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Talking points: E-Verify •

Senate Republicans are unequivocally opposed to illegal immigration and committed to enforcing our laws.

We are working hard to ensure illegal immigrants don’t take scarce jobs away from American citizens and those in this country legally.

That is why we support legislation expanding requirements for employers to use the federal E-Verify databaseto check workers’ immigration status.

After hearing from members of our state’s businessand farming communities, we modified the House version of the bill to addressa number of serious concerns relating to uncertainties involved with the statewide implementation of E-Verify.

Before expanding this important measure to all private-sector companies, and because of the complexity of compliance for many small businesses,it’s critical that we get this right not just on paper, but in practical terms.

The Senate version of the bill requires employers with state-funded construction contracts to use the E-Verify system when employing more than 25 workers. We believe this is a great first step since these employers are paying their workers with state tax dollars.

We will continue to work closely with the House to expand the E-Verify program beyond the public sector in the near future. And we will continue to work to remove incentives for illegal immigration and restrict illegal immigrants from taking advantage of public services paid for by North Carolina taxpayers.

HB 36 E-Verify Point of Interest  

Here are several point of interest in reference to HB 36.