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Thomas Karpiniuk works in the field of respiratory therapy. He is a registered respiratory therapist (RRT). Thomas Karpiniuk has worked as a registered respiratory therapist (RRT) for the past seven years. Thomas Karpiniuk is viewed as a person with a very professional attitude. He is often praised by his colleagues for his commitment to the profession of respiratory therapy. Thomas Karpiniuk is a member of several professional organizations including the Florida Society for Respiratory Care and the National Board of Respiratory Care.

Thomas Karpiniuk has earned a reputation as a team player during that time. Thomas Karpiniuk always conducts himself in a professional manner. He is often sought out to participate in complicated and emergency cases because of his superior skill set.

Street address: 10581 2nd Way North City: St. Petersburg State: Florida Country: USA Zip Code: 33716 Ph: +1 727-320-5528 Thomas Karpiniuk @ Blogger Thomas Karpiniuk @ Professionalontheweb

Thomas Karpiniuk  

Thomas Karpiniuk is dedicated member of the respiratory therapy field. He works as a registered respiratory therapist (RRT). Daily, Thomas K...

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