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How Can You Tell If Your Crawl Space Or Basement Requires Waterproofing? According to the national statistics, for every $1 spent on maintenance, up to $100 of repairs are avoided. Many faults and damages can occur if your home is not checked regularly. When minor cracks are ignored, they can become a major problem for your home. As you leave your home unchecked, the value of your home can decrease day by day. One of the main services you need to maintain for your home is basement waterproofing to avoid major repairs. Basement waterproofing: Although many home projects fit the D-I-Y model, there are a few – like wet basement repair – that require specialized knowledge and equipment. Even the strongest of homes can experience water problems as they age. Essentially, waterproofing protections can break down over time and require updating. The great news is that, with today’s technology, you can finally experience wet basement repair that goes the distance. Basement waterproofing should be maintained to prevent any further water damage to your basement or foundation. If rain or flooding occurs, your home’s basement may face hydrostatic pressure that leads to high levels of water damage in the








Waterproofing can help relieve hydrostatic pressure and remove basement flooding due to excessive ground water. Mold is another dangerous factor to consider when dealing with a moisture problem in the basement. If you have excessive water or moisture problems within your home, mold can become a serious issue. Mold can cause several health issues, including allergies, infection, skin irritation, chronic fatigue and other serious conditions. Thompson’s understands the importance to your health and that of your family. They are available to help you prevent the risk of having mold in your home and have the experience to adequately clean, remediate and eliminate any toxic mold surface. You might find that the structural integrity of your home is being compromised, the result of shifting soil or excessive moisture. Whether it’s brick, block or poured, your

foundations, floors and walls could be in jeopardy. The remedy to these problems varies. This is why it helps to contact a basement foundation expert like Thompson’s Basement Waterproofing, who are experienced in an array of different structural issues. With 30-plus years experience, they have helped homeowners who have experienced problems with their walls, floors and foundations. I hope this article helps to explain the importance of home waterproofing. With a little preventative maintenance a lot of potential damage, and repair cost, can be avoided. About Author: The author has an immense knowledge on basement waterproofing. Know more about water problems, Waterproofing Services related info in his website.

How Can You Tell If Your Crawl Space Or Basement Requires Waterproofing?