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Painting by: Ken DeWaard


A LIFESTYLE. A MOVEMENT. A COMMUNITY. PleinAir painting is not just about painting outdoors, it’s a movement, a lifestyle made up of tens of thousands of painters, collectors, galleries and enthusiasts. It’s a community, and PleinAir magazine is at the center of that community, and the movement is so strong that PleinAir is the #1 selling* representational art magazine nationally. PleinAir Magazine is the only magazine worldwide focused exclusively on the outdoor painting movement with an audience made up of collectors who frequently visit art shows to watch their favorite painters in action, and who collect vigorously. These same collectors visit and purchase from galleries and from artists. Artist readers are also engaged. Unlike most art magazines, which tend to be focused singularly on the collector or on the artists, Plein Air is an ecosystem of collectors who follow artists, attend events, visit galleries, and interact with artists. When they visit shows they like to see the artists paint, which is why their subscription to PleinAir also scratches that itch of curiosity when they read articles, which appeal to both artists and collectors on step-by-step painting technique. Collectors and Artists read to learn about artists, about art history, and about art events and trends.

The Painter-Collector Breaks The Starving Artist Myth ‘For decades we’ve been told that artists have no money, and though there is much truth to that, many of the plein air artists are an exception. Plein air painting has become a lifestyle with a strong appeal to baby boomers who are seeking more from their life, tapping their creativity, wanting to make and paint with friends, and looking to travel to exotic places to paint. A high percentage are established in their professional careers and devoting their spare time to paint and attend plein air events (many which are created by PleinAir Magazine), travel to workshops or traveling simply to paint while seeing the world. A high percentage of the PleinAir reader are affluent and in prominent professional opinions. There is also a high percentage of affluent retired readers who are able to attend more events and spend more time painting. We consider these painter-collectors, who spend heavily on plein air travel, equipment, materials, and who purchase lots of paintings, demo paintings at workshops, and frames.

A Network of Options to Accomplish Your Marketing Goals

The plein air network can offer you a variety of advertising opportunities, sponsorships, and sampling.

PleinAir Magazine Now in its seventh total year of existence, PleinAir is published every other month. It’s a full-color glossy publication filled with content about the plein air movement, about painting techniques, about living and historical artists, and about plein air events and travel. It is the only magazine devoted 100 percent to the plein air lifestyle. The magazine also publishes a digital edition with each issue, which offers additional expanded content not available in the print edition.

The magazine is edited by legendary art editor M. Stephen Doherty, who joined PleinAir in 2011 and before that spent 31 years as editor at American Artist magazine. Steve, who writes a column in each issue, is also a serious plein air painter and an author of art and plein air books.

PleinAir is published by Streamline Publishing, which also publishes Fine Art Connoisseur magazine and many online publications. Streamline is headed by publisher Eric Rhoads, who is an avid plein air painter and a leader in the plein air and art community.

PleinAir Today Designed to reflect day-today activities in the plein air movement, PleinAir Today is a weekly e-mail newsletter that covers collecting, painting, events, and artists as an extension of the magazine, allowing advertisers to highlight artworks, events, and products. It’s edited by Bob Bahr, who spent seven years with American Artist and joined PleinAir Today in March 2013. Bob is also a writer for the magazine.

Outdoor The center of activity for PleinAir magazine online, this website features stories, directories, workshop listings, and more. Plein Air Collector is design to give a special focus to content specifically of interest to people who attend plein air shows and collect landscape and plein air paintings.

*According to Barnes & Noble stores, PleinAir is No. 4 selling art magazine nationally. In the total art category, the top two are photography magazines, and the third is a millennial-focused magazine called Hi-Fructose. PleinAir outsells all other art magazines nationally.

The Plein Air Convention & Expo The world’s largest gathering of plein air painters, this annual event attracts about 900 artists from all over the world for five days of demonstrations on four stages, covering oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, and urban sketching. There are lectures, special workshops, and critiques, and everyone goes out together to paint each day — it’s a spectacle to see 900 people painting together. Our giant Expo Hall features vendors of art supplies, framing, lighting, easels, and paint, along with travel opportunities, workshops, and much more. Plus there are major sponsorship opportunities available.

The Publisher’s Invitational Events Each year publisher Eric Rhoads holds events for about 100-125 painters, each of which is simply a week of friendship and painting. Hundreds of artists have attended the Invitationals — now in their sixth year — and a high percentage attend year after year. Events in 2016 include Cuba, the Adirondacks, and Fall Color Week in Maine. Each event offers sponsorship and sampling opportunities.

81,600 Readership

25,500 Distribution To QUALIFIED Collectors and Artists


Nationwide Newsstand Distribution PleinAir is the #1 magazine about representational painting in Barnes & Noble. PleinAir magazine is also available in Canada at more than 100 Chapters and Indigo retailers.

PleinAir Readership Profile* 69% have purchased 2 or more paintingsin the last year $2,000 median painting price 81% attend a plein air event each year *Harker Research 2013

* Based on distribution times 3.5 average pass-along rate

DEMOGRAPHICS PleinAir Today (weekly e-newsletter ) AGE 60 & over 40-59

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GENDER Female Male

70% 30%

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EDITORIAL CALENDAR February/March 2016

Space Deadline: January 8 Special Focus: Stormy Weather

April/May 2016

Space Deadline: March 4 Special Focus: People and Places Added Bonus 5th Annual Plein Air Convention issue

June/July 2016

Space Deadline: April 29 Special Focus: Clouds

August/September 2016

Space Deadline: June 24 Special Focus: Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

October/November 2016 Space Deadline: August 26 Special Focus: Shorelines

December/January 2017

Space Deadline: October 14 Special Focus: 2017 Ultimate Guide “I just got the advance copy of PleinAir Convention issue. I am just a bit giddy.

I’m running out of adjectives. I just could not be more delighted with it all. PleinAir.” -Joe Anna Arnett, Artist


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AD DIMENSIONS FOR PLEINAIR MAGAZINE: Please Keep Live Matter .25” Away From Trim On All Sides. (The live area is the “safe” area of the page text, image, or background color that will not be cropped on press.)

Final Trim Size is 9” w x 10.875” h Full Page (With Bleed): 9.25” w x 11.125” h Full Page (Non-Bleed): 9” w x 10.875” h Full Page (Live Area): 8.5” w x 10.375” h 2-Page Spread (Bleed): 18.5” w x 11.125” h 2-Page Spread (Non-Bleed): 18” w x 10.875” h 2-Page Spread (Live Area): 17.5” w x 10.375” h The Following Ad Sizes Are Non-Bleed Only (Fractional ads MUST NOT have crop marks, bleed, or other printer’s marks) 2/3-Page Vertical 5” w x 9.875” h 1/2-Page Horizontal 7.625” w x 4.875” h 1/2-Page Vertical 3.75” w x 9.875” h 1/3-Page Vertical 2.46” w x 9.875” h 1/4-Page Vertical 3.75” w x 4.875” h 1/6-Page Vertical 2.46” w x 4.875” h


• Digital files should be provided in high-resolution PDF format, using Acrobat Distiller 6.0 or similar. • Digital files should be CMYK. • Digital file sizes should be made exactly to specifications; we cannot be responsible for files that do not adhere to these specs. • Any printing instructions (optional) should be provided in a separate document.

Fonts and Images

• All fonts and images must be embedded. • Any placed images should be at 100% size and 300dpi, CMYK. • Note that we cannot guarantee accurate reproduction on fonts that are not Adobe PostScript fonts. To avoid any font trouble, please outline your fonts. Color Proofs (Optional, but Highly Recommended) Any color proof should be a high-quality digital proof that meets SWOP* standards. Color correctness cannot be guaranteed if color proof is substandard or if no proof is provided. *For more information on SWOP standards and acceptable proofs, please visit:

Color Density Total 4-color density should not exceed 300%. Ads may be produced by PleinAir, per the advertiser’s request. Contact your advertising representative for production charges. Materials should arrive at least seven days prior to PleinAir’s materials deadline date.


• High-resolution image – JPG or TIFF in CMYK mode, at least 300dpi, large enough to print at 100%. For example: If you have a full-page ad, please make sure the image is large enough to fill the page at 100%.

• Ad copy must be provided in an editable format as either a Word document or in the body of an email. Please provide art information: title, size, medium, contact information, and any additional copy. • If you have any color specifications, please supply a swatch or a match print that is a direct output from the supplied digital file. Please note: Monitors and printers vary from brand to brand; what you see on your monitor or printout may not be what we see. Supplying the proper match print is required for color accuracy. Color inaccuracies on ads for which a match print is not supplied are the responsibility of the advertiser.


If an advertiser chooses to submit digital images for use in an ad, it is required that they be submitted in CMYK color mode, and not RGB. Because PleinAir magazine is printed in CMYK 4-color mode, all RGB images submitted must be converted to CMYK color mode for print. In this process, a slight color variance may occur, which is expected and unavoidable. It is recommended that you preview your image in CMYK color mode to avoid any misrepresentation of the image color when printed.

DPI (dots per inch):

When designing graphics for printing purposes, images must be 300dpi or higher. This displays more information (or dots) for every square inch of the image you are viewing. The more dots used, the sharper the image. Color printing will look blurry if Web-ready 72dpi artwork is used. Be sure your images are at 300dpi before submitting your files.


We support the latest versions of the most popular desktop publishing software applications, including QuarkXPress 6.5, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Photoshop CS6, InDesign CS6, and Adobe Acrobat 8 on Mac-compatible platforms. We do NOT support programs such as MS Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Corel, Excel, or other non-desktop-publishing file types.


To send your ad materials to PleinAir magazine, you may use any of the methods listed below: 1. E-MAIL: Any file under 25mb may be e-mailed directly to your sales manager. 2. ELECTRONIC FILE TRANSFER – FTP SITE: For FTP information, please contact: Nicolynn Kuper, Production Director, at 561-767-8562 or 3. FILE DELIVERY VIA MAIL OR COURIER SERVICE: We accept ad files saved to DVD or CD mailed with match print to: Production Dept. Streamline Publishing 1901 S. Congress Ave., Suite 118 Boynton Beach, FL 33426 * Disclaimer: 100% color match cannot be guaranteed. Every effort will be made to produce acceptable color reproductions; however, limitations of the photographic and 4-color printing process must be considered in advance. Therefore, we cannot guarantee an absolute color match to the original object, nor can we guarantee improvements beyond supplied materials. Although PleinAir magazine is printed to the highest specifications available for Web offset printing, it is not possible to exactly re-create color or fine detail found in original works of art. Therefore, some slight reduction in reproductive quality is unavoidable and to be expected.

DIGITAL AD SPECIFICATIONS Reach a growing community of collectors and artists through our targeted digital advertising options. provides a community environment where ideas are shared, events are posted, and products are reviewed. offers the ideal online venue to showcase specific works of art, highlight exhibitions, discover hidden treasures, and peruse artist profiles. Our weekly e-newsletter, PleinAir Today, is delivered to more than 25,000 subscribers each week.


(1 rotation of 3 per month) 1 Month 3 Month Skyscraper (300x600) $1,000 $900 Sidebar 1 (300x250) $600 $550 Sidebar 2 (300x250) $500 $450 Sidebar 3 (300x250) $400 $350 Sidebar 4 (300x250) $300 $250 Sidebar 5 (300x250) $400 $350 Sidebar 6 (300x250) $300 $250

6 Month 9 Month $800 $500 $400 $300 $200 $300 $200

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Annual $600 $400 $300 $200 $100 $200 $100

Skyscraper 300x600 Leaderboard 630x70

(1 rotation of 3 per month) 1 Month 3 Month Leaderboard (630x70) $600 $550 Featured Artwork* (595x365) $750 $700 Showcase (595x365) $500 $450 Sidebar 1 (270x330) $600 $550 Sidebar 2 (270x330) $500 $450 Sidebar 3 (270x330) $400 $350 * Ten positions available

6 Month 9 Month $500 $650 $400 $500 $400 $300

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$175 n GIF and JPG are acceptable file formats. $250 n File size should be no larger than 60kb and 72dpi. $150 n All ads are due at least three business days prior to the posting date. $225 n Payment in full for each monthly schedule is due on the first Friday of the month following $175 your scheduled start date. n Rates, sizes, and availability subject to change. $175 $125 $200 $150 Integrated Marketing Managers $150 Please e-mail completed ads to your Integrated Marketing Manager and the Digital Ad Manager. If you require production services, please contact your Integrated Marketing Manager.

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Integrated Marketing Managers: National, Western Anne Weiler-Brown 435.772.0504 West Coast Krystal Allen 541.447.4787 Central Gina Ward 920.743.2405 Mid-Atlantic Chuck Neustifter 307.272.9475 International, Canada, East Coast Violeta de la Serna 305.215.0923 National - Suppliers Richard Lindenberg 415.234.6743 Digital Ad Manager Lauren Ivy 970.231.3227

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2016 PleinAir Media Kit  
2016 PleinAir Media Kit