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Just like the ventures that blossom from their cultivation within the Coterie, the Coterie itself is a work in progress. Cheri says, “We want to continue to foster and showcase Southern creatives, entrepreneurs, bloggers and brands. What is Southern is not staid and is always evolving, and we will too.” There were three Summits last year, and 2014’s first Summit will take place in Charleston, April 30 - May 2. You can register at either the event website, or head over to Southern C’s website to rifle through gobs of good stuff. From interior design to art to food, all the best that Southern creators have to offer is there. Whether it’s in Thomasville or at a Southern C Summit, get out and shake some hands and connect So, is it true that all the Southern C ventures start

some dots. It really is all about who you know, in the

with a C? Cheri says, “Our blog post topics do lean

best way. The Thomasville way.

toward “C”, such as cuisine, cocktails, characters, couture, collegiate, creatives, celebrations, cinema,


conservation, compilations, community and more.”

She goes on to explain, “Our Summit buzz words


are connect, collaborate, create. We feel like the

educational sessions and opportunities to showcase these Southern creatives’ products are invaluable.”


THOM Issue 2 - Spring 2014  
THOM Issue 2 - Spring 2014