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Small School Big Opportunities

About Tourtellotte Memorial High School The cornerstone of Tourtellotte Memorial High School was laid in December, 1907. Two years later, in 1909, the Boston Globe declared it one of the finest schools in all of America. Today, that section of Tourtellotte High School is on the State Historic Register and is commonly referred to as the “1909 Building.” The building - a gift by Dr. Jacob Francis Tourtellotte and his wife Harriett Arnold Tourtellotte – was built atop the hill on property owned and then donated by the Grosvenor Company, so that all the town’s children could see “higher education.” An endowment created way back then to help finance the school’s operations still provides assistance today. Today, Tourtellotte Memorial High School is known for its rigorous course offerings, strong sense of community, and dedicated and caring faculty and staff. Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, TMHS boasts a 97.3% four-year graduation rate. 2

Welcome to Tourtellotte Memorial High School – Your school of Opportunity! Tourtellotte Memorial High School is an educational community dedicated to creating a safe, supportive and responsive learning environment, a place where all students discover, learn, develop, and realize their talents. High school provides you with the opportunity to explore your world and begin to chase your dreams. That’s why we’ve created our Small School, Big Opportunities environment. Our graduation rate of 97 percent is among the best in the state and we’re proud to say that TMHS graduates enter the world prepared for their next steps in life. Whether those steps lead our graduates to the workforce, the military, technical school, or college, a TMHS diploma signifies our graduates are ready for success. At TMHS, our teachers and staff get to know every student well. In doing so, we are committed to helping our students achieve their goals. We want all our students to discover, develop and realize their talents. In these pages, you’ll see what opportunity awaits you at TMHS. Sincerely yours, Ms. Megan E. Baker Principal


Opportunity to Earn College Credit TMHS offers “ECE” or Early College Experience credits to students. While at TMHS, students can take UConn’s American Studies course (three college credits) and UConn’s Writing through Literature course (4 college credits). TMHS students can also participate in Quinebaug Valley Community College’s “College Connections” program and take college level courses in Computer Applications and Accounting II. Other QVCC opportunities include QVCC’s “Partnership” program and “Running Start” program. Through a partnership with Nichols College, 11th and 12th grade students can take a course per semester at that college, too. 4

Opportunity to Advance TMHS boasts a 97% graduation rate, one of the highest in Northeastern Connecticut. Our graduates go to a wide variety of colleges and technical schools, which reflects the diversity of their interests and our school’s ability to help them build a strong foundation for their future. Anna Maria College Arizona State University Assumption College Becker College Bentley University Bryant University Castleton University Champlain College Clark University Clemson University Colby-Sawyer College Community College of Rhode Island Connecticut State Universities Daniel Webster College Dean College Drexel University Eastern Connecticut State University Elms College Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Emmanuel College Endicott College Fashion Institute of New York

Franklin Pierce University George Washington University Hofstra University Husson University Iona College Ithaca College Johnson and Wales University Keene State College King’s College Lasselle College Merrimack College Michigan State Mitchell College New England College New York University Nichols College Northeastern University Norwich University Penn State University Plymouth State University Quinebaug Valley Community College Quinnipiac University Quinsigamond Community College


TMHS Provides the Opportunity to Apply, Analyze, Synthesize, Communicate, Demonstrate, Create, Prepare, and Lead. TMHS students learn to apply the analysis, synthesis, and evaluative processes in both independent and group settings, to enable productive problem solving. TMHS students learn to communicate interactively: understanding, organizing, developing, speaking, listening, responding, and collaborating. TMHS students learn to understand, interpret, connect to, and form a critical stance on textual material. TMHS students learn to express ideas through writing in a variety of forms, using standard language conventions, and considering various audiences. TMHS students learn how to utilize 21st century tools to acquire and disseminate information, solve authentic problems, and increase productivity. TMHS students demonstrate originality, creativity, flexibility, and adaptability, in thinking patterns, work process, and working/learning conditions. TMHS students understand diverse cultures, recognize global relationships, and independently respond to changing conditions, to understand social responsibility in relation to community and personal accountability and its effects on quality of life. 6

Opportunity to Lead TMHS’s Student Leadership and Student Council provide students with the opportunity to participate in leadership, communication, and team-building field trips, activities, and workshops, and provide a student voice to the school culture. Members then use their training to lead Tourtellotte’s clubs and organizations, school-wide initiatives, and productive classroom experiences. Members of the team learn valuable life skills that will encourage the leading of Tourtellotte students in a positive direction. In this way, members of the Leadership Team are also prepared to continue to take on leadership roles beyond high school. Other student activity opportunities include Future Business Leaders of America, Yearbook, National Honor Society, Diversity, and Video Club.


Opportunity to Play TMHS is all about MODERN MUSIC, CONCERT BAND, ADVANCED CONCERT BAND, CONCERT CHOIR, ADVANCED CONCERT CHOIR, GUITAR, HARMONIZING WITH PIANO, and MUSIC TECHNOLOGY. In MODERN MUSIC ENSEMBLE, students who play ANY instrument (guitar, ukulele, winds, strings, piano, and percussion) are able to explore modern music genres of jazz, rock, pop, and folk, and perform for public concerts and events. Music selections are drawn from a variety of modern music genres. Students develop technique, rhythmic reading, and musical expression while being a productive member of the ensemble. Opportunities for individual activities such as auditioning for regional ensembles are offered as are solo opportunities within the ensemble. 8

Opportunity to Compete Did you know that TMHS has 14 State Championships and is one of only a handful of schools to win back- to-back-to-back state titles, the “three-peat” in basketball. TMHS offers: Boys Soccer Girls Soccer Boys Cross Country Girls Cross Country Fall Cheer ( tri-op) Football (tri-op) Grils Basketball Boys Basketball Boys Indoor Track Girls Indoor Track Winter Cheer Softball Baseball Boys Outdoor Track Girls Outdoor Track Golf 9

Opportunity to Express DRAWING/PAINTING/SCULPTURE, students are encouraged to develop and use their artistic expression as a means of communication in a more sophisticated manner. Students explore new techniques and study different artistic styles and artists in expanding their art knowledge and artistic skills. 10

Opportunity to Create From FOUNDATIONS OF ART, to DRAWING/ PAINTING/ SCULPTURE to ART APPRECIATION to STUDIO ART and PHOTOGRAPHY, Tourtellotte has a wide range of course offerings to students who want to pursue their creative side.


Opportunity to Accomplish Students eager to make their mark in the business world, be it big or small, can get their start in ACCOUNTING, ACCOUNTING II, COMPUTER APPLICATIONS, MARKETING, and THE PRINCIPLES OF MONEY MANAGEMENT. In MARKETING, students study and interpret the theory behind the three foundations (human resources foundation, economic foundation, and marketing/business foundation) as well as the ten functions of marketing: distribution, finance, marketing information management, pricing, service, product planning, promotion, risk management, selling, and leadership. Students are exposed to various software programs to produce classroom assignments that will help them truly understand the world of business.


Opportunity to Explore ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY students pursuing a career in the biological sciences (nurse, doctor, medical technician, physical therapist, etc.) will demonstrate a working knowledge of the human body systems and how they function. In the laboratory, students explore biological systesm, including the dissection of preserved animal tissue. Students also di into real world topics related to anatomy and physiology utilizing technology. They will collaborate with others in the class and communicate their findings. Students will also problem solve issues related to malfunctions of body systems.


Opportunity to Communicate Whether it is CREATIVE WRITING, FILM AS LITERATURE, JOURNALISM, MEDIA PUBLISHING, VIDEO PRODUCTION, PUBLIC RELATIONS or PUBLIC SPEAKING, the communications courses offered at Tourtellotte help every student begin to master the art of sharing information in a way that people understand and appreciate. In RADIO BROADCASTING students focus on practical training experiences in TMHS’s own radio station, learning about radio programming while striving to maximize the experience through activities that shed light on career development and school events. 14

Opportunity to Engineer In ENGINEERING DESIGN, part of the nationally recognized Engineered by Design series of performance based courses, students design and produce solutions to problems in the fields of manufacturing, construction, transportation, and energy. Students use computer technology to assist in researching project solutions, generating CAD drawings of their designs and 3D printers to document and reflect on the solutions they have developed.


Opportunity to Think OPPORTUNITIES IN SOCIAL STUDIES from ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS to MODERN EUROPEAN HISTORY, from WORLD WAR II to CONTEMPORARY ISSUES, the TMHS History department offers a variety of courses. Students gain an understanding of where we come from, how we got here, and where we’re going next.


Opportunity to Build In CONSTRUCTION, students work individually and in small groups using hand and power tools to achieve specific goals. Students design, layout and produce wood products and small construction projects. Students are often called upon to produce products for the school and community.


Opportunity to Pursue At TMHS, elective courses are designed to align student interests with real world applications. A wide range of classes and electives are available, including CONSTRUCTION, ARCHITECTURAL & COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN, PSYCHOLOGY, ECONOMICS, LAW, VIDEO PRODUCTION, , WORLD LANGUAGE, WEIGHT TRAINING, ADVANCED MATH, PRE-CALCULUS, STATISTICS, ADVANCED EXCEL, and CONSUMER MATH. 18

The TMHS Leadership Team: Megan Baker Principal Phone: (860) 923-9303 ext 595 Fax: (860) 923-3752

Ian L. Polun Assistant Principal/Curriculum Director Phone: (860) 923-9303 ext 596 Fax: (860) 923-3752

Donna O’Connell Administrative Assistant Phone: (860) 923-9303 ext 590 Fax: (860) 923-3752

Janice Hanny School Counselor Students F-Z Phone: (860) 923-9303, ext 552 Fax: (860) 923-3752

Lisa Canney School Counselor Students A-E and All Students with an IEP Phone: (860) 923-9303, ext 551 Fax: (860) 923-3752

Karen LeBlanc School Counselor’s Administrative Assistant Phone: (860) 923-9303, ext 550 Fax: (860) 923-3752

Shannon Grauer School Nurse Phone: (860) 923-3574 ext 566 Fax: (860) 963-4875

Scott Sugarman Director of Pupil Services Phone: (860) 923-9581 ext 515 Fax: (860) 923-9638


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