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IN 3-D… FOR LIFE TM-Art Fine Arts New Events: “Diamonds for Life”, “Art Antwerp 2014” and the Fair’s own “Hilton, Opening Celebration Gala”






















DIAMONDS FOR LIFE At the heart of Europe - alongside museums, historical buildings, art galleries, antiquity and jewellery craftsmen ART ANTWERP will showcase innovative new art in an elegant, exhibition space from 13th to 20th June 2014, in the city of Antwerp, Belgium.

Thomas Maes, Founder and Director of TMART International Fine Arts states: “It’s a dream come true!” Indeed, Thomas Maes and his team will showcase an extraordinary event. In order to promote ‘Art Antwerp International Art & Design’ Fair in June 2014, TM-ART have organized and will be hosting a prime introductory event at the royal historic ‘Paleis op de Meir’ in Antwerp, Belgium from the 8th to the 13th of February, 2014.

‘Palace on the Meir’ is a genuine palace in the historical center of Antwerp, an original 18th century building used by important rulers such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Willem I of the Netherlands and the Belgian Royal House. Soon you can enjoy historical sightseeing with a luxurious event in the Palace on the Meir: visit the ‘Diamonds for Life’ Event by TM-ART.


Copyright TM-ART, Palace on the Meir, Antwerp - ‘Diamonds for Life’ Event

Never before has an art fair celebrated Ant-

rary and modern art, jewel design, architec-

werp jewellery design in elegant fusion with

ture, classic masterpieces and more. Visitors

fine art. Thomas Maes and Gabriel Meiring

will be invited to talk with the artists, collec-

will showcase their exclusive selection of

tors, art journalists, curators and fellow art

paintings, illustrations and sculptures. Dur-


ing the evening of the 8th, a first VIP reception will be held, wherein a live classical piano

On June 14th, the second evening of the fair,

performance will be given by Maestro Gabri-

partner Hilton Antwerp will be hosting an

el Meiring. Furthermore, an exclusive group

ART ANTWERP Opening Celebration Gala.

of artists and designers have been invited to

The Black Tie VIP Gala Program features

show select works from the 10th to the 13th

an haute cuisine dinner, cocktail service

of February, within the Palace. A second VIP

and open-bar, charity auction, door prizes,

reception will be held in their honour.

live music, art and dance performances and an exclusive exhibition of up to 10 artists’

‘Diamonds for Life’ VIP receptions will in-

works. The evening will be fully catered by

clude walk-in dinner, auction, live music, art

Hilton Antwerp. Apply now to present your

and jewel exhibit, cocktail service, and much

select work or visit

more. During the events of the 8th and the

to buy your tickets!

10th of February, the Napoleon Museum will be open and offering guided tours. Reception

Global art lovers journey from afar to discov-

tickets will be available for purchase online

er and enjoy Antwerp and have named it one

from which a portion will be donated to char-

of the most stylish cities the world, upholding

ity. 60 tickets are available for each of the

a culture of tradition and modern design. ART

two VIP vernissages and they will be sold on

ANTWERP will showcase the best innovative

a first come, first serve basis.

and contemporary art from top galleries and talented artists from around the globe. There

In tow, the juried contemporary art fair ART

are still openings for exhibition and partic-

ANTWERP will feature an international slate

ipation for ART ANTWERP this June. Art

of artists and galleries. On June 13th, the

Antwerp is an important event for all serious

grand opening will be held at the event ven-

collectors, curators, museum directors and

ue known as Antwerp Expo. For the following

interior designers, providing an intimate look

7 days, the event will be open to the public.

at some of the most important work at the

Over 80 booths will exhibit art pieces from

forefront of the international contemporary

emerging and established artists, galleries

art movement.

and museums and will showcase contempo-

Copyright TM-ART, Palace on the Meir, Antwerp - ‘Diamonds for Life’ Event


LOCATIONS Diamonds for Life, February 8 - 13, 2014 Palace on the Meir Meir 50 2000 Antwerp Belgium

Art Antwerp International Art & Design 2014, June 13 - 20 Antwerp Expo Jan van Rijswijcklaan 191 2020 Antwerp Belgium

Art Antwerp Opening Celebratory Gala, June 14, 2014 Antwerp Hilton Hotel Groenplaats 32 2000 Antwerp Belgium


Copyright TM-ART, Palace on the Meir, Antwerp - ‘Diamonds for Life’ Event

EVENT PROGRAM Saturday February 8th 19:00 - Opening Vernissage, Napoleon museum open-door visit with guided tours, VIP Gala Reception, walking dinner (by Grand Café Horta Restaurant), wine and champagne service 21:00 - Charity Auction benefitting Belgian Cancer Research 21:00 - 23:00 Coffee bar and deserts by Grani d’Oro Monte-Carlo 21:30 - 22:00 Live piano performance by Gabriel Meiring

Sunday February 9th 10:00 - 15:00 Maes & Meiring Exhibition open to the public

Monday February 10th 10:00 - 15:00 - Exhibition open to the public – upon closing, additional artists install 19:00 - Vernissage Reception and Napoleon Museum tours 20:00 - Walking dinner service by Grand Café Horta Restaurant, wine & champagne, art exhibit viewing 21:00 - Coffee & dessert (by Grani d’Oro Monte-Carlo)

Tuesday February 11th 10:00 - 17:00 Exhibition open to the public

Wednesday February 12th 10:00 - 17:00 Exhibition open to the public

Thursday February 13th 10:00 -17:00 Exhibition open to the public


Copyright TM-ART, Palace on the Meir, Antwerp - ‘Diamonds for Life’ Event

CONTACT Event Curators Thomas Maes | Executive Director Art Antwerp | TM-ART Fine arts International VAT: ART-EXPO vzw 0543307688 | Phone: +32(0)479312165 | Skype: maes.fine.arts |

Jennifer Ann Dick | Assistant Director & PR Art Antwerp | TM-ART Fine arts International VAT: ART-EXPO vzw 0543307688 | Phone: +15145759975 | Skype: jenniferanndick |

Media contact information English: Demetris Oreopoulos - / French: Jennifer Ann Dick - German: Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund -

Participant information TM-ART provides a special discounted accommodation offer for participants at the Antwerp Hilton Hotel. For details and reservations please contact or visit

Application Form for ART ANTWERP EXHIBITION (June 13 – 20, 2014)

Application Form for ART ANTWERP’s Opening Celebration VIP Gala with Antwerp Hilton Hotel (June 14, 2014)


Copyright TM-ART, Palace on the Meir, Antwerp - ‘Diamonds for Life’ Event

PARTNERS & SPONSORS TM-ART’s Introduction Diamonds for Life Event at the Royal Paleis op de Meir Brought to you by:

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Copyright TM-ART, Palace on the Meir, Antwerp - ‘Diamonds for Life’ Event


Through creating and hosting Art Antwerp, TM-Art are devoted to helping our fellow artists and art dealers to expose your designs and artwork on the international art market, thus helping you, whether you are an emerging or established designer, artist or gallery owner to connect, gain global recognition and make art sales.

Contact: Thomas Maes | Executive Director | Art Antwerp | Tm-art Fine arts International +32(0)479312165 | Skype: maes.fine.arts | |

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Written by Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund in collaboration with, Demetris Oreopoulos, Jennifer Ann Dick, Jilles Sell and Art Antwerp’s Directo...