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7 best tips that should be on your finger-tips before you travel

Table of Contents • Introduction • Important tips before travelling       

Credit and Debit Cards How much money do you need? All reserved What to wear when you travel Entertainment Prepare your devices First trip?

• Travelling in London city

Introduction • A series of useful tips for those who travel for the first time on vacation. • The first time is key, it can be a good experience or a total disaster, everything depends on one thing: the previous preparation. • Speaking of travel, the preparation consists of preventing every problem that may arise and since this is your first trip there may be things that you do not have in mind.

Credit & Debit cards • If the trip is abroad it is necessary that you carry a credit card, a debit card and cash in that order, you may think that with cash it is enough and it may be so but what happens if for some reason we lose the money? • It would be a catastrophe to travel and run out of money. • In the case of the debit card, it is necessary that you have some money in the bank account to be able to withdraw if necessary. • Finally, the credit card is the salvation for any problem.

How much money do you need? • Many times (believe me, many) the expenses that one calculates fall short when they see the costs in the destination: the food is more expensive than you thought, the cost of transport increased, the price of the excursions was poorly placed on the site web, etc. • That is why when calculating the expenses to see how much money to take, I advise you to take 40% more.

All reserved • Before setting foot outside your house I advise you to have everything booked: accommodation, excursions, tickets to other cities if you are thinking of knowing more than one destination. • What happens if there is no hotel with availability when arriving?

• You will have an extra transport expense to travel to hotels, they will surely charge you more and you will have to settle for the first one you find.

What to wear when you travel? • Traveling is to know, and to know, you will have to walk a lot, that's why I recommend you take a good pair of comfortable shoes that will allow you to walk long distances without causing pain in the feet. • There are destinations where you can get to walk 12 or 13 hours a day, the clearest example is Disney where walking a single park can take you 12 hours and believe me; you can spend all your time in walking across.

Comfortable clothes • It is also necessary to wear light-coloured clothes, if one walks in the sun's rays with dark clothes, it suffers more heat, therefore it dehydrates faster and can suffer headaches, being bad and ruining the day. • It is also important to wear a hat, or whatever you like to cover the head and dark sunglasses too.

Entertainment • If the trip is long it is very important to bring something to entertain you, more than 5 hours of travel can be very long if you sit without doing anything. A book, an iPad with entertaining applications or even cards can be a good solution.

Prepare devices • Before embarking on your trip, prepare your devices with everything you need: currency converter applications, restaurant search engines and points of interest, etc. • I recommend that you bring: current adapters, that you make sure you have the correct chargers and that you carry a USB cable to Micro-USB that is a standard and it will surely serve you if you need to free space in the camera, so you can go to any computer and send the photos by email and delete those from the camera.

First plane trip? If this is your first plane trip, then you should keep separate cabin bag with basic necessities which you may require during your journey, because you will get you luggage at the final destination.

Travelling in London city After landing in Airport, call London city Airport taxi to pick you and take you to your residence, from where you can visit different places of this City with travel guide.

7 Best Tips that Should be on Your Finger Tips Before You Travel  

7 Best Tips that Should be on Your Finger Tips Before You Travel by Waterloocars

7 Best Tips that Should be on Your Finger Tips Before You Travel  

7 Best Tips that Should be on Your Finger Tips Before You Travel by Waterloocars