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3 Projects. 652 individuals impacted. 850 hours contributed. 19 team members.

Contradicting Norms, Redefining Business


Our BizKit team spent in total 300 hours improving the education of 360 elementary school students by designing lesson plans, consulting with teachers, practicing and making sure our lessons were comprehensible and clear, as well as teaching our lessons.

SAGE (Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship) 60 Point Grey Secondary School students started various entrepreneurship projects, but lacked business skills for the success of their projects. SAGE UBC aims to advise and motivate youth entrepreneurs in carrying out and successfully completing these beneficial community initiatives. SAGE Point Grey formed in house tutoring teams for struggling elementary students, charging rates of $20/hr, earning well over hundreds in profit. As well, they established a coursework help website that provided academic aid , course notes and study material for all students In response to Japan Earthquakes, SAGE Point Grey raised over $1200 in school wide donation; a large scale garage sale has been planned with all proceeds heading to Japan’s aid

Helping youth leaders with a passion for entrepreneurship

ReachOut As an up and starting project this year, Reach Out’s objective is to ultimately raise awareness of community issues by partnering up with non-profit organizations. Our main objective is to work closely with organizations that reach out to issues that serve to help out pressing community issues, gaining a thorough understanding of the values and objectives and proceeding with a plan of how SIFE UBC can help further develop the issue. This includes helping these organizations with a marketing campaign, expanding their network of connections to the business community or running campaigns or our own to raise awareness of particular causes. This year, we had the opportunity to partner up with First Call B.C, a child advocacy coalition and with their involvement in the Living Wage For Families Campaign, we planned a three day campaign on campus, approaching a variety of students. During the campaign we were able to talk to various students about Living Wage, the components that comprise the campaign and clarify to students any inquiries that they had. Along with the campaign, a banner was created with those who wished to express their thought about the Living Wage Campaign.

Project Summary Projects People Hours Results Criteria met Impacted Provided practical, valuable and Impacted Aboriginal, low income and 360 300 simplified business knowledge new Canadians through teaching directly and to enrich, enhance and add hours value to elementary school students’ overall education

12 indirectly

Familiarized students with a broad range of subjects such as money management, business ethics, marketing, human resources and sustainability

60 directly 60

hours 150 indirectly 70 directly

30 hours

Allowed elementary school students to use their business skills to fundraise for a charity of their choice - improving the quality of life of others Illustrated the importance of the triple bottom line in a business context through subjects covered in lessons

Provided practical advice in areas of marketing, human resources and money management to the SAGE Point Grey team to ensure the sustainability of the secondary school club

Emphasis on enabling secondary school students to pursue their socially responsible projects through effective management of their club

Raised awareness and improved knowledge of community issues

Through the campaign raised awareness about the difficulties that the low income or the employed may have living in the Metro Vancouver region

Initiated a Living Wage campaign at the UBC campus communicating that Metro Vancouver’s living wage is $18.81/hr


Annual Report 2010-2011  

SIFE's annual report for 2010-2011

Annual Report 2010-2011  

SIFE's annual report for 2010-2011