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==== ==== hello.,there is new ,little known eye exercises,that improve your eyes without glasses. ==== ====

Vision improvement exercises are among some of the best ways to get your 20/20 vision back once again. Trying some of the methods explained in the Bates method are a lot better than having all your hope placed on contact lenses and glasses. This may sound too good to be true, especially if you have been making use of eye glasses for a long time. As a matter of fact, a lot of people who use contact lenses have lost faith in natural solutions to eye problems. Let me quickly add that not all sight problems can be cured naturally. Problems like farsightedness and nearsightedness can be cured using vision improvement exercises, and other natural methods. The Genesis More than any other time in the past, the number of people needing corrective lens, and glasses have increased. This is alarming, especially when you consider what was obtainable in the past. What could be responsible for this alarming situation? The answers are not far-fetched; people spend a lot of time in front of their computers, and watch their TV sets late into the night. Actually there are other reasons, but as long as these things are not put in check, things will get worse. Fixing the Problems Resorting to corrective surgeries and contact lenses have never yielded the kinds of results expected of them; yet people keep seeing them as the best solutions to their problems. Allowing your eyes to get used to lenses could lead to other negative things that might happen in the future; like the eyes becoming lazy for instance. The major causes of these problems have largely been left unattended to; rather we have continued to experience situations where stronger lenses are prescribed by doctors. That is why these lenses have become a part of us; and we hardly do without them. What Are the Alternatives? The first thing is to understand is that the human eye has muscles just like the other parts of the body. That is why eye exercises to improve vision are highly recommended for everyone. One of such exercises is called "Palming;" a kind of eye fitness exercise that anyone can try. This involves rubbing your palms together for a minute or two in other to generate heat. After your palms become warm, cover your eyes with them for three (3) minutes at least on different occasions during the day. It is important not to allow light pass through your palms into your eyes while doing this exercise. Some other vision improvement exercises can be found in a book put together by Dr. W. Bates. These exercises have been known to work, and every one of them has been updated by different people since it was first introduced in 1880. The Bates method for improved vision is now being

taught in schools, apart from being used all around the world. There is no end in sight to the fortunes being made almost everyday by doctors and optometrists as they continue to prescribe lenses and carry out corrective surgeries; all these would not help you attain your 20/20 vision. Exercises to improve vision are better ways to cure almost all your vision problems.

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==== ==== hello.,there is new ,little known eye exercises,that improve your eyes without glasses. ==== ====


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