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BA (Hons) Graphic Design Leeds College of Art

YCN: Goji Brief


Package and promote the launch of a new range of Goji products in Curry and PC World stores. (Part C)

Goji is a growing range of accessories, perfect for those on the go. The range currently includes headphones, travel speakers, bags, mp3 player and iPad cases. Developed and sold exclusivley by Currys PC Worl, this fashion concious exclusive brand is ever evolving in it’s look and feel so that it always remains current and up to date. Goji is part of an ever increasing product range.

Considerations Consider the categories of Architecture, food, culture and transport through which to explore new aspects of the city of New York. What elements of the history of New York city makes it special, how did it become the capital of the world? Consider appropriate formats which exploit and aid the communication of these new discoveries.

Mandatory Requirements Consider how the final products will be packged How will the products look in an in store environment How can you get colleagues enthused about the launch of the new range

Target Audience

What could be done online through social media

18-25 year olds, the young and the young at heart. These young people are fashionable and on the move. They are free, invidual and appreciate quality. Deliverables Product packaging Social media element to campaign An intergated marketing campaign to launch the Goji product range Tone of voice The brand should promote a fashion concious and fashion forward approach to technology and how we interact with it in our everyday lives.

Studio Deadline 7th January 2013

Thomas Squire



YCN: Goji

YCN: Goji Brief  

YCN: Goji Brief

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