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H A S H T A G 3 6 5 By Sjoerd Spendel & Lennart de Jong

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About the Book One picture a day, for a period of 365 days. Sjoerd Spendel and Lennart de Jong have accepted the challenge to capture on image a day. From ordinary things to special events. Anything is possible, as long as it’s in black & white, but with a bit of colour in the middle…. They selected 200 pictures which they made all over the World. They will introduce the online fenomenen on paper.

About the Authors Lennart de Jong (left) is a Senior Creative at an online agency based in Amsterdam. He develops (digital) content and campaigns. As a travel junky he loves to surf and never forgets his camera. Sjoerd Spendel (right) is a 22-year-old web-cowboy with a photographic memory who loves the sea and likes to walk around in big cities. Sjoerd is a student of ‘Small Business & Retail Management’ at The Hague University in the Netherlands and an all-round young entrepreneur/creator. His motto: Take the experience first, the crash will come later. Publication Date: October/November 2014 Price: approx. 25 euro Extent: 160 pp Format: 30 x 30 cm Binding: Hardback Territory: World Special limited edition will be with a box.

Further information: Aerial Media Company, Tiel, The Netherlands +31 (0) 344 745110

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