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Don McCullin     Don  McCullin  is  one  of  my  inspirational  artists  because  he  is  a   documentary  photographer  and  his  work  relates  to  my  concept.  He   has  taken  some  of  the  world’s  most  shocking  documentary   photographs  and  this  makes  him  my  inspiration  because  I  want  my   photos  to  be  shocking.  In  comparison,  McCullin’s  and  my  concept  is   quite  similar,  as  the  theme  is  documentary  and  he  has  taken  photos   of  the  homeless.  He  tries  to  get  people  to  realise  what  is  happening  in   the  world,  and  he  does  this  by  drawing  viewers  into  his  photos  and   shocking  them  with  the  fact  that  things  are  going  on  in  our  world.  He   once  was  not  granted  a  pass  to  go  to  the  Falklands  war  to  take  photos   because  his  photographs  were  seen  as  disturbing  politically.  This   shows  how  shocking  his  photographs  are.  I  want  to  shock  people   because  my  concept  is  showing  that  anyone  can  be  homeless,  and  a   lot  of  people  stereotype  the  homeless  to  be  deadbeats,  smell,  and  sit   on  the  streets  in  rags,  when  a  lot  of  homeless  people  could  be   amongst  us  without  us  knowing.       This  is  a  very  strong  photo  taken  by   McCullin,  and  this  shows  a  lot  about  its   scene.  The  soldier  is  obviously  in  a   war,  and  the  stance  and  expression   shows  that  he  is  lost,  alone,  cold  and   afraid.  To  show  this,  he  has  broken  the   rule  of  thirds  and  made  the  soldier   central  to  the  photograph  to  make  it   completely  focused  on  him,  so  the   viewer  isn’t  looking  behind  him,  and  to   help  that,  he  has  used  depth  of  field  to   blur  the  background.  McCullin  has  kept   all  the  vital  parts  of  the  photo  in  the   frame,  like  the  hands,  the  torso,  head   and  the  gun.  This  way,  nothing  is   unwanted  in  the  frame,  and  the   background  is  blurred  out  so  all  the   focus  is  on  the  man.            

Josef Koudelka     Josef  Koudelka  is  another  one  of  my  inspirational  photographers   because  he  could  link  to  my  concept  and  he  is  also  a  documentary   photographer.  He  bases  his  photos  around  the  Romani  (gypsies)  of   Eastern  Europe,  and  a  lot  of  his  photos  shock  the  viewers,  and  that  is   what  I  want  my  photos  to  do.  Koudelka’s  concept  is  similar  to  both   McCullin’s  and  my  concept  because  he  is  documenting  war,  which  is  the   same  concept  as  McCullin’s  work,  and  he  also  gets  people  to  realise   what  is  happening  in  Eastern  Europe,  and  that  it  is  serious.  He  links  to   my  work  because  we  both  want  our  photos  to  shock  the  viewer,  and  for   the  photo  to  have  a  narrative,  so  that  the  viewer  can  make  a  story  from   the  photo.  Koudelka’s  photos  show  what  real  things  are  happening   during  the  war,  and  it  more  or  less  informs  the  people  about  what  is   happening  in  Eastern  Europe.     This  photo  works   because  it  is  a  point   of  view  camera,   because  it  what  the   photographer  sees,   his  arm,  the  watch,   the  time,  which   could  suggest  that   his  life  is  through  a   camera,  because  it   is  his  view,  of  which   is  the  camera.  The  vertical  lines  (leading  lines)  lead  to  a  vanishing  point,   which  leads  your  eyes  down  the  street  towards  the  spire.                        

Pep Bonet     Pep  Bonet  is  my  third  inspirational  photographer  because  he  is   another  documentary  photographer,  and  he  takes  photos  that  shock   and  draw  in  the  viewer.  Some  of  his  photos  make  people  feel  sorry   for  the  person  or  people  in  the  photos  because  of  the  disturbing   scenes  that  they  portray.  I  want  this  to  be  present  with  my  photos,   and  I  want  people  to  feel  sorry  for  the  people  in  my  photos  and  for   the  photos  to  be  shocking  to  people.  Bonet  is  inspired  by  Africa   because  of  the  horrific  things  he  has  seen  there  and  takes  photos  of   these  horrific  scenes  as  part  of  his  work.  Bonet  has  a  similar  concept   to  both  McCullin  and  Koudelka  because  they  all  are  documentary   photographers  and  want  to  show  the  world  about  something,  and  in   this  case,  it  is  Africa.  I  look  at  bringing  in  some  of  the  methods  they   use  in  their  photos  like  depth  of  field,  rule  of  thirds  and  the  use  of   vertical  and  horizontal  lines.     This  photo  shows  a  distressing  scene  and  makes  you  feel  sorry  for   the  country,  and  the   people  involved  in   this  kind  of  thing.  This   picture  makes  you   realise  about  what  is   going  on  because   most  people  will   probably  never  go  to   this  place  because  of   the  possible  economy.   I  want  my  photos  to   be  shocking  and   discerning  for  the  viewer  and  make  them  want  to  help  make  a   change.  

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