Tips on using white eyeliner pencils

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Tips on using white eyeliner pencils White eyeliners are very common in the cosmetic world, but it has not been conventionally used by the consumers because they are not used to applying white eye liners and they do not know how to use it either. But white eye liners can be very fascinatingly used as a part of a beautiful eye makeup. The essential tips for applying white eye liner wholesale quality pencils are as follows: 1)

One needs to line their eyes like they do in case of any other eye liner. Just as one uses a black, grey or blue or brown with ease one need to use the white eyeliner pencils in the very exact way in both the upper lids and lower lids. It is a bold color and is available readily and is healthy as a eye color too, so one does not have to worry about skin Sensitivity because it is similar to the other colors.


To make your eyes look brighter, use normal black eye liner on the top eye lid and use the white eye liner on the lower eye lid this will enhance your eyes and make your eyes look accentuated.


For experimenting one can go in for layer eye liner styles. Where the first layer is a thick layer of white eye liner and the second layer is a darker color, a black or brown. The eye makeup makes your eye look brighter and happier. It can be worn to work on a regular day too.


The white liner can teamed up with a darker eye shadow to give a very retro look to your eyes. The ends must be rounded up with a brush for a clean finish. A variety of shadows can be used.


To highlight your eye add white eye liner in the inner corners of your eyes.

These experiments can be really sexy if one knows how to do it well. It is important to not look too overdone after the makeup, so one must take care of that. Also finesse is very important in case of eye make ups. One must ensure the rounding up of the shadow or the neatness of the lines is maintained. Eye makeup makes ones features more beautiful. The key to this is the right and healthy cosmetic which is a perfect eye liner. If one is confused by the array of eye liners made available in the market now, one must chose from a variety of white eyeliners take measures to choose wisely. One should choose an eye liner which is healthy for the skin. The key criteria before buying eyeliner are to see if it has retractable gel eyeliner. This variety is not only useful for getting easier and smoother on skin but is also very easily sharpened. Expensive products are not necessarily a judge of the quality. One must experiment with the cosmetics one buys and try out a few brands to know which eyeliner type and brand suits you the best.