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Module Assessment Brief

Leeds College of Art

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Extended Practice

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BA (Hons) Graphic Design



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Amber Smith

(Brief 9) Creed

Context Working with both real world client and briefs personally selected develop a body of work which acculimates in a range of digital based outcomes that explore typography, user interface and iconography, primarily. These brief should demonstarte both design skills for digital devices and formats as well as showing awareness and undserstanding of changing digital cultures and how digital products and service can create new experiences for users through digital devices and online. Technologies influence on design should be considered throughout.

Brief Develop a brand identity and website for a new venture capitialists company, Creed. Set Creed out from the rest and develop and brand identity that is doing something competely different from the coporate image that already exisits. “Creed are rethinking how [they] do business”

Preparation and Research Suggestions Explore other existing venture capitalist websites what are the ‘tell tails’ signs of these kinds of websites and then be different, new and original

Evidence Submission A minimum of 5 research boards Brief brand guidelines for Logomark Website design for desktop and mobile

Mandatory Requirements Brand guidelines including Logomarks, colour schemes and typography Wesbite mocks ups which demonstarte the site design working across the desktop and mobile platform

Deadline: Wednesday 27th November (Day Brief)

Brief 9 Creed