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NEWS ‘N’ VIEWS Term 2 May - July 2011


STUDENTS HAVE THEIR SAY “It was a night that was memorable, fun and enjoyable. I think the night was a success and the Year 12's will be able to look back on the night and smile!” Megan Johnson, Year 12 “The ball was quite amazing. Food was good and dessert was just as good. Overall a great night and exceeded my expectations!” Jarrod Street, Year 12

“This ball was the best one yet!”

“The ball was an amazing night. Lots of fun, laughs and good times. The highlight of the year and a night that all who attended will never forget“ Ben Gray, Year 12

Edwina Leung Year 12

“Good music, good food, vibe.” Josh Klenner,Year 12



“The theme   for  the   2011  TCC  Senior  College   Ball  Evening   was  Sailing    

the Ships   of   Yesteryear.   The   commi?ee   went   “overboard”   with  

decoraCng the   venue   (Fremantle   Sailing   Club)   with  fishing   nets,   treasure   chests,  jewels  and  table  accessories  depicCng  the  theme.  

“The ball was really interesting!”

It was   definitely   a   night   to   remember!  Everyone  looked  amazing,  including   the  teachers!    On  behalf   of  The  Entertainment  and  FuncCons  Commi?ee,  we  would  like  to   thank  everyone  who  a?ended  the  Senior   Ball.  We  hope  the  Year  12’s  took  away  many  memories  to  cherish  from  the  night.” Michele  Riley  &  Ariana  Yardley   Chairpersons  Entertainment  and  FuncCons

Breanne Carter  &  Ben  Gray “Belle  and  Beau  of  the  Ball”

Kez Wojcik Year 12

What a   great   way   to   commence   the   term   –   a   service   where   members   of   the   whole   College  


community gathered   together   to   remember   the   servicemen   and   women   who   gave   their   lives   or   were  handicapped  during  the  war  so  that  we  could   live   peacefully   in   this  great  Country   of  ours.     The   service   was   lead   by   our   Head   Boy   and   Head  Girl,   Joshua   Klenner   and  Nathania   Widjinarko,  staff  and   other   representaCves   from   the   different   schools   within   the   College   taking   part   in   the   service,   including   students,   Trindale   Fuller,   Erana   Steven,   Danielle   Gleeson,  Ben  Wallis,  Blake   Weckman,  and   Emily  Olsen.   The   Year  6  Choir   and  representaCves   from   the   Secondary   Choir     sang   beauCfully   “We   Are   The   World”   with   Levin   Lian   accompanying   them   on  the   piano.      We  were   also     privileged  to   have   two   guest   speakers   bring   to   us   the   ANZAC   message,   Mr   Harry   Rosielle,reCred   Air-­‐force   Warrant  Officer   and  Mr   Stuart   Holmes,   a   reCred   Reservist.   A   special   touch   to   the   service   was  Mr   Peter   Hoare   from   the   Gosnells   SalvaCon   Army   who   played   the   Last   Post   and   Rouse   on   the   trumpet.     Mrs  Balding


“See You  At  the   Pole  is  a  naConwide  ChrisCan   student  event,  where   students  gather  to  

“See You At The Pole was a huge success, I was unsure of how it would turn out but in the end it went really well. It was great to just sit down and pray about current issues, the College and just life in general with a bunch of like minded people. I think an event like that should happen more often and look forward to the future events.” Kezia Wojcik, Chairperson of Worship Committee

pray for  their  school.   The   name  comes  from   the  idea  of  meeCng  at   the   school  flag   pole   to  pray,  but   since   that   wasn’t   a   good  locaCon  for   us   we   met  at  the   tree!,  although  we   did  sCll  have   the  flag   raised   in  on  alternaCve   posiCon.  About  20  students  and  teachers   met  to  pray   for  the  TCC  community   one   lunchCme.  They   prayed  that  ChrisCans  would   stand  out  and  speak  out  for   Jesus,  that   other   students  would  come   to  know   Jesus,  that   teachers   would   be   godly   role   models,   and   that   those   in   posiCons   of   leadership   and   decision   making   would   be   guided   by   God.   It   was   a   very   encouraging   Cme   for   all   ChrisCans  to  be  united  and  remind  each  other  of  God’s  work  in  our  College.” Mrs  Underwood

“See You At The Pole was a really that school

uplifting united in


event senior



prayer works!” Lukas Frank, Chairperson of Worship Committee


The Year  9  PD   day,   the   second  for   the   year   was  run   by  members   from   Youth  for   Christ.     The   Auslife   programme   provided  an   opportunity  for  every  student  to  reflect  and  discuss  a  variety  of   topics   on  Goals   and   Values.     The   discussion   groups  were   led  by   young   people   from   YFC   and   several  Youth  leaders  from  neighbouring  churches  and  ex  College  students.    The   topics  discussed  and  viewed    were  finding  fulfilment   in  life,  turning   beliefs   into   values,   goal   sekng   and   the   importance   of   a   balanced   life   –   character  and  skill  development.     There   were   many   great  reports  on   “It was a fun filled educational day.” Amber Mellor

the day  and  some  excellent  feedback  from  the  leaders. Mrs  Balding The   Year   9   PD   was   a   really   good   day   giving   us   the   opportunity   of   spending   quality   Cme   with  our   class  mates.   It   was   a   fun   filled   day   with  

many acCviCes   and   discussions.   There   was   a   quesCon   Cme   giving   us   the   opportunity   of   asking   relevant   quesCons   on   either   the   acCviCes   or   the   group   work   covered   throughout   the   day.   I   really   enjoyed   the   day   and   wished   we   could   have   more   occasions  like   this  throughout   Year  9.   Georgia  Wallis

“Year 9 PD Day was great...we all got a lot out of it.” Jaycob Moylan

H T N O M E H T F O S T N E STUD “The student   of   the   month   is  chosen  from   the   student   in   Year  7,8,9  with  the   most   number  of  Merits  for  that   month.   Taken   into   consideraCon   is   also   the   behaviour   of   the   student,   with  the  deducCon  of   one  Merit  for   each  blue  slip   incurred   over   the   month.   Students   on   a   Step   are   automaCcally  withdrawn  from  being  eligible  for  the  award.” Mrs  Balding Mei  Ling  Lim

Elisa Lian

Bailey Barnes

Year 9

Year 8

Year 7

Student of  the  month  for  June


“...a spectacular performance...well directed and acted...”

“Mr. Willesee   had   created   a   masterpiece...   A   true   work   of   art   that   enabled   TCC’s  performers  to   showcase   their   skills.   As   a   performer,   I   was   very   pleased   with   how   the   whole   play   turned   out.   Great   choice   of  play   as   well,   might   I   add.   It   had   humour,   Indian   doctors  and  a   great   storyline,   what  

more could   you  want?   This   play  was  a   great   chance   for  everyone   to   play   a   role   that   was  slightly   out  of   their   comfort  zone,   taking   on  new   accents  and  personas  to   be?er  their  performance.     All   in   all,   ‘Is  there   a   doctor   in   the   house’   was  well   produced,   packed   out   theaters,   and  allowed   students  to  express  their  ‘dramaCc’  side.” Joshua  Klenner "The  ProducCon,  Is  there   a  Doctor  in  the  House   was  a   SPECTACULAR  performance!  I  was  so  glad  to  go  and  be   able   to  watch  this  well  directed  and  acted  play.   It  was  so  amazing   to  watch  and  the   performance   blew  the   crowd  away.  We  have   so  many   talented  students  and  staff  here  at  Thornlie   ChrisCan  College  and  I’m  glad  to   be  able  to  know  them" Lilli  Krapljanov

“Absolutely mind blowing” William Jacobsz

“A magnificent experience...”

“I thought  it  was  great.  By  the  end  of  the  show,  everyone   was  laughing” Clarissa  Widjanarko “The   producCon   'Is  There   a   Doctor   in   the   House'   was  such  a  

great experience!   It  was   absolutely  brilliant  to  be   apart   of.   Gekng   to  know  the  students  in  the  cast,  dressing  up  and  being  on  stage  are  some  memories   I  will  never  forget!” Rachel  Murphy

"A magnificent   experience   that   strengthened  many   relaConships  and  a   great,   fun  experience  all  together" Aiden  Chandler “I  really  loved  being  involved  in  the  producCon  as   it  liqed  my  self  confidence  and  I  also  could   work   with  lovely   people   and   it   was   just   amazing.   It   also  turned  out   to  be  a   ‘sold  out   performance’   so  people   must  of  spread  the  word  around  that   it   was   fantasCc   and   came   to   watch   it   for   themselves.   I   wish   it   didn’t   have   to   be   my   last   performance  for  Drama.”   Chelsea  Oost

“...memories I will never forget...”

INTERHOUSE CROSS COUNTRY CARNIVAL “Another successful   day   in   our   College   sporCng   world.   The   level   of   compeCCon   amongst  our  students   was  high.  Well  done  to  every   student  that  turned  up  at   school   and  parCcipated.  In  the  end,  the  following  students  triumphed    through.”


Mrs Katwishi-­‐Ng’Andwe





Janine Jacobsz

Skye Watson


Brenden McCamley

Thomas Delalande


Chante van der Berg

Amelia Stephens


Jai McCamley

Stephen Lemmer


Nicole Utley

Anandi Labuchagne


Jaycob Moylan

Harry Byrne


Kirsty Isaacs

Rachael Murphy


Connor Marshall

Crailin McLaren


Stephanie Broedelet

Amberlie Evans


Joel Smith

Jake Lemmer


Kezia Wojcik

Catherine Dewar


Josh Tucker

Kevin Sam

“I thought it went very well, everyone who competed did a great job and it was an enjoyable day!“ Meg Johnson, ViceHouse Captain of Reuben

HOUSE CAPTAINS HAVE THEIR SAY “Well done  to  all  the  parCcipants  in  the  Cross  Country  and  a  BIG  thank  you  to  all  the   guys  in  the  house  of  Judah  for  running  really  well.  It  was  great  to  see  most  of  the   Champion  and  Runners-­‐Up  medallions  were  claimed  by  Judah.  You  guys  are  champs!   GO  JUDAH!” Jeff  Bandi,  Vice-­‐House  Captain  of  Judah “My   house  performed  above   and  beyond   what   anyone  could   have  asked  of  them,   Even   though   we   didn't   finish   where   we   would  have   liked   there   was  no   quesConing  the   commitment   and  posiCve   aktude   that   came   from   the   confines   of   the   Joseph   House   bay.   Plus,   aqer  winning   it   for   the   past  few   years,  it  was  about   Cme   we  gave  others  a  chance  to  taste  some  success.” Ben  Gray,  House  Captain  of  Joseph “The   day   went  really  well  thanks  to  all  those   who   helped   out.   Everyone   tried  their  hardest  and   the   compeCCon   was  

“Joseph tried their best. All we asked for! Good job team” Stephanie Broedelet Vice-House Captain of Joseph

great. I   do   believe   that   Levi   were   the   loudest   and   proudest   cheerers  for  their  house.”   Mitchell  Higgins,  House  Captain  of  Levi “I  think  Levi  made  an  awesome  effort  to  try  their  hardest  on  the  day  and  I'm  proud  to   say  we  came  second  as  a  result!  Good  job  guys!” Lisa  Hill,  Vice-­‐House  Captain  of  Levi

MIDDLE SCHOOL SPELL-A-THON “I thought that everyone performed really well, and I am looking forward to the next round.” James Olsen, Year 7 “I like the Spellathon because it is fun and it is pretty thrilling to be in the finals!” Elisa Lian, Year 7 “I made it to the final of the spelling competition, I made it to the 12th round and I came third overall. It was a great experience!” Katie Bilich, Year 9

“The Spell-­‐a-­‐thon   was  one   of  the   highlights  of   English   Week   in  Middle   School.   Many   students  crammed  hard  to  learn   words  that  many   may   not   have   encountered  before   but   that   is   half   the   fun   of   Spell-­‐a-­‐thon.   During   a   very   edge-­‐of-­‐the-­‐seat   Spell-­‐a-­‐thon   championship   final   held   during   the   Middle   School   Assembly   in   Week   5,   a   very   fine   ensemble   of   spellers   ba?led   it   out.   Despite   having   exhausted   all   50   rounds   of   the   compeCCon,  Elisa  Lian,  Year  8  and  James  Olsen,  Year  7  ,   held  on  to  the  very  end.  A   new   grand  final  was  staged  at  the   next  Middle  School  assembly.  In  a  tension-­‐filled  hall,  Elisa   walked   away   with   the   Spell-­‐a-­‐thon   championship   of   2011.   CongratulaCons   to   all   parCcipants  and   winners  once   again  for   they   have   made   this  year’s  championship  a   memorable  one.” Mrs  Lee

“The Maths Olympiad is fun and I like working on the problems with friends!” Elisa Lian, Year 7

On Wednesday,  May  18,   33  of   our  students  competed   in  the   first  of  five   Math  Olympiads  for  2011.    For  some   students   it   was   the   first   Cme   ever   that   they   parCcipated  in   a   compeCCon  of   this  kind,   but  others  


are doing   it   for   their   third  year.   Ten   Year   6  students   and  another  ten  from   Year   7  took   part   in  the   Junior  Olympiad.  Natalie   Grasso  in   Year   6  and  Chloe   Murray  in   Year  7  were   the  top  achievers.  In  the  Senior  Olympiad   nine  Year  8  students  and  four  Year   9  students  parCcipated  

and the  top  achievers  were  Elisa   Lian  and  Aiden  Kwan,  both  from  Year  8.   CongratulaCons  to  all  of  you   for  doing   your   best  and  especially  to  the   4  top  achievers.   On  June   22nd,   students  competed  in  the   second  Olympiad   and  the   top  achievers  for  the   Junior   Division   were   two   Year   7   students:   Chloe   Murray  and  James  Olsen.   They   both  received  a   perfect   score.  CongratulaCons  on  this  outstanding   achievement.   The  two  top   achievers  in   the   Senior  Olympiad  were   once   again  Elisa  Lian  and  Aiden  Kwan,  from  Year  8.  The   next  Olympiad   will   be  on  Friday,   July  29,   since   our   students  only  return  from  Holidays  on  July  28.  The  Olympiad  will  sCll  be  in  modules  1  and  2,  but  just  not  on   the  Wednesday  as  always.  Remember  to  keep  pracCcing,  because  “PracCce  makes  perfect”. Also,   Many  students  paid   the   $5.50  registraCon  fees  to  parCcipate   in  this  year’s  Australian   MathemaCcs  CompeCCon.   The   compeCCon  date  is  Thursday,  August   4.  PracCce   papers  can   be  obtained  from  your  MathemaCcs  teacher.     Mrs  Jacobsz

“Olympiad is cool. We're doing well and learning new strategies for math problem solving” Clarissa Widjanarko, Year 7 “Mrs Jacobsz is very helpful and gives us information that can help all of us. I think I am benefitting very much from this time.” Erana Steven, Year 9

YEAR 7 & 8 EXCURSION TO FREMANTLE LITERACY STUDENTS HAVE THEIR SAY “I thought the literacy centre was great.We all had a great time and learnt more about writing stories.” Clarissa Widjanarko, Year 7 “Fremantle Prison cool.” Mary Atieh, Year 8 “It was very fun and educational, the people there were nice and helpful and I enjoyed it immensely.” Elisa Lian, Year 8

WORK PLACE LEARNING “I went  to  AusCn  Computers.   While   I   was   there   I   got  to   build  a   couple   of   computers.   People   were   really   friendly   and   loved   to   play   jokes  on  each   other.   The   sad  thing   was  that  I   didn't   get   to   repair  any  PC’s.” Stephen  McLeod,  Year  12 “Just  by   doing  Work  Experience   you   don't   only   do  a  job   for  two   weeks,  but   you  gain  a   whole   lot  of  knowledge   on  the  work   place.   You  gain  workplace   skills  and  it   can  really  help  you  in  the   future   jobs.   It   also   looks   good  to   have   four   different   work   experience   roles   on   your   Resume   when   you  leave   school.   I   completed  this   learning   experience   at   Carey   BapCst   College   in   the   area   of   Physical  EducaCon.” Josh  Tucker,  Year  12 “I  went  to  YWAM  perth   and  had  an   amazing  Cme   and  I  learnt  so   much   about   missions.   The   people   at   YWAM   Perth   were   super   nice  and  very  welcoming.” Ariana  Yardley,  Year  12 “I  went   to  the   Pan  Pacific  Hotel  in  Perth  and  worked   in  the  area   of   hospitality.  It   was  an  AMAZING  EXPERIENCE  and  the   people   I   worked  with  were  very  lovely.  I  didn’t  really  want  to  leave.” Lauren  Quinn,  Year  11



“I thought it was really amazing and we learnt heaps of awesome things about illustrations. The guide there showed us different ways of screening a picture. For instance; there was a knock at the door: we all drew someone answering the door but she showed us an angry tax person knocking on a abandoned refrigerator! It was epic!” Chloe Murray, Year 7


“It was great because every one had fun and we came second. Most fun I have had at school!” Bailey Barnes

Wednesday the   1st   of   July   saw   21   Middle   School   boys   make   their   way   in   some   wet   and   wooly   weather   up   to   Ellenbrook  to  compete   in  the   2011  WACSSA  AFL   Lightning   Carnival.  The  selected  squad  was  made  up  of  Year  7,  8  and  9   boys  who  had   shown   the   required  skills  necessary  to  play.  While  

warming up,   a   huge   storm  cloud  in  the   distance   indicated  this  was  not  going  to  be   a   day   for  silky   skills,  but  rather   wet,  messy  football.   And   indeed   the   rain   came,   during   our   first   game   against   Mundaring.   Aqer   a   slow   start,   the   TCC   boys  began   to  dominate   the   game   and   overcame   the  team  from  the  hills  by  29  points.   Our   second  game  against  a  big-­‐bodied  Ellenbrook  was  a   close  tussle  with  Ellenbrook   leading  by   less  than  a   goal  with   five  minutes  to  go.  But  two  late  goals  by  Jarred  Shipton  (thanks  to   some  fantasCc  team   play  from  Cameron   Flood)  and  Jai   McCamley   earned  a  hard  fought  9  point   win.   That  meant  that   TCC  ventured  into  a   Middle   School  grand  final  for   the  first   Cme   against   Swan.   And  again  the   rain  poured.   Obviously  Swan  enjoyed  the  puddles  more   as  they  as  they  opened  up  a  handy  lead  early.  A  final  quarter  fight  back   saw  TCC  draw  closer,  but  in  the  end  it  was  not  close  enough  as  Swan  won  by  22  points.   Captain   Harry   Byrne   led   from   the   front  and  kicked   three   goals   for   the   day   while   swapping  with   Braydon  Beckley  (who  was   also  very   good   except  for   when  there   were   dogs  barking)  between  Half  Back  and  the  Midfield.   Jarred  Shipton  became   the  swingman  for  the   day,   starCng  up   forward  and   kicking  goals,  and  then  moving  back  in  the  final  to  thwart  the  Swan   advances.  The  midfield  was  well  served  by  Jaycob  Moylan  and   Jai  McCamley,   with  Jai  our  leading  goal-­‐kicker   (4  goals)  and   constantly   pukng  his  head  over  the   ball  no  ma?er   how  many   Cmes  it  nearly   got   knocked  off!  Steve  Lemmer  also  proved  to  be   a   strong  target  up  forward,   kicking  two  crucial  goals  against  Ellenbrook.  CongratulaCons  to  all  of   the  boys  who   pulled  on  the   jumper  to  represent  TCC  for  the   day  –  you  did  the   College   proud!  Also  a   huge  thank  you  to  Mrs  Barnes  for  taking   photos  for  the  day  and  assisCng  the  coach  with  whatever  was  needed  and  to  Connor  Marshall  and  Josiah  Laloh  for  their  help  umpiring. Mr  Eikelboom


“The choice of menu, service, atmosphere was equal to a five star restaurant. Why dine anywhere else!” Mrs Balding

“For the  Year  12  Food  Science   class,  we  had  an  assessment  which  required  us   to  cater  for  our  parents.   It  was  a   chance   to  display  our  cooking  skills  and  give   our  parents  the  night  off.  We   chose  a  'MulCcultural'  theme   because  we  were   all  interested  in   learning  different  styles  and   techniques  of  cooking.    It   was  a   fantasCc  night  and  I  enjoyed  every  second  of  it!” Michele  RIley “The  dinner  was  well  planned,   the  menu  was  well  balanced.  I   can  happily  say   a   lot   of  parents  enjoyed   it   and  we   got  a   lot  of   posiCve   feedback.   The   night   went  as  planned  and  it  was  enjoyable.”   Meg  Johnson “The   MulCcultural   dinner   was   for   our   parents   which   was   an   assessment   which  went   towards  our  grade.   It   was  a  good   night,   where   lots  of   planning   went  towards  it   -­‐   from   planning   the   menu,   who  was  coming   and   what  the   night  was  going   to   look  like.   The   parents,   the   students,   staff   and  Mr  Heske   enjoyed  the  night  and  everything  turned  out  well.” Catherine  Dewar “The  Cultural  Dinner  consisted  of  our  Asia   inspired  entrées  and  mains,  and  a   European  inspired   dessert.   The   night   was   a   big   success  despite   the   evening   being   placed  on  the   night  of  a   storm.   We   received   great  posiCve   feedback   about  our  great  service,  beauCful  atmosphere  and  great  food.“ Breanne  Carter

MIDDLE SCHOOL CHOIR EISTEDDFOD “We were the smallest choir, so we were really surprised when we were awarded second place!” Sarah Smith, Year 7

“It was amazing and I loved it.” Samadhi Fernando, Year 7


LAST AWAKENING OF TERM 2 “...a powerful message on individuality...”

“Awakening was  amazing.   It   was  very  well  publicised   and  had  a  great  turn  out  on  the  day.  The   TCC   band   had   been   hard   at   work   pracCcing   and   all   their   efforts   definitely   paid   off   when   they   rocked   out   the   College   with   their   Cght   drumbeats,   great   guitar   licks   and   excellent   vocals.   This   youthy   music   a?racted   almost   everyone   in   the   College   and  kept  them  interested  to  see  what  it  was   all   about.   Aqer   the   band   started   Awakening   off   with  a  bang,   there   were   some   epic   games  organised  with   House   points  up   for   grabs.   In   the  first  game,  contestants  (picked  from  the  crowd)   had   to   a?empt  to  eat  a  dry  ‘weet-­‐bix’  biscuit  as  quickly  as  they   could,   once   they  had   finished  it,  they  had  to  whistle  into  the  microphone.  This  was  not  an  easy  task;  the  dryness  of  the   biscuit  sucked  all   the  water   from  the  contestant’s   mouths  and  made  it  hard  to  swallow.   The   very   next  game   was  a   compeCCon  between   four   groups  of   two  people   each.   Their   task  was  to   eat   the   enCre   inside   of  semi-­‐hemispherical   watermelon,  before   placing   the   hollowed  melon  on  their  head  as  if  it  were  a  helmet.  The   challenge   got  very  messy  very   quickly  and  not   only  were   the   contestants  having  a   great   Cme,   but   the   audience   around   them   were   loving  it  as  well.   The   last  game  was  organised  by   our  College   Sport  Captain,   Josh  Tucker,  and  this  was  a  good  ‘ol  fashion  game   of  dodgeball.    Judah  and   Reuben  teamed  up   against  Joseph  and  Levi  in  an  epic   ba?le  of  the   houses.   In  the   end  it  was  Joseph  and  Levi  that   dominated  the  field  and   earned  themselves  points  for  their  House.  Aqer  everyone   had   a   great   Cme   with   the   games,   Mr.   K  delivered   a   powerful   message   on   individuality   and   not   faking   your  true  idenCty.   Awakening   was   awesome   fun;   there   was   not   one  

“...they rocked out the school with their tight drumbeats...”

person there   that  didn’t  look  like  they  were  having  a   great   Cme.   I   strongly   encourage   people   to   keep   coming   to   Awakening   and   those   who   weren’t   there   to   make  the   effort  to   come   because  Awakening  can  only  get  bigger   and  be?er.“ Josh  Klenner  &  Nathania  Widjanarko Head  Boy  &  Head  Girl

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