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Summary •  P.T. analyse •  Concept •  Action Plan •  Recommandations •  Budget & Planning

P.T analyse Tendancies : Healthiness Removal of junk food near supermarket check outs “Manger, Bouger” Political The end of advertising on public TV  Forced to turn to alternative media  Focus on the healthiness

Our constatation Ferrero: prosperous worldwide brand  Top of mind brand: no notoriety issues Primary interest: “Allez on bouge” New kind of media Create a community : trendy, federates, participative Profitable media tool  Promote our values through our customers

A Kinder for everyone A Kinder for every moment


How can we increase memberships on “Allez On Bouge” and therefore create a real community based on Kinder’s values ?

Objectives Traffic : Increase membership on “Allezonbouge” Participation: Create a community to which parents adhere The community : Promotes Kinder’s values

The concept: STEP 1 Discovering the website

STEP 2 Increasing Participation



Instrumentalize to promote our values

Federating around the community


Discovering the website

Creating Traffic

Referencement on internet with significant words : -  Kinder / Family activity/ week-end activity… Mailing regarding the events  Purchase of databases Public relations : Press releases and press files to promote our events TV ad : add a sentence «  Retrouvez nous sur» Those actions will be carried on throughout the whole campaign

The Press Event A


A mother-children day in a "high-wire forest » of Fontainebleau -  Brunch with Kinder chocolates -  High-wire forest adventure on the afternoon For all participants Kinder gifts Gather mothers and kids around Kinder’s values Use that event to inform the general public thanks to the participants


Increase Participation

The KindeRace A day dedicated to Family and Sport

A real Family day around sporting activities: -  Organization of a cross for children from 6-10 years old -  Sports and games proposed for the whole family

For all participants a Kinder gift For the cross’s winners : a Kinder package gift Organization of a lottery– Win tickets for sporting events


Unite the Family around Kinder’s values Use that event to promote and enlarge the community


KindeRace Create a community, promote the web site

Increase Participation

Communication network

Schools and teachers

6-10 years old


 Participation inscriptions only available on  « »  Creation of different Kinder teams depending of their district  Communication on all the activities

Aims  Motivate by promoting the team spirit  Create a database : name, email, age, family members  Enlarge the community


Increase Participation

The Kinder Day Who is keeping your children this week end?

A day camp in a « high-wire forest » in the southwest of Paris on Saturday afternoon, in June -  Kinder chocolates snacks -  Campfire at the end For all participants Kinder gifts Inscription online via codes on packagings


Gather kids around Kinder’s values Use that event to promote Kinder’s values to the families and to the press

The leisure center of St- Quentin

How does that work?

 Participation inscriptions only available on  « »  Advertising in: - general & specialized magazines read by the aim - Kinder packagings - Ferrero, kinder, allezonbouge websites

Aims  Encourage kids to be together and to share Kinder’s values  Create a database : name, email, age, kids members  Enlarge the community


Increase Participation

Promote the community and the event through the media



Targets National press magazine (general and specialised): - Top Santé, Femme actuelle - Le Figaro magazine - Télé 7 jours - Astrapi, Histoires vraies, Okapi, J’aime lire



Increase Participation

The Kinder Gambling game •  A game station: - In parks on Saturday and Sunday The participants fill in a paper in which they put their name and email adress They all get kinder candies depending on where the arrow stops  Only ten families will win tickets for a Basketball game with Tony Parker or tennis game with Tsonga  Results only available on the website  We increase our database


Federating around the community

Picture it

Pictures taken during the events and available online. Creation of a page on « Allez on Bouge » : Possibility to print out the digital pictures taken Possibility to send the pictures to family and friends via Email or Internet link

Kinder really becomes part of the family life The network is extended because pictures are sent outside of the community


Federating around the community

Newsletter and sms

•  Newsletter sent to the members of the community, to the participants from our actions (gambling, kindeRace…), to our partnerships once a month •  SMS sent to the database according to the news we want to give


Federating around the community



Instrumentalize to promote our values

A Strategic Partnership

â€˘â€ˆ Launch a partnership with UCPA : the national union of sports centers

Visibility on the centers

Very positive to be associated with sports

An important development on the Allez on bouge community


Instrumentalize to promote our values

Publicity through our members

The newsletter : « Do you think they could be interested? »  possibility to send the newletter to family and friends Sponsoring: Discounts on events if members sponsors someone outside the community Handing out goodies during events :

Our recommendations

Italia Our Kinder community Birth country of Ferrero : - brand’s spirit printed in their mind -  the brand as become part of Italian culture Families values are very important Sport: - Well represented through well-known champions - A huge potential for open air activities

The becoming of Kinder Stars

Too many international figures The brand is eaten by the sportsmen’s notoriety  Use their notoriety only for events  Chose a proper Ambassador who will be the only one to repesent the brand

Why Teddy Reiner A Judo Champion Amazing Records: world champion Young : 18 years-old Strong: 1m90, 100kg Charismatic: nickamed ‘Teddy Bear’ A growing champion, has a great potential of becoming a national and international reference Has the capacity to become a real ambassador of Kinder’s values

Possibility to play on the sweet and tough aspect



ROI Press event : promotion to get articles costs less than printed ads. Kinder Day : measurement with the rate of participation on the website - new members / development of Kinder data base Promotion on the website : will be measured with website traffic. -  Making of monthly graphics to measure the impact of each event Events with a strong impact on traffic will be renewed

Thank you for your attention

Dare for Kinder  

Integrated Communication Campaign for Kinder. Fictive Strategic Recommendation for the Global Communication Strategy class at Iscom Paris 20...

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