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Ash SOC 331 Week 4 Quiz Check this A+ tutorial guideline at Question : With which of the following is commutative justice NOT concerned? Student Answer: Is the contract a legal document? Is the contract moral? Have all parties fulfilled their part of the contract? Does the contract require distributing goods and services equally? Question : Which of the following was NOT a reason given by Torry-Ann Hansen for returning her adopted son, Artem, to Russia?

Student Answer: The Russian orphanage lied to her. She had a mental illness. The safety of her friends and family. Artem’s citizenship Question : Which of the following is NOT one of the possible criteria for a valid contract? Student Answer: Promise Compromise Consideration Consent Question : Which of the following is NOT true of the Ancient Roman Republic Student Answer:

It had a constitution It allowed all citizens to participate directly in public policy making It had branches of government similar to the United States It lasted longer than the Ancient Athenian democracy Question : How did the World Association for Children and Parents respond to Torry-Ann Hansen when she returned her adopted son, Artem, to Russia? Student Answer: It suspended all adoptions. It sued Torry-Ann for breach of contract. It sued Torry-Ann for child support. It suspended Russian adoptions.

Question : Which of the following is an argument against the possibility of intergenerational contracts? Student Answer: The modern welfare state. The older party is not expected to give something back to the younger party. The younger party is expected to work and to give something to those who came before them. The benefits and the burdens of the contract must be reasonably foreseeable. Question : Of the following, which is NOT one of the criticisms of social contract theory? Student Answer: It mitigates some of the problems of the state of nature.

It assumes all people are similar enough to agree on a contract. The sovereign should be able to make the rules at will, without consulting the masses. There is no evidence that an original social contract ever took place. Question : Which of the following is NOT true concerning Pakistani Sabatina James and her experience with arranged marriages? Student Answer: As a resident of Pakistan, Sabatina was required to submit to the arrangement under Islamic law. Her parents arranged her marriage despite her wishes. She agreed to enter into the arranged marriage. She converted to Catholicism to avoid the arrangement.

Question : Which of the following is an argument in defense of reparations? For more classes visit

Ash soc 331 week 4 quiz  
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