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BA (Hons) Graphic Design Leeds College of Art

For the love of New York Brief


New York is a city of endless possibility, consider an exhibition and perspective of New York City they many not have been considered before by it’s vast multicultural offerings.

New York is truly the city of multiculture, wherever it’s inhabitants are from they are New Yorkers, in New York you can travel the world without leaving your neighbourhood, but consider how those people can living in New York can get the most of what New York has to offer in their everyday life and in their spare time, what perspectives of the city may they not have considered before.

Considerations Consider the categories of Architecture, food, culture and transport through which to explore new aspects of the city of New York. What elements of the history of New York city makes it special, how did it become the capital of the world? Consider appropriate formats which exploit and aid the communication of these new discoveries.

Mandatory Requirements /

Target Audience A group who are primarily come from a educated background and are intellectually aware of the world around them but are always open and welcome to new and unexpected experiences. They are professional, hard working and potential creative in nature they like to spend their spare time enjoying the finer thing in life.

Deliverables A publication that reflects the findings of New York Cities undiscovered beauty An accompanying digital format of this information, as a website or mobile application A new guide the city of New York Posters and other city wide communications

Tone of voice Information should be communicated in a informative but engaging way that encompasses surprise and adventure through the way information is presented. It should have a degree of colloquialism to city of New York.

Thomas Squire

Product, Range & Distribution

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Good is New York City

Good Is New York City Brief 1  

Good Is New York City Brief 1