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Youth Marketing

Youth Engagement Youth Strategy Team

Talent Management Global Community Development Programme Outgoing Exchange (GCDP OGX)


Global Internship Programme Outgoing Exchange (GIP OGX) Business Development

Business Strategy Team

External Relations

Incoming Exchange (ICX)

Governance Team


*Subject to further changes as I move into further discussions with the relevant people. However, any such future changes will likely be merging/ splitting of roles, i.e. the subteams and their Job Descriptions (JDs) are more or less fixed.

DETAILS Item Youth Strategy Team

Primary Stakeholder(s) Youths – NUS students, public, MEP participants & GCDP participants

Business Strategy Team Governance Youth Marketing (YM)

Corporates and EPs Internal/ Membership School offices, NUS Students, Student societies Non-AIESECers (both NUS and non-NUS youths)

Youth Engagement (YE)

Talent Management (TM) GCDP OGX GIP OGX Business Development (BD) External Relations (ER)

Programme participants (AIESECers) & Alumni EPs (Outgoing) EPs (Outgoing) Corporates, EPs (Incoming) Corporates


EPs (Incoming)


Internal/ Membership

Rationale Renaming from current Experience (XP) Subteam for greater alignment with stakeholders and markets served. No change No change Will uphold brand equity and manage school relations. Will handle all EwA, recruitments and expansion units. JD of Alumni Relations added on. No change No change To focus on sales of TNs (both GCDP and GIP). To deliver external partnerships to enhance quantity or quality of our programmes. To focus on delivering quality GCDP and GIP experiences to our incoming EPs. No change

HOW IT WILL AFFECT MEMBERS At the end of term 12/13 (end June), all members will be given the choice of department to continue their MEP experiences in the following term. For reference: the job description of the present GCDP ICX will be under Business Development (BD), while the job description of the present Youth Marketing will be split into both YE and YM next term. The present ER team focuses on school relations and alumni, which in future will be handled by YM and TM respectively. The 13/14 ER team will instead refocus its partnership efforts on the corporate market. Present Responsible (12/13) Department (12/13) GCDP ICX YM ER -

Future Responsible (13/14) Department (13/14) BD

Affected JDs GCDP TNs EwA events Recruitments Brand equity School Relations Alumni Relations Corporate Partnerships


HOW IT WILL AFFECT EB APPLICANTS My sincerest apologies for my lack in foresight while I was planning the EB applications. The current EB application booklet will remain to be the only working copy to be adhered to by all candidates. Following each application, I will personally reply each candidate via email with the position(s) they will subsequently be representing through the remainder of the application process (mainly, interviews and assessment centre). However, all candidates are to answer all questions with reference to the current realities, i.e. you may safely ignore these amendments while writing up your candidate manifesto.

For any further enquiries or clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact me, Mark Thompson, at the following channels. I promise to reply all questions within the same day, and hope everyone in the LC is now on the same page as I am as to why I am making the above changes. Mobile (call/sms/whatsapp) Email Skypeid

+65 9171 4858 markthompy

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