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The Experiential Design Studio We offer creative solutions that enable brands to grow and interact with their market and beyond

Experiential whaaaat? We design and craft experiences focusing on spaces and environments that promotes brands and their services through emotion connections with their auidence

LOL LLP Limited Liability Partnership Equality, agreement, potential for growth, roles split on skill level, no individual liability ,security, increasing profits

The boring bit We will take out a ÂŁ20,000 small business loan with Natwest and a young entrepreneurs ÂŁ2,500 loan

Overheads £22,500 Annual Income required £147,500 Avaliable work days 281 Total daily charge ratio £524 Actual daily charge ratio £600 Net Profit @ £21,356

Studio space

The greenhouse

eco friendly


Imogen Researcher / Art worker / Client communicator Type and Layout Mike Researcher / Art worker / Visual engineer Typographer Tom

Coder / Art worker / Client communicator Type and Layout

Greta Visual engineer / Client communicator Concept developer Andrea Proof reader / Imagery / Visual engineer Copywriter

The Backbone The FSB, federation of small businesses, Britians leading business organisation. 24/7 access to legal advice and cover.

Freshers Focus efforts on small local brands, artists, creatives and organisations within Leeds and the surrounding area

The Honey moon period Focus on creating and developing brand identities and redeveloping and transforming our existing clients and brands

Roads...Where we are going we don’t need roads Offering a complete service of branding and strategy for larger commerical

Little black book

The first date To launch the partnership we will hosting a ‘party in which we can introduce ourselves to potential clients

The calm before the storm The Unknown

The experiental studio Within our first year and onwards we will use creative techniques on social media to promote ourselves

The Pen Pals Keeping our clients and potential clients up to date with what we are doing

We are You are great Together we are

Ppp presentation  
Ppp presentation