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The rise in the popularity of voluptuous bodies and extremely big breasts in Hollywood has made the breast augmentation industry boom in just a couple of decades. Before, only women who were aspiring to become television and movie celebrities took the risks of getting breast implants; nowadays, almost every member of the female population, regardless of age and ethnicity, wishes to enhance her breasts. If you are one of the those who want to supersize their boobs, then you need to have a deeper understanding of what you are getting yourself into, which can include breast implant dangers. In a breast augmentation operation, the doctor inserts an implant, which is made either from silicone or saline, inside your breasts. A lot of women choose silicone rather than saline implants because the former feels and looks more natural. Although the saline ones are cheaper, it is no longer popular because of its high risk of bursting; nobody would want to wake up with one deflated breast. Here are some other problems you might encounter when having breast augmentation: Finding A Reputable Cosmetic Surgeon At present, almost 190,000 of the estimated 1.5 million women who had undergone surgical breast augmentation have had complaints about the procedures. Moreover, there have also been 123 reported deaths linked to this procedure. Many of the casualties actually came as a result of getting breast surgery from individuals who are not licensed to do so. Since getting breast enhancement in top clinics can be very expensive, many women are attracted to clinics that offer very cheap services. Unfortunately, the facilities that offer dirt-cheap prices for such a dangerous operation are usually run by unscrupulous individuals, so you should be very cautious. Health Complications Since this is a surgical procedure, there is always a risk of infection and other potentially lethal complications, such as the Toxic Shock Syndrome, a type of bacterial infection you can get from wounds and surgical procedures. Many women with breast implants also complain about misshapen or misplaced breasts. If you have saline implants, there is a high probability of bursting, so you will end up with uneven breasts. Sometimes, you don't just need one operation to make your boobs look perky and at the right position; many women have to undergo several procedures just to keep their breasts in place. Furthermore, silicone or saline breast implants usually interfere with mammogram results; this

procedure is one of the most effective ways to check if you have cysts or tumors in your breasts. Thus, people with implants do not only have to pay more for a mammogram, but also must accept the fact that the results of the test may not be accurate and reliable. Lastly, some say that breast implants can cause certain types of cancer. Although there is really no definitive link between implants and cancers, it is still not advisable to downplay the risks. Difficulty in Getting Health Insurance The cost of medical procedures and visits to the doctor is steadily increasing. Thus, it is really wise to get a good medical insurance coverage. However, if you have breast implants, there is a big possibility that insurance companies will decline to give you coverage. If ever you get a medical insurance, it would probably not include breast-related check ups and procedures. Before deciding to get a surgically implanted breasts, you should think thoroughly about the idea because there are a lot of complications that you have to face. Furthermore, there are many ways in which you can enhance your boobs even without surgery. For fuller and bigger breasts, you can always rely on padding and undergarments with underwire and other maximizing devices. You can also opt to take breast enhancement supplements, such as Clevastin. If you want to know more about this breast-augmentation product, click on

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==== ==== Discover more at Love The RevoLution ==== ====

A Closer Look At Breast Implants