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Xoxo, Amy


Amy Weiner, Editor



God loves you. The real you. For real. This is the phra se we are tack ling this year on What’s the Rev the Revolve 4R olve tour? Wel eal Tour. l, it’s a weekend packed schedu event where th le of fun, conc erts, dramas, ousands of teen nutshell, it’s w and speakers girls gather fo here this very to hear how m ra Biblezine com events. In fact uch God loves es to life! You , this picture of them. In a know, I'm no st Amy and me w group in high ranger to thes as taken at a co school. Be care e kinds of nference we at ful, girls. You from high scho never know w tended with ou ol will resurfac he r youth n th e. ese “super-cut I remember on e” pictures of e day in the ni you nth grade som group?” I froz eone asked m e, considering e, “C the answer to ourtney, who group that ev that question, is your favorite eryone listene but then instea music d to—in other remember this d quickly said w ords, the answ day in ninth gr a popular er that I though ade so vividly showing someo t they’d want because it tota ne the real me. to hear. I lly illustrates Sometimes yo the fear I had u might feel lik of ever e you can’t be you? But I en the real you be courage you to cause what if keep putting lit might find that people don’t lik tle pieces of yo it gets easier to e the real urself out ther truly be yourse are is that you e, and little by lf. And the beau give them the little you ch ty an of showing pe ce to love the You are pages ople who you real you! away from disc really overing what So run full forc it means to be e into this book re al . — Yo it’s real. It’s al for the real yo u can’t get aw u. For real. l about God. It ay from God’s ’s all about yo love. u. It’s all abou t His love


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