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Launch Party

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances... William Shakespeare

philosophy AYLI’s clientele likes to move in a secretive, high culture ambience that speaks to them through an inspiring and lustrous combination of people, art, music and fashion. Places where attendance is a must and a privilege. Seeing and being seen. Philosophy Theme Location Exhibition Art Ambience of the club Guests Music Live performance Promotion of the event Promotion of the brand Invite Models Aftersales

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Especially at night, these fashion forward individuals flourish, catch fire and transform into whatever they like within their circle of close friends. Their, mostly themed events function as a nocturnal stage for an intense version of their personality. Combining high culture with underground this is a mixture of It-boys and their It-items, dancing their hart out on techno, electro, minimal and deep house. This concept book visualizes AYLI’s launch event. A nocturnal event where a secretive exhibition and a club space are the pillars of the night. AYLI’s brand values ‘genderblending,’ ‘unrestrained’ and ‘unexpected’ as written in the brand bible will function as guidelines for all decisions involving the party.

theme Parties come alive through themes and dresscodes. They stimulate guests to show their ability of making the theme their own and legally emphasising ones presence. According to AYLI the event must evolve around the brands key conviction: All the world’s a stage, carry your message unrestrained.

Location The Hirsch & Co building on the Leidse plein has it all. Rhough grandeur resounds in this former department store building with high ceilings and great raw spaces. AYLI will transform this building in a high culture ambience with downstairs an exhibition and upstairs a secretive clubspace for the happy few who received a special invite.

On the left a map where the red part marks the space that could function as the location. Above a photo of it. The space, which has no walls, offers endless opportunities for an exhibition and a club.There could be made use of curtains or projections to create multiple compartments as shown on the following pages.

exhibition The ground floor will house the exhibition. Light, music and scent will be key elements in creating the ambience. A soft minimal beat banns the feeling of a museum and emphasises the spacious area.

Next to the original work of the artist, the unique clutch for AYLI is shown as a translation. The area has the feeling of a secret cabinet full of curiosities where a watery cool, subtle scented air embraces the viewer. Coloured lights and spotlights build that clandestine feel like one discovers hidden treasures.

The impression on the right describes what possibilities this rough space offers for exhibiting the works of AYLI’s favourite artists.

Kate Mccgwire

art AYLI invited the eclectic group of creatives who cooperated in making the first collection of clutches, to exhibit their original work next to their interpretation of a clutch. All six creatives have a different field of expertise and their work is not from a certain time or place. Kate MccGwire, Marco van Rijt, Raben Davidsen and Gayda Yatzer. Desiree Dolron, Jordan Askill.

FElicity powell

Ambience of the club The first floor of the building will function as the club and has a secret entrance behind curtains. Guests will have to discover it. Dim coloured lights and art projections build the shadowy feel which is a mixture of a raw space with boudoir elements like a dimmed glow, several luxurious lounge corners with seethrough folding screens. The space must breathe warmth and clandestinity. A secret club for one night. Opposed to the cool ground floor, the first floor is infused with a tobacco honey scent.

intimate lounge area

Purple & Blue dim glow Art Projections odd coloured Drinks

eclectic crowd

A tobacco aroma with sweet undertones of honey.

oriental lanterns

scented smoke

guests The guests for this party are unrestrained, avant-garde and fashion addicted creatives, who have no fear for the opinion of others. They believe that the only thing that can hold

effortlesly chic


a person back in exploring, are his or her own boundaries. The world is a stage, and their life a perfomance. Their approach to fashion is very open-minded, free from gender.


A secretive event like this,where their taste is expressed in multiple ways strengthens the group feeling and offers a chance for AYLI to lay the first contacts with their target audience.



300/350 guests comming from larger cities in the Netherlands will be invited for the event .



Music At the exhibition an inviting loungy minimal sound welcomes the stylish crowd and adds to the artists. No vocals, just a base-loop. Upstairs in the temporary clubspace minimal and deep house set the tone. All appreciated by AYLI’s target audience. A selection of sets is on the attached CD, the list of potential DJ’s as followed: Sandrien, Kevin Arnemann, Niereich, Nuno dos Santos

Live performance At one o’clock a live performance of the creative company Sabotage will be shown. The performance evolves around genderblending and, the theme of the night: All the world is a stage, carry your message. The execution will be in the form of modern dance in costumes, without any talking. Sabotage is a group of young creatives who give live performances for parties. They are incrowd and part of the target audience, They perform according to the theme of the party.

Promotion of the event Inviting our guests will be done face to face during other parties to create a buzz. In the conversation AYLI’s hosts will refer to the party as a secretive event. No information on social media, just the small black box with an invitation that the hosts hand out to the guests. The answer to the question ‘Who organizes it?’ will be: The event is an initiative of artists and DJ’s operating under the name AYLI, promoting high culture, art and fashion.

The invite

invitation A black laquered box of 11x 8x 4 cm with a key glued on top and a personal invite in it. Of ‘key’ importance is the phone number on the invitation. Because the given information is minimal the receiver is forced to call the number on the invite which automatically redirects to a voicemail with further details about the secret event. The voicemail will highlight the following information: You are invited to a secretive nocturnal event where artists and DJ’s have collaborated in creating a high culture ambience as you like it. This invitation is personal and guarantees you and one friend gratuitous entrance. Call this number again on the sixtheenth of January, to receive the exact place of the event in the center of Amsterdam. End of message.

Promotion of the Brand As a launch party AYLI’s statement pieces must be presented, but in a careful manner. The target audience detests advertisement and sponsorship. Therefore AYLI aks twenty key figures in the target group to attend the party and informs them about the piece they will carry around during the evening and about how someone can lay his hands on them, to secretly add to the buzz. The eye-catching pieces will automatically draw attention and questions about them will rise: ‘Who made it?’ and ‘ Where can we buy it?’ To further promote the products AYLI hires a team of photographers to eternalize the event and spread the photo’s carefully on Facebook.

aftersales A small ‘thank you’ card will be handed out at the exit of the club with a link to the AYLI website where a bunch of carefully selected black and white photographs will be released for guests that attended the party. The clutches will be highligted on a few photographs.

AYLI - Launch Party  
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