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Legislative achievements of 2013

The N.C. General Assembly continued its historic reforms this session with tax cuts, another balanced budget and pro-growth economic policies. Below is a list of legislation that became state law thanks to the hard work of Senator Thom Goolsby. Sen. Goolsby is committed to cutting spending and regulatory overreach in North Carolina so businesses can create jobs. He supported Senate Bill 14 ’Increase Access to Career Education’ and Senate Bill 6 ’Unemployment Insurance Fund Changes’ to provide well-trained employees and tax relief to business owners. He is a proponent of comprehensive tax reform and a balanced budget, leading the senate appropriations committee on Justice and Public Safety. Senate Bill 91 – Prohibit Expunction Inquiry Expunctions are offered as second chance opportunities to citizens convicted of crimes, after they follow strict procedures to obtain a clean record. Employers should not inquire about expunged records to obtain information otherwise unavailable through background checks. SB91 prohibits employers from asking about an expunged record. Senate Bill 97 – Property Tax Deannexation SB97 provided over $800,000 in property tax relief to citizens of New Hanover County who were temporarily annexed by the City of Wilmington.

Senate Bill 122 – Sex Trafficking/Sex Offender Registration Convicted sex traffickers belong on the state’s sex offender registree for the safety of minors and at-risk women. SB122 requires convicted sex traffickers to register as sex offenders and submit to GPS monitoring. Senate Bill 200 – Extend Time for Forensic Accreditation Police rely on state and local crime labs to process evidence for prosecutions. SB200 extends the deadline for crime labs to receive national accreditation, ensuring credible evidence is not dismissed in court due to bureaucratic deadlines that restrict limited resources. Senate Bill 240 – Develop Rules for Release of Pathological Materials SB240 increases a patient’s access to medical materials collected by hospitals. Samples stored in pathology labs range from bodily fluids and organs to pathology reports and medical records.

Senate Bill 306 – Repeal of the Racial Justice Act The so-called Racial Justice Act delayed justice and burdened prosecutors as a deliberate end-run around the death penalty. SB306 removes the use of unrelated statistics as a legal defense for death-row inmates. Senate Bill 452 – Revise Jurisdictional Amounts SB452 raises the dollar limit in small claims cases to $10,000, unclogging civil courts so they may serve justice more efficiently. This change is advantageous to citizens who cannot afford legal counsel and choose to represent themselves in court.

Senate Bill 530- Prohibit E-Cigarette Sales to Minors Under current law, minors can purchase and possess e-cigarettes that contain addictive nicotine. SB530 prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes to minors and possession by minors – stronger restrictions than those placed on regular cigarettes. STILL AT WORK: Senate Bill 683 – Safe Harbor for Victims of Human Trafficking SB683 offers deferred prosecution and ‘safe harbor’ treatment for minors charged with prostitution and victims of sex trafficking. North Carolina is a top-ten state for this tragic criminal trade. The bill is on track to pass the House this session but still needs our help. Thanks for your support. All of these legislative achievements depended on strong support from constituents and citizens statewide. I appreciate your encouragement and efforts to make North Carolina a stronger, more competitive state.

Sen. Goolsby's Legislative Achievements of 2013  

Senator Thom Goolsby's Legislative Achievements for the 2013 Long Session of the North Carolina General Assembly.

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