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September 25 Tess requests prayer for God’s

direction so that she may recover from addiction, depression and homelessness, and that she may one day be off the street. Ask God to grant her the wisdom to continue to seek help. 

September 26 Kevin, a transient homeless man,

requests prayer over wife Karen that the love and protection of the Holy Spirit always be with her. Help Kevin to continue to seek aid here at the Mission. 

September 27 Continue to pray for Heather,

requesting blessing and healing over cancer. Let God permeate her life and restore peace and trust in Him as she faces the “Have them gather challenges of homelessness and the food produced in this illness.  the good years that

September 28

Pray for Katherine, who is starting her journey from alcohol and drugs to recovery and a life filled with the Holy Spirit. Let Jesus permeate her heart and provide the strength she needs for the walk ahead. 

are just ahead and bring it to Pharaoh’s storehouses. Store it away, and guard it so there will be food in the cities.“

“theConsider lilies

of the field, how they grow; they toil

not , neither do

they spin... - Matthew 6:28

– Genesis 41:35

September 29

Joshua requests prayer and forgiveness, that the healing power of Christ will mend his broken family and restore love and peace in his life. 

September 30

Meg, a homeless transient woman asks for prayer that addiction will lose its hold over her. She also requests prayer for her mother Dot to find peace in the Lord. 

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Prayer& Praise


V I II I / M M X I Provisions

Oh merciful Father, you continue to

bless and provide me with all good things in your name. Grant me the wisdom to use your provisions wisely, that I may honor and serve those you have appointed for me through your son Jesus Christ.

September 1 Please pray for a Happy Birthday

for Chaplain Ron Dill for the tireless work he does on behalf of the homeless men. Pray also for continued health and a loving spirit for the poor. 

September 2 Happy Birthday to Chaplain Malik

Corbin. May God graciously feed his spirit, as he has helped to feed the poor. Give him and all the staff the strength to serve in Jesus’ name. 

September 3 Beatrice, a homeless woman,

requests prayer for all her homeless friends of Atlantic City. May God comfort and guide their steps to sobriety and healing. 

September 4 Birthday blessings to Chaplain Bill

Warner Director of Men’s Ministries. We give thanks for his compassion and service to the poor at the Mission. 

September 5 LABOR DAY. On

this holiday, we celebrate the work you have called us to do. And for those seeking work, we pray you guide them in their search. In Jesus name we pray. 

September 6 Victoria, a home-

Joseph gave orders to fill their bags with grain, to put each man's silver back in his sack, and to give them provisions for their journey. – Genesis 42:25

less woman at the Mission, requests prayer for housing and healing so that she may be able to care for her sister and her grandkids.  Together, we can face homelessness! - Join us on Facebook

prayer for his children, grandkids and his mother, that they are healed from the circle of addiction and made new through the Holy Spirit. 

September 8

Pray for the Mission’s farm to return a good crop and harvest and nourish mind, body and spirit of all who live here. 

September 9

Kimberly, a homeless woman, would like to thank everyone for praying for affordable housing for her and her daughter. She is now able to move out of the Mis“I will bless her sion and reunite with her daughter. 

September 10 Gloria requests

prayer for health, peace and direction. She also wants to thank God for all her friends at the Mission who continue to encourage her recovery from addiction and homelessness. 

with abundant provisions; her poor will I satisfy with food.” – Psalm 132:15

September 11 Signora, a homeless grandmother, asks you to pray for her health and protection over her family and grandchildren. 

September 12 Pray for a single mom recover-

ing from domestic issues at the Mission who was also diagnosed with a severe medical problem, that God’s mercy will be with her and she will find the care that she needs here. 

September 13 Pray for a homeless mom staying at the Mission with a 3-month old infant who is the victim of domestic violence. May they find safety, peace and healing here in Jesus' name. 

September 14 Billy, a Mission resident, requests

prayer for all the lost souls who have come here, that they will also find the healing and saving grace of God to renew their lives as he did. 

September 15

Garry asks you to pray for healing and hope that he may become strong enough in his

Thou preparest a table bef«ore me..

September 7 Leon, a Mission resident, requests

recovery to receive a job and apartment one day. May God continue to direct his path in Jesus’ name. 

September 16 Pray for Ann who desperately

needs nursing and home placement assistance that God may be a source of inspiration and encouragement during the waiting period. 

September 17 Pray for employment for an anonymous mom who is currently living in the Mission. 

September 18 Desi, a homeless resident, requests prayer for work and affordable permanent housing. 

September 19 Pray for the mentally ill who have

lived a life of homelessness for so many years, that they will find help and hope here. 

September 20 Happy Birthday to Isaac Davis,

Evening Operations Manager at the Mission. Ask God to bless Isaac for his service to the poor. 

September 21 Pray for Sabino, Dennis, Tessy,

Karin, Kevin, Frank, Gary, Carl, Dot, Meg, John and two anonymous men who came for lunch, that they continue coming back for aid and help with recovery. 

September 22 Pray for a blessed birthday for Evening Chaplain and Farm Manager George Riess. We thank him for his tireless work on behalf of the homeless. 

“Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over," – Luke 6:38

September 23 Sabion,

a homeless man, requests prayer for his son Steven to stay out of trouble and away from drugs. May God grant them both peace and mercy. 

September 24 Dennis, a transient homeless man

who is dealing with substance abuse, depression, and living on the street, requests prayer for his wife. Ask God to help them both. 

Angel Alert: The Mission is preparing our coatroom for the coming winter. Please donate unwanted coats, sweaters and blankets. ~ Bill Southrey

September Prayer and Praise  
September Prayer and Praise  

These are the prayer requests for the homeless who are staying at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission. Please incorporate them as part of your...