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“I would characterize the last year as a time of building. While no ‘buildings’ were constructed, significant building occurred nonetheless. We built on a solid base to secure our reputation as an agency with the ability to develop, execute and measure programs that address some of the most challenging problems in our community.”

LAURIE TILLEY Chair of the Board

“This is an incredibly exciting time for the Y. We are acting on our mission in unprecedented fashion, touching more lives and truly making a difference in the overall health and well-being of the entire community.”





To bring about meaningful change, individuals need ongoing encouragement. We’re here day in and day out to provide the resources needed by our communities to address the most pressing social issues—from childhood obesity to graduation rates. Through the support of our community, we empower every child,

We believe that all kids deserve the opportunity to discover who they are and what they can achieve. The Y is providing hundreds of youth with a place to cultivate the values, skills and relationships that lead to positive behaviors, better health and educational achievement.

connected. The YMCA of Greater Tulsa’s board and staff are committed in our effort to keep kids in school, improve the health of our community’s citizens, and offer opportunities for kids and adults to help and serve others through Y programs. In this annual report, we are

Youth Development: Nurturing the potential of every child and teen

Healthy Living: Improving Tulsa’s health and well-being The Y brings families closer together, encourages good health and fosters hundreds of families are receiving the support, guidance and resources needed to achieve greater health and well-being for their spirit, mind and body.

Social Responsibility: Giving back and providing support to our neighbors For more than 100 years, the Tulsa Y has been listening to and responding to our communities’ most critical needs. Whether developing skills or emotional well-being through education and training, welcoming and connecting diverse demographic populations, or building healthier communities through collaborations with policymakers, the Y fosters the care and respect all people need and deserve.

goal priorities of Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility. 4


YOUTH DEVELOPMENT Challenge: • During afterschool hours, children are more likely to participate in risky behavior, become a victim of a crime, or commit one. • An estimated 25.4 percent of children in Tulsa County don’t graduate from high school. • Oklahoma’s divorce rates are among the worst in the nation, and the average child spends six hours a day in front of a screen—impacting the amount of quality time families spend together.

Response: • Provide a Graduate Oklahoma (GO) program in all Y after-school sites. • Provide family-strengthening schedules, activities and programs. • Provide camping experiences that will help children discover the wonders of a natural world and reduce the amount of time children are plugged into a screen.

2011-2012 ACHIEVEMENTS • 90% of Graduate Oklahoma participants maintained or achieved a healthy BMI (body mass index). • 100% of YMCA campers reduced overall screen time by half. • 75% of family participants reported an increase in the amount of time they spent together through Hero Camp. • 90% of preschool parents involved in our Family Literacy program reported reading more to their children each week.



YOUTH DEVELOPMENT Summer Learning Institute In April, with the end of the school year closing in, the George Kaiser Family Foundation provided a challenge grant to the Y to provide afternoon care and education for students at Skelly, Hawthorne, and McClure Elementary schools in a partnership with Teach for America and Tulsa Public Schools. Over 500 children, in addition to the thousand we had already planned to serve in our other programs, became a part of the Y’s Summer Learning Institute. Our goal was to combat the summer learning gap, which causes students to fall behind academically by as much as 2 months each summer. The Y’s Summer Learning Institute program gave kids the opportunity to stay mentally and physically active during the months when many of them typically would be in front of a screen. The free program was especially beneficial to single and working parents who face the challenges of high daycare costs, keeping their kids occupied with healthy activities during the summer. While the Summer Learning Institute focused on health, wellness and keeping kids moving, the program was not all running and jumping around. Kids worked on literary skills by reading books and participating in activities related to the stories. Each session also included daily instruction that emphasizes the relationship between good food and good health.



HEALTHY LIVING Challenge: • Oklahomans are among the least healthy in the country, ranking only above Mississippi. • Diabetes costs the citizens of Oklahoma an estimated $1.8 billion each year. • The estimated cost associated with obesity in Oklahoma is more than $854 million each year.

Response: • Engage and support our members and program participants in their pursuit of health. • Through strong community partnerships, position the Y as the leader in promoting health and wellness through prevention, restoration and rehabilitation, with a priority on targeting underserved populations. • Work with the medical community to provide high impact intervention programs including our Early Learning Intervention, LIVESTRONG at the YMCA and Teen Obesity Programs.

2011-2012 ACHIEVEMENTS • Served 42,143 members and 24,708 program participants. • Welcomed the Y at Union to the YMCA of Greater Tulsa family. • Financial assistance through Membership for All resulted in $1.7M in subsidy, a 6 percent increase from last year. • Strong medical partnerships exist in our branches, including collaborative efforts with the University of Oklahoma’s College of Community Medicine, Oklahoma State University’s Center for Health Sciences, Indian Health Care Resource Center, and St. John Health System.



HEALTHY LIVING LIVESTRONG at the YMCA Shortly after losing her husband, Ann was diagnosed with cancer. Treatments took a tremendous toll on her body, so much that she had to give up her job as as a school principal, a very difficult decision because she had devoted her life to kids. Losing her husband, her good health and her job in quick succession made Ann withdraw. She was understandably overwhelmed, but Ann’s daughter wasn’t about to let her mother face these challenges alone. She told her mom about the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program and convinced her to join. LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is a 12-week program that supports adult cancer survivors in the transitional period between completing their cancer treatment and the return to feeling stronger physically and emotionally. LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is about health, not disease. After Ann was in the program a few weeks, her daughter shared, “Thank you so much. We haven’t seen our mother smile since we lost our dad over a year ago. This program has given us our mom back.” Throughout chemo and radiation, Ann didn’t miss an opportunity to come to LIVESTRONG. The Y was able to provide her with a support system—new “friends


Ann has found the spark in her life and now lives with hope.



SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Challenge: • In a time of limited resources, human service organizations are stretched beyond capacity to meet community needs.

Response: • Launched an annual volunteer-driven campaign to support and sustain programs that meet needs in our community. Continued to engage a broad, diverse and influential group of civically engaged leaders from all sectors of the community to serve on Y boards and committees. • Provided caregivers of young children (infants to 4-year-olds) with the skills they need to better prepare their children for school through our Early Learning Readiness program. • Build and strategic partners and increase the number of volunteers and visionary leaders.

2011-2012 ACHIEVEMENTS • Raised more than $250,000 in capital support for the Daily Family YMCA. • Received $709,647 from our generous donors to support the mission of the YMCA of Greater Tulsa. • Given $630,344 in support by the Tulsa Area United Way. • Engaged 135 board members and 2,597 program volunteers. • Partnered with more than 50 agencies, school districts, universities, and medical institutions. • Continued 100% of board and staff members contributions to the YMCA. • Increased the number of board and staff to reflect the diversity of the community.



SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FAMILY, FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS The Thornton Family YMCA was chosen to pilot an innovative program to equip caregivers with the skills they need to prepare their children for school. The program is ideal for Esther, her 3-year-old son Daniel, and 1-year-old Miriam, a.k.a. Princess. Classes meet twice a week at the Brighton Apartments just behind the Thornton Y, and Esther makes sure that Daniel and Princess never miss a session. Kids and their caregivers in the ELR program enjoy toys, books, games, resources, and snacks together. In the process, caregivers learn the importance of creating an educational environment before school even begins. When Esther leaves, for example, she takes letter sheets home to help Daniel work on his ABCs, so he’ll be well prepared when he starts school. When he began the ELR program, Daniel didn’t know his colors, but now he knows them in English and Spanish, and is even teaching the Y staff their colors in Spanish.




2% 1%


6% 3%



Membership Dues Program Fees Contributions Government Grants

United Way Sales of Merchandise & Service Other Investment Income

YMCA of Greater Tulsa FYE 2011 Income 1% 6% 13%


1% 2%

Health & Wellness Management & General Child Care Camping


Transfer to Reserves Sports & Recreation Other Fundraising

FYE 2012 Financial Statements (for period September 1, 2011 to August 31, 2012) Income Contributions Membership Dues Program Fees Sales of Merchandise & Service Government Grants United Way Investment Income Other Total Income

$1,022,654 5,568,855 1,901,720 322,260 600,700 630,344 237,044 85,156 $10,368,733

10% 54% 18% 3% 6% 6% 2% 1%

Expenses Health & Wellness Child Care Camping Sports & Recreation Other Management & General Fundraising Transfer to Reserves Total Expenses

$5,024,608 1,979,578 959,747 243,831 136,355 1,294,071 109,853 620,690 $10,368,733

48% 19% 9% 2% 1% 12% 1% 6%

19% YMCA of Greater Tulsa FYE 2011 Expenses



2011 MAJOR DONORS Acudata Inc.

The Mary K. Chapman Foundation

Matt & Tommie Jane Hancock

Nancy McDonald

Susan & Doug Plank

Walmart Foundation


Circle of Service Foundation

David Hays

Ralph & Frances McGill Foundation

PR Fitness Equipment

Scott Webb

Allen Family Foundation Fund

Jason Cranston

Richard Hedgecock

McNellie’s Group

Jim Qualls

Moorea (Moe) Westfall

All Souls Unitarian Church

Dentsply Tulsa Dental Specialties

John Hickey

Aimee Mehl

Bill Ramsey

Westway Group

Craig & Jill Almond

Dick’s Sporting Goods

L. Travis Hill

Merrill Lynch & Co Foundation, Inc

The Regenesis Co.

Kyle & Dana Wilkes

Ronny Altman

Dollar Thrifty Auto Group

Hille Foundation

Gina & Edward Miller

Paul & Patricia Samuels

The Williams Companies, Inc.

Hilti, Inc.

Mingo Manufacturing Inc.

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family

The Williams Foundation

Wyatt Hockmeyer

Sheila Moment


Dianna Willis

Mark Musser

Lee Sherman

Wimmer Family

American Idol Productions, Inc.


Emily & Tommy Arens

Mitch Drummond

Associated Resources, Inc.

Jason E. Drake

Jim & Michelle Bachmann

Robert Eck

Burt Holmes

M.W. Bevins Co.

John Skinner

Winbury Group Inc.

Kelli Bailey

Eldorado Motors, LLC

Dick Horkey

National Trust for Historical Preservation

William S. Smith Charitable Trust

René Witten

Bank of Oklahoma

Elote Café & Catering

Rolf Hufnagel

Nelson Mazda

Will Smith

Lisa Wolfe

Bank of Oklahoma Foundation

Family and Youth Services

Indian Health Care Resource Center

Steven Nell

Maurice Storm

YBA Shirts, Inc.

Bixby Rotary Club

Final Touch Cleaning, Inc.

CJ Jacobs

Geneva Nicholls

Larry Sweet

The Anne & Henry Zarrow

BlueCross BlueShield of Oklahoma

Fox-Cundith Family


Dr. Joseph Nicholson III

Ronda Jenkins-Thompson


Robert & Denise Bodily

Sandra Gardner

JPMorgan Chase

Oklahoma Disaster Restoration

Laurie Tilley

Henry Zarrow

BOKF Foundation

Derek Gates


ONEOK Foundation, Inc.

TSS Photography of Green Country

The Maxine & Jack Zarrow

Shea & Scott Boschee

Gay & Lesbian Fund for Tulsa

George Kaiser Family Foundation


Tulsa Community Foundation


Rick Brinkley

Robert Geweniger

Suzanne & Jim Kneale

Osteopathic Founders Foundation

The Tulsa Foundation

The Zarrow Families Foundation

Broken Arrow Community Foundation Inc.

Leigh Goodson

Amanda Knight

Owasso Rotary Foundation, Inc.

Tulsa Shock

Broken Arrow Rotary Club

John Greene

Lafarge North America

The Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc.

Andrew Turner

Jim Brown

Nancy Gunter

Larry Langford

Sandi Pellow

U.S. Cellular

Brian Carney

Nancy Haas

David & Heather Pfriem

Morey Villareal

Sam & Gina Carroll

Laura Hailey-Butler

Gwen & Steve Malcolm

Marcela, Alexa & Passion Pierre

Jayson Voto

Nicholle Carter

Harned Family

McDaniel, Longwell, Acord & Kroll, PLLC

Donne Pitman

Doug & Penny Walker


KEY STAFF Susan Plank, Sam Carroll, Ronda Jenkins-Thompson, Laura Hailey-Butler, Vice President of Mission Advancement Nancy Gunter, Vice President of Leadership Ricki Wimmer, Director of Program Development Kyle Wilkes, Central District Executive Director, Thornton Family and Camping Services Matt Hancock, South District Executive Director, Dickenson YMCA, South YMCA and the Y at Union Dina Cundith, Executive Director, Downtown YMCA Shea Boschee, Executive Director, Owasso Family YMCA Heather Pfriem, Executive Director, Daily Family YMCA Lamar Brown, Executive Director, Hutcherson Family YMCA

2011-2012 BOARD MEMBERS Laurie Tilley, Chair Will Smith, Co-Vice Chair Derek Gates, Co-Vice Chair Elliot Nelson, Secretary David Hays, Treasurer Kelli Bailey Thomas Bennett III Tip Burch Chase Curtiss Jake Dollarhide Hetty Fore 22

Manyles Gaines

Nancy McDonald

Bob Geweniger Leigh Goodson Richard Hedgecock John Hickey Molly Jarvis Jim Kneale Steve Malcolm Andy Marshall Rob Martinovich Rachel Mathis

Mark Musser Steven Nell Joseph Nicholson III Dr. Ray Owens Sandi Pellow Paul Samuels James Scheel Doug Walker Lindsey Wichern Chris Zenthoefer 23

YMCA OF GREATER TULSA Mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.


Downtown YMCA 418 S Main St Tulsa, OK 74103 (918) 583-9622

Thornton Family YMCA 5002 S Fulton Ave Tulsa, OK 74135 (918) 280-9622

Westside YMCA 5400 S Olympia Ave Tulsa, OK 74107 (918) 446-1424

South Neighborhood YMCA 10031 S Yale Ave, Ste 105 Tulsa, OK 74137 (918) 518-5940

Owasso Family YMCA 8300 N Owasso Expy Owasso, OK 74055 (918) 272-9622

Camp Takatoka 5400 S Olympia Ave Tulsa, OK 74107 (918) 446-1424

Daily Family YMCA 7910 E 134th St S Bixby, OK 74008 (918) 369-9622

420 S Main St, Ste 200 Tulsa, OK 74103 (918) 747-9622

R.C. Dickenson Family YMCA 8501 S Garnett Rd Broken Arrow, OK 74012 (918) 872-9622

W.L. Hutcherson Family YMCA 1120 E Pine St Tulsa, OK 74106 (918) 382-9622

The Y at Union Wellness Center 6836 S. Mingo Road Tulsa, OK 74133 (918) 357-7478

Š2012 YMCA of Greater Tulsa |

YMCA of Greater Tulsa Annual Report  

YMCA of Greater Tulsa 2011-2012 Annual Report

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