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ASH ESE 633 Week 2 DQ 1 Non-Verbal Communication Check this A+ tutorial guideline at Initial Post: Review the information, photos, and videos posted on the Creating Communication website. Specifically, scroll down the page and view the two Amy Cuddy videos: Game changer: Amy Cuddy, Power Poser and Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are. After watching the videos above, examine each of the photos for the non-verbal messages the body postures convey. Next, visit a busy public place or watch a television show or movie and observe people for 30-minutes. Take note of body language, nonverbal cues, and any other

valuable environmental information. Then, construct one paragraph summary for each of the following: • Where, when, and what you observed; • What you learned from your observation such as how nonverbal cues were used and how they were interpreted; • Nuances you were more aware of having completed this week’s reading; • Explain how you will use this experience and this week’s information to more effectively communicate with other educators, administrators, parents and community members in the role of a special educator. Provide specific examples. For more classes visit

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