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Maker in the Making

is catapulted into his hand where he’s playing

a tiny paper bird pop from inside, all from a single

Assassin’s Creed 4 in front of the television.

8-by-80-inch piece of rectangular paper, no cuts, no tape. Creating the clock is a 200-step process that

Jett is a perfect blend of gregarious and gifted. He’s

takes a minimum of six hours, and that’s if you’re

real smart, but he’s also a real kid. He listens to Led

Robert Lang.

Zeppelin and reads Harry Potter. He’s an origami purist, insisting that creations be made from a single

Jett is most proud of a dragon he made, on which

sheet of paper, but says if he could go anywhere it

he spent five hours fashioning the torso alone.

would be Paris so he could skateboard around the

Each of the torso’s scales had to be folded out of

city’s architecture. One minute he’s explaining to me

the one single sheet and consists of several folds in

the difference between an “E” note on the saxophone

itself – the three-dimensional dragon is covered in

versus the guitar, and the next he’s deriding the

dozens of them. Jett shows me a six-headed crane

family’s territorial donkey, Sonic.

he folded while on a drive up north. “I was so bored

You may think that being limited to a single sheet

I thought I was gonna die,” he says, rolling his eyes

of origami paper would mean all cranes and paper

and smiling. As it turned out, the highest number of

airplanes, but you’d be wrong. Jett works from

heads an origami crane ever had before Jett Kiminas

instructional books by origami artists with step-by-

came along was four, but he’s in no apparent rush to

step directions on how to fold, for instance, Robert

claim his place in the book of world records. Jett may

Lang’s 12-by-6-inch Black Forest Cuckoo Clock. The

dedicate inordinate amounts of time and labor to his

clock is embellished with eight paper leaves on each

creations for someone his age, but he’s definitely not

side and a pendulum which can be pulled to make

folding under pressure.


THOM Issue 2 - Spring 2014  
THOM Issue 2 - Spring 2014