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NovaCast Foundry Solutions – for process excellence

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NovaCast Foundry Solutions develops, produces and markets software and system solutions within Casting Simulation and Process Control for the global foundry industry.

Partners to the global foundry industry since 1981


NovaCast Foundry Solutions’ business is in Foundry Technology, one of two business areas within the NovaCast Technologies group, listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm Small Cap list (NCAS B).

History In the early 80’s the development work of foundry innovator Rudolf Sillén laid the foundations for today’s NovaCast Foundry Solutions AB. New solutions allowed the global foundry industry to resolve complicated metallurgical problems. Development of our casting simulation software started in 1985 and the first version was released in 1994. Our thermal analysis systems were continuosly developed during many years, with the first release in the mid 90’s. Efforts towards enhancements have continued ever since and we have become a close partner to foundries world-wide.

Our headquarters are in Ronneby in southern Sweden. We have a sales office in Gothenburg and a subsidiary in Chicago, USA – NovaCast Solutions USA Inc.


Our own organization, cooperating closely with over 25 well-chosen agents, provides global strength as well as intense local presence on many geographical markets.

The foundry industry is undergoing tremendous development driven by increasing demands on quality assurance, consistency of the metallurgical processes and environmental control. NovaCast Foundry Solutions provides software and system solutions addressing these issues to help customers become more cost effective and develop their businesses.

Our Research and Development team cooperates with highly skilled experts in Russia, Italy, Turkey, Germany and the USA.

Creating added value for our customers

NovaCast Foundry Solutions’ team includes a global network of agents and distributors.

We offer expert assistance and services which create added value for our customers. Added value that can be measured in terms of efficient product development, shorter product lead times, quality-assured foundry processes, positive effects on the environment and increased competitive strength, ultimately leading to increased profits for our customers.

Business idea Our business idea is to assist the global foundry industry in developing metallurgical processes, from concept to finished products. By listening and focusing on customer needs we are able to provide software, service and system solutions that make a difference and create added value.


Meeting our customers needs Service • Software • System Solutions

We focus on customer needs, ensuring that foundries work with tools that will make a difference.

Meeting our customers’ needs

core products

NovaCast Foundry Solutions offers services, software and system solutions for all phases of the foundry process, from planning and simulation to process and quality control, as well as evaluation. Our system solutions using thermal analysis can be tailored to any foundry metallurgical process involving grey, nodular or compacted graphite iron. For casting simulation solutions we also work with non-ferrous metals such as aluminum. Our core products are NovaFlow & Solid CV, a casting simulation software and ATAS, a thermal analysis system, for process control.

NovaFlow & Solid CV Mould filling and solidification simulation programs for applications such as gravity sand and permanent mould casting, low and high pressure die casting, lost wax method, tilt pouring and lost foam process.


NovaCast Foundry Solutions’ range of software includes products for the entire process from planning and simulation to process and quality control: design of gating and feeding systems, charge calculation, mould filling and simulation for gravity and high pressure die casting, stress calculation, process control system for analyzing, stabilizing and optimizing the foundry process, for low volume and prototype production for CGI and a system for mass production of components in CGI.


ATAS and Graphyte Thermal analysis systems for process control of grey, ductile and compacted graphite (CGI) irons.

NovaCast Foundry Solutions and our agents communicate with customers to assist them from the first contact through planning, purchase, installation and implementation to after sales support. We analyze, stabilize and optimize existing foundry processes. Through our consultancy service we share our expertise, know-how and experience to advise, provide guidance and assist foundries and their suppliers in problem solving and project implementation. Training sessions and seminars are held at local venues, on site or on-line for all levels of users.

System Solutions:

System solutions from NovaCast Foundry Solutions can be tailored to any foundry metallurgical process involving grey, nodular or compacted graphite iron when it comes to systems using thermal analysis and in the case of simulation solutions we also work with non-ferrous metals such as aluminum.



Support and Research whenever and wherever it’s needed

Technology Partner Agreement


Core products

Our concept of Technology Partner Agreements (TPA) has been well adopted by the foundry industry. A large number of customers choose to sign TPA to ensure access to the latest system versions and high quality support. Continuous support helps to maintain a high level of foundry expertise, increase knowledge about the foundry process and thereby further reduce production costs. In addition, Technology Partners have access to on-line support from our specialists, an efficient tool to use when specific questions arise that are difficult to explain on the phone or via e-mail. On-line support can also be used to demonstrate various aspects of NovaCast Foundry Solutions products, explain curve characteristics, solidi­fication scenarios, trouble-shooting, setting data-bases and calibration.

• NovaFlow & Solid CV™ – a mould filling and solidification simulation package for gravity & high pressure die casting. • NovaStress CV™ – an add-on program that calculates the stresses occurring in the casting during solidification and cooling of the component. • ATAS® – a modular process control system for analyzing, optimizing and stabilizing the foundry process. • Graphyte Batch® – a process control system for low volume and prototype production of compacted graphite iron (CGI). • Graphyte Flow® – a process control system for mass production of components in CGI. Other products

Research and development Research and development is the key process at NovaCast Foundry Solutions. It is important to involve customers when developing software solutions. We react to all new developments and changes in the foundry industry to ensure that our products and knowhow are aligned with our customers’ requirements. Our experts are closely involved in discussions with customers to address issues and real problems. At the same time, we have an opportunity and obligation to drive new developments of knowledge connected to metallurgical processes towards even deeper understanding. Our development team is highly international, with members in Sweden, USA, Turkey, Germany, Russia and Italy, lead by product managers in Sweden.

• Foundry Technology III™ – a software package mainly for design of gating and feeding systems. •Metal Master™ – a powerful program for charge calculation.

Service on-line – a powerful way of communicating with our customers 6


Lean production


One further step into the future

Underrubrik om det behövs

Platform for Lean production The realization that foundry processes based on Lean production can increase competitiveness as well as improve profitability is encouraging foundries to introduce this production practice. This step can demand large changes on all levels in an organization and we at NovaCast Foundry Solutions can play an active role as partner. Together with foundry employees, production management and company management we can assist the foundry in developing standardized production methods required for achieving continuous improvements. Our experts can provide extensive support to staff responsible for implementing developments in accordance with Lean. Our systems are flexible and user-friendly, making the transition to Lean production easy. They allow many possibilities of adjustments to the foundry’s specific needs and competence levels. Working with our customers in this way will help to build a “learning foundry organization” with strong commitment to foundry issues and a broad understanding of the usage of various system solutions.

Our specialists analyze the work flow. A solution is suggested to stabilize detected limitations in the process. Implementation of the system solution optimizes the result.



Customers World-wide

Customers NovaCast Foundry Solutions is a global company with over 500 customers in more than 40 countries in business related to the automotive industry, the wind farm power industry, marine applications, food and transportation sectors, architecture and interior design, offshore, prototyping and many others.

Some of 500 customers world-wide Scandinavia – Nya Arvika Gjuteri, Vestas Castings Group AS, Componenta Corporation, Keycast Ljungby AB, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, Roslagsgjuteriet AB Europe – Zanardi Fonderie S.p.A., Precision Disc Castings Ltd., Fiday Gestion, Teksid Iron Poland, Le Creuset, William Lee, Ali Dökum, Istanbul Dökum, SCF Dökum Makina Sanayi, Grundfos, Kienle & Spiess, Linde Material Handling, Artur Monse GmbH Asia – Daehan Special Metal Co. Ltd., Isuzu Castec Corporation, Brakes India Ltd, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Saudi Mechanical Industries, Sri Akila Casting, KOGI Corporation, Yamato Intec, Hyundai INI Steel, Mahle, Omen, Siam Nawaloha Foundry Co Ltd USA – Neenah Foundry Company, Caterpillar Tractor Co., John Deere, Columbus Steel Castings, Torrance Casting Inc., Hitachi

”NovaFlow & Solid produces simulation results that are very close to reality, much closer than any of its competitors” Floren Baert, Project and Simulation Manager at La Fonte Ardennaise, France

”Casting simulation is a very important part of our methoding system and our effort to produce optimum quality products” Ibrahim Arda, Anadolu Steel Casting, Turkey

”NovaFlow & Solid is improving the quality of our products and makes it possible to offer our customers improved service” Herbert Trebes, Oskar Frech GmbH, Germany

”The ATAS system provides us with efficient process control of the complete casting process, from the base iron to the final treated and inoculated melt” Roy Elowsson, Foundry Manager, CTC, Sweden



It is our goal to always provide the best possible solutions for your foundry, whether it is adapting new system solutions tailored for your foundry or immediate support issues. Our colleagues are committed to assisting customers.

We are there for our customers We always do our best to solve customer problems.

We listen We are focused on recognizing customer needs.

We are knowledgeable Metallurgical expertise, as well as leading software expertise, is available. This unique combination is built into the solutions we develop.

We are easy to work with It is easy to do business with us, in close cooperation with our colleagues.

We are committed Our commitment to developing the foundry industry and our customers’ foundry processes is the driving force in all our customer relations.

NovaCast Foundry Solutions AB Soft Center, SE-372 25 Ronneby, SWEDEN Telephone: +46 (0)457 386 300 Fax: +46 (0)457 156 22

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