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Ash SOC 331 Week 3 Quiz Check this A+ tutorial guideline at 1. Question : Of the following, which is NOT an element in George McGovern’s “new definition of ‘defense’”? Student Answer: The quality of our education Military protection against terrorism The health of our people The strength of our transportation 2. Question : Of the following, which is NOT a criticism of Utilitarianism? Student Answer:

There is the threat of the tyranny of the majority. People should promote the greatest good for the greatest number. John Stuart Mill, an influential proponent of utilitarianism, incorrectly assumes that “desirable” and “desired” mean the same thing. Utilitarianism is subjective and subjectivism renders moral debate meaningless. 3. Question : The question about who has the right to vote is a matter of ______________ justice. Student Answer: Retributive Distributive For more classes visit

Ash soc 331 week 3 quiz  
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