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Ash SOC 331 Week 1 Quiz Check this A+ tutorial guideline at Question : “War� comes from a German word that originally meant Student Answer: Concord Accord Discord Order 2. Question : Some scientists claim that there is no need to worry about global warming. What is one argument made in support of this view? Student Answer: Alarmism will bring down taxes. Carbon dioxide does not contribute to pollution. Alarmism will reduce academic research on climate change. Carbon monoxide is not a pollutant.

3. Question : What percentage of the world’s services can be delivered from anywhere, thanks to the Internet? Student Answer: 40% 50% 60% 70% 4. Question : According to virtue theory, morality is a matter of Student Answer: Obeying a rule. Acting from duty. Habitually knowing the good and doing the good. Producing the greatest good for the greatest number. 5. Question : Because of current communication and transportation technologies, migrant communities are getting

Student Answer: Smaller, because it easier to keep track of migration. Smaller, because it is easier to do business from a person’s original home. Larger, because it is easier to keep track of migration. Larger, because it is easier to travel between homes. 6. Question : In his concession speech in 2000, presidential candidate Al Gore claimed to accept the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision, because the Court is “the supreme law of the land.” This view is an example of Student Answer: Legal realism. Legal positivism. Natural law theory. Strict constructionism. For more classes visit

Ash soc 331 week 1 quiz  
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