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The Mission: Recycle Your Shoes for the Homeless. Atlantic City, New Jersey February 23, 2010 On March 19th, the Atlantic City Rescue Mission will be holding their first Recycle Your Shoes for the Homeless Campaign. The shoe drive theme “Let a Homeless Person W alk a Mile in Your Shoes (and Socks)” is intended to raise awareness of a common need for the homeless and help people empty out their closets at the same time. Those old shoes you may be storing or thinking of discarding can actually help someone else. The Mission is asking any individual, or retailers interested in participating, to begin rounding up their unwanted sneakers for the March 19th collection. The drop-off point will be behind the Mission at the drop-off area from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm on Friday, March 19th. We will also be collecting packages of new socks. The Mission is located at: 2009 Bacharach Blvd. Atlantic City, NJ. 08401 “We’re really hoping to help a lot of people with the shoe drive,” says Bill Southey, “Some people have asked me, “What about new shoes, will you take those as well?” and I say we’ll be happy to take those too. It just seems like used shoes are something everyone has but may have forgotten about, much like the people we are helping every day. We thought it was a great metaphor to remind people that something we may consider discarding can still have a lot of value. So in the literal sense, it’s kind of nice to think, needy people will actually be walking a mile in your shoes.” “The reason for the March 19th collection date is that we are hoping to start handing out these shoes beginning the following week. Shoes and socks are always a big need for the homeless and the winter weather has been especially hard for people who are outside and on their feet all day,” says Outreach Chaplain Mark Engler, “In most cases their feet are the only form of transportation homeless people have, so a good pair of sneakers are important, not to mention the negative health issues properly maintained feet avoid.” We are really hoping to get a great turnout of donors, church groups and interested retailers who may be starting to clean out their closets and wondering what to do with those old shoes. “Before you send them to a landfill think about someone else who just may be able to put them to good use,” says Southrey. People interested in supporting the program, are also encourages to visit the Missions Facebook page for regular updates at: BIT.LY/SPREADtheLOVE

Contact: Tom Davidson Assistant Director of Development 609-345-5517 Ext. 113 The Atlantic City Rescue Mission., 2009 Bacharach Blvd. Atlantic City, NJ. 08401 Facility staff is available for interviews and photo sessions. Please coordinate all requests with the contact person listed above. You can also see our flyer at:

### The Atlantic City Rescue Mission provides the following community services including: Emergency Food, Shelter and Clothing, Street Outreach, Medical Services, Addiction Treatment, Family Life Center, Transitional Housing, W ork Readiness, Hom eless Prevention Services and Fam ily Econom ic Interv ention support. They also operate: Project Restart, prov iding com plete hom e furnishing for fam ilies in need. By work ing with closely with other Public and Private sector resources, The AC Rescue M ission hopes to increase com m unity awareness and support and greatly reduce the burdens of the econom ically troubled and hom eless. Follow us at: / Fans on Facebook.

Recycle your shoes for the homeless.  
Recycle your shoes for the homeless.  

Atlantic City Rescue Mission is collecting used shoes and new sock donations for the homeless families of NJ. Shoes will initially be hande...