallis

“I thought   that   the  PD  day  went  very   well.   We   did   get   to   see   a   different   side   of   our   Principal   Mr.   Innes,   Mrs   Munyard,   Mr   Majinda,   Mr   Khaira   and   Mrs  Balding.   It   was   a   wonderful  day.” Erana  Steven “I  think  it  was  great  because  of  the  free  food  and  the  athle>c  ac>vi>es  I   did  so  I  thought   it  was  a  nice  day  out.” Oliver  Swarbrick “I   thought   PD  day   was  great  fun  and  certainly   much  beAer   than  being   in  a   classroom   and   doing   work   all   day.   It   was   good   as   we   got   to   know   more   about   each   other,   especially  those  who  we  don't  usually  hang  out  with.” Adela  Widjanarko “I   enjoyed   PD  Day   because   it   was   a   day   that   I   got   to  work   with   people   I   don't   normally   work   with.   I   had   the   experience   of   gesng   soaking   wet   -­‐   and   yet   not   caring   because   we   wanted  to   get   the   job   done   and   win,   and  also   going   through   digging   a   huge   hole   and  peoples  boAoms   being   in  your   face   -­‐  not   a   preAy   sight!   LOL.  Throughout  the  day  I  learnt  a  lot   and   I  am   so  glad  that   we   were   able  to  do  that   as  a  year  group.” Emma  Wallis “Year  Nine  PD  Day,  was  a   day   to  remember.   I  had   so   much  fun!  We   had  a  variety  of  different  ac>vi>es   that  were   to  help  us  with  teamwork.  These   were   all  very  effec>ve   and  allowed  us  to  see   a  different  side   to  everybody   that   we   may  have   not  seen  before.   My   favorite   ac>vity  was  building   a   bunker,   what   we   had   to  do  was  dig   a   hole  big   enough  for  eleven  people   so  that  when  the  teachers  looked  at   the  hole   at   eye  level  they   were   not  able   to  see  our   heads.   This  proved   to   be   very  difficult,   but  we   eventually   got   it   done  and  my  team  (Reuben)  won.  Overall  it  was  a  great  day,  it  taught  me  a  lot!” Ka>e  Billich

“It was absolutely amazing...I loved the games at the beach especially.” April Stevens


The Easter   Service   this  year   was   different   to   what   we   have   done   in   the   past.   The   inclusion  of  the   Drama   Department  and  performance   of  the   Yr   5/6  Choir   to  close   off   the   service   was   a   real   blessing   to   all   who   aAended.   Our   theme   for   this   year   was   focusing   on  the   fullness  of   the   Easter   story,   looking  at   the   significance   of  each  of  the   three   days.   Knowing  what   it   would  have   meant  if  the   death  of  Christ  was  the   end  of   the  story   was  a  >mely   reminder   of  the   amazing   love   and  grace   God  showers  upon  us   as  His  crea>on,  that  we  can  be  restored  in  rela>onship  with  Him.  The  support  from  the   Parent   body   was  significant   and  it  was  great  to   see   the   College   Community  united  in   such  an  important  >me  of  the  year. Mr  Khaira,  College  Chaplain

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