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BA (Hons) Graphic Design Leeds College of Art

ISTD Channel X The Brief


Create a brand identity, consisting of a logo that represents the fictional television channel, Channel X. Take the brand from its current state of stagnation and reinvent its visual aesthetic to make the brand current again.

Currently the television channel, Channel X is struggling to stand out from the noise of other tv channels as well as the constant stream of adverts, sponsors and generic tv shows. The channel is an advocate of supporting ‘gutsy’ programmes that push boundaries and test the limits of audience response with innovative and thought evoking programming. The channel supports a wide range of formats that contribute to this an assorted selection of programming the effortlessly blends different emotions.

Considerations Consider how the logo and identity can be big and bold so that it stands out from the noise of the average tv channel. The channels ethos is rooted in truth and effect with aim to entertain its audience. How can the brand and the content of the channel represent a variety and range of different programming which ultimately establishes emotional connections with the audience. Also consider how the brand can be considered more than what you traditionally expect from existing television channels.

A Logo that is distinct, expressive, cohesive, entertaining exciting and can create a look for the channel. A strategy that is driven by the proposition ‘stimulation for the masses’ Relate the look to the channel content

Target Audience They love to be entertained They are not affluent but make informed, sophisticated decision about the brand they buy into They are articulate but not necessarily university educated They are 16-45 with a slight male bias They are a cultural mix The audience includes young parents

Tone of voice The brand should be communicated with a bold, strong and positive attitude that is confident in standing out from the crowd and being different from other television channels. The channel supports views on the cutting edge and is forward thinking and open to new ideas and ways of thinking.

Thomas Squire

Mandatory Requirements

Design for Print & Web

Deliverables A Logo that represents the channel in a unique and innovate manner A printed publication, that can also be viewed and used digitally that informs users how to work with the logo and what requirements must be followed. A digital component that advertise the new look of the channel, which can be in the form of any screen based media.

Studio Deadline Wednesday 30th January 2013


Channel X

ISTD Re-Written Brief  

ISTD Re-Written Brief